Saturday, July 8, 2017

Talking the naughty bits about Serena's Prince

Hello and Happy Saturday!

Today, please visit me over at Clare's Blog 2: The Haven, where I'm sharing a little bit about the BDSM side of my retold fairy tale, Serena's Prince: Forever Wicked 2nd Ed. There's even a teasing excerpt from a spanking scene. 😉

Here's the link:

Have a great one, and I'll see you there!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Another visit today with Serena's Prince

Today I'm excited to be visiting Jessica Coulter Smith at her blog, Books + Coffee = Happiness. A sentiment I can surely get behind. 

Stop by as I share what inspired me to retell the classic fairy tale, The Frog Prince.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about retold fairy tales. 

~ Ayla

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July! 

Enjoy the day 
and the food 
and friends 
and the 

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Re-release of a Fairy Tale: Serena's Prince (Forever Wicked)

Oh Happy Day! 

Changeling Press has re-released one of my favorites--Serena's Prince from the multi author series, Forever Wicked. You can pick it up today at an amazing sale price directly from Changeling Press, or you can order the tale from amazon, barnes and noble, kobo and iTunes! Read on for more...

Forever Wicked
 2nd Edition 

Buy Now from

BDSM, Paranormal, Erotic Novella

A *new* take on the fairy tale of The Frog Prince

Crystal from Romancing the Book gives Serena's Prince a Lovely Rose (4 star) review and says, "The author has woven such an erotic fairy tale. As I read this adult fairy tale, I felt myself experiencing the joy... I truly loved every second of this story."

BookAddict from The Romance Room gives Serena's Prince 4 stars and says, "Ms. Ruse does an excellent job... Her twist of each scene to become a smexy hot erotic D/s piece is what makes this story so good. She writes a tightly woven tale with increasing sexual tension and lovely bondage scenes. She is an author to watch."

A frog, a curse and a broken promise. Sometimes punishment can be its own reward...

Serena never thought asking for help from a frog would result in her being naked and tied to her bed. She should be afraid. She should call for the guards. She definitely should not be…begging for more.

Prince Rennick needs to get his hands on Serena’s necklace – the one item sure to break the curse that turned him into a frog. When an accident makes him temporarily human, he cannot help but use his dominant nature to bend Serena to his will. 

What should have broken the curse turns into a desperate attempt to save Rennick’s life. As they try to find the key, Rennick demands much from Serena, but is she willing to surrender her whole self to this frog-turned-prince?


Serena had no idea how long she lay there sobbing into her arms, but when she lifted her head, she started when she came face to face with the biggest frog she'd ever seen.
"Agghh!" she screamed, pushing back in a hurry. That thing was staring at her, like it'd been studying her.
"Go away. Shoo. Go... go sit on a lily pad or something," she admonished the horrid thing. Gathering her composure, as if how she appeared mattered to the frog, Serena returned to the garden bench and smoothed out her hopelessly torn and wrinkled dress.
"Why do you cry so hard?" the frog asked.
She froze. Had that frog just talked to her? "Excuse me?" she asked, her brow raised high and her nose tipped up. She barely looked at the thing hopping toward her.
"I was in the pond. I heard a noise and wondered who disturbed my peace. Now I want to know why."
"This is my garden, frog. Go find another if you want peace. Stop stealing my own."
She wanted to push at the creature with her foot, but thought better of it. Her slippers were brand new, and she didn't want frog slime to ruin them.
"You must be an enchanted frog," she commented when the frog simply stared at her. "I didn't know frogs could be enchanted." When the animal remained quiet as though it waited on her, she deflated. "Fine. It's not like you're the next man trying to break me," she huffed.
"Break you?"
"Never mind. You want to know what's wrong? My stepfather's trying to marry me off to over-blown barbarians. I've been manhandled more than any woman should be. And if that weren't bad enough, tonight's idiot broke my necklace. Now it's at the bottom of this pond."
"Hmm. Sounds rough."
She wiped at her eyes, refusing to cry anymore. "Well, you asked. It's not like you have any stress in your life."
"You have no idea."
She rolled her eyes. "Like you could have a hard life. You sit all day in my garden, eating bugs, swimming at your leisure... Wait. You're a frog."
"Do I even need to respond?"
"No. I mean, you can swim to the bottom and get my necklace, can't you?"
"I could, but why?"
She laughed, happy that she might get her necklace back. "Because you can. Because that necklace means the world to me, and because I'll... I'll let you stay in my garden."
"You'll let me?"
"Yes. Otherwise I'll have Henri, the gardener, chase you out."
The frog appeared to shake its head. "Not possible," he seemed to mumble. 

