Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bits and Pieces

Been busy lately? I have. But then again, what else is new?

I am currently doing edits for Jagged, the third installment for the Malathix Soul Series from the awesomeness of Changeling Press. I have signed the contract for Emmy's Wish - a White Hot Christmas story for the same publisher, and I'm working on a new full-length contemporary menage.

I'm working on a roll. It's nice, really. I'm thinking back and this time last year (um, give or take a few weeks?) I was offered my very first contract from Total E-Bound. Now, 365 give-or-take days later, and I have five contracts under my belt. Five. Wow!

What does this mean for my future? Well, I have plans for at least five releases in 2012. No contracts to date, but plans for such. Five is minimum. I may very well kick out a couple more. Despite being busier than thou, life is becoming more manageable, too. The kids are getting older so other than school-time, they don't need me looking over their shoulders all time. I have my nights to myself, other than the mountains of housework. :)  So overall, I'm looking very positive at my near future.

Keep your eyes open. I've not disappeared. I may go silent for bits here and there, but I'm still around.

Go ahead and mark your calendars for the these dates: On September 22 I'm blogging at Total E-Bound. September 24 has me at Writers Gone Wild on a Blatant Author Promo Day. Then in October, on Friday the 14, you'll get to put your digital hands on Jagged. November looks a little silent right now, but with the upcoming holidays, that's cool. Finally, in December, you'll see Emmy's Wish, my short, hot, little Christmas piece that I had SO much fun writing!

See you around ~

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