Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesday's News and Updates

Hello to October!

My month is kicking off great. Here's what's been happening with me...

  • I visited Castles and Guns yesterday. It's not too late to stop by and read about my notes on a brief history of birthdays.

  • All month long, I'm taking part in Kate Hill's Halloween party! It's a masquerade, and I've brought William and Natalie - two of the characters from The Fires of Beltane - with me. Can you guess what their costumes are? Stop by and see if you're right.

  • This Thursday, October 4, I'm visiting Silvia Violet. She's featuring BDSM books and authors on his blog this week. Don't forget to stop by on the 4th to see my contribution.

  • I've updated my web site. Nothing major, but I have made sure the calendar is up-to-date through the end of the year (as it stands), and you'll want to take notice of the blog hop I'm  participating in at the end of the month. Prizes will be in store!

  • I feel like I'm on pins and needles. I found out that on Goodreads, Serena's Prince has garnered two, 4 star reviews. Each reviewer stated a full review will be forthcoming. I cannot wait! 

  • The cover for Serena's Prince is up on Redz World. Check it out. 

Well, this month looks long on my calendar, but I know it'll pass in the blink of an eye. Make sure to stop by often to see what's going on with me. 

See you later~

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