He hopped over to the pond, stared down for a long time, then turned back to her. "If I retrieve your necklace, you must make me a promise. Otherwise, it'll remain at the bottom of the pond."
Serena didn't even blink. What could a frog want? An endless supply of flies? Whatever it came up with, the price would be negligible. She shrugged. "Sure."

Friday, March 3, 2017

No, please don't use that word! #MFRW

Hi All! Wow! Can you believe it's Week 9 of MFRW 52 Week Blog Challenge!? Me either.

This week's theme is "Words that make me go Ick!" I have a few, and I'm going to throw them out there (this week is hectic, so a longer post on my blog with be forthcoming in a few days).

The word "just." It's funny as I am guilty of using this way too often, but when I do, I cringe. And I take it out. And take it out. And take it out.

Unique words that become repetitive. Any writer can become guilty of this offense. Even me. When writing a lot of steamy scenes, sometimes you get caught up in putting the words down that something is used way too often. I use the word "pleasure" too often when I write. In my rough draft, I use it to keep my pace going. In my edits, I wince and change, change, change.I remember reading a book once where the author used the word "skate/skated" to describe how the hero touched the heroine. I *loved* that use. But by the time the book ended, the word lost it's pop to me because of how often it was used.

Speaking of steamy (Warning, strong language ahead), because I read and write a lot of romance, there are the necessary personal body parts that are written. I like euphemisms for body parts (within reason). Dated terminology like "honey pot" and "love stick" only make me laugh. But what really makes me go "ick" are when the technical terms are used. A lot. If I'm in the middle of a love scene and the author constantly uses the words "vagina" and "penis," it throws me away from the scene and makes me frown. I guess it's not truly an "ick" factor, but in that it turns me away, it works. If the words are mentioned occasionally, I can see that, but when everytime an erection is mentioned, "penis" is used, it throws me.

*Disclaimer: Please, authors out there, I mean no offense if you use these words. Good authors use these sparingly, as they should, so again, no offense meant.

I'm in a rush today or I'd fill your head with more ick words. For now, hop on over to these other great authors to see what their ick words are!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, February 24, 2017


Welcome to another awesome week of MFRW 52 week writing challenge! This week's theme is "How I Choose a Book Title." For me, it's quite easy (or hard, depending). I brainstorm. 

I only have a couple dozen books out and, like other authors, another pile I've written or want to write, but not a one of them have I ever conceived the book title first. 

Titles do not "come" to me. (And those that have remain unwritten. Weird). I wish I were brilliant that way. I have a friend who comes up with great titles--before she even begins writing. I wish! 

No, I've learned that my method is to put up "Untitled" then whatever specific theme/genre I'm writing. Like, "Untitled Paranormal." If something comes to me as I'm writing, I'll add it under the Untitled label. I keep a notebook next to the computer that is used specifically to jot down title ideas while I'm writing the story. Now, there have been those gems that come out while I'm actually writing (my favorite to date is Fever Hitch), but most often, I'll finish the story and it'll still be Untitled. At this point, I'll pull out my brainstorm pages and scour them with pen and pencil until I can come up with a title I like. 

Brainstorming ideas often include a lot of one or two word ideas. Maybe places where the story takes place, maybe colors that may be consistent through the book, it may be general ideas of what I'm trying to convey with the story. If I find myself really stuck or indecisive, I'll bounce ideas around with my husband. He can be an excellent sounding board.

To the left you'll see an example of one of my brainstorming pages. (I'm sorry it's sideways, I'm lost as to how to fix it 'cause it was fine in it's own file. Oh well, I've openly admitted I'm not a techie person). The point is, it's not pretty, and some of the titles I jotted down truly suck, but like any good brainstorming, you have to put the ugly with the not so ugly. The actual title of this particular book? I'm still not 100 percent. I've narrowed it down to two titles, none of which are on the page amusingly enough, but both title ideas have come from this process. 

Here's to happy writing and even happier titles! Don't forget to cruise around to see  how other authors come up with their titles. Thanks for stopping by ~ Ayla