Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sexy Saturday - Meet Melinda

Last week you had a chance to meet Roger, the very helpful employee in my newest release, Office Work (see his photo here). Today, meet a drawn version of Melinda. I like this picture as it's Melinda to a "T." She is a hard worker. She values her job and knows to take her workplace seriously. 

But she also has a soft heart. When her sister gets sick and can't run her phone sex line, Melinda steps up and offers to help her sis out for the day. It's daytime. Heck, how many calls does a sex line get during office hours? 

Well, talk about bad timing. Or great timing, as this story turns out.

Office Work begins as Roger strolls past Melinda's open office and catches her talking dirty on the phone. 

Yeah, what would you do?

Buy Office Work today and find out just how far Roger, and the other very helpful employees are, with stressed out Melinda. 

Barbara Hicks writes: "After reading OFFICE WORK I almost want to say thank you. Saying it was burning hot would be a mild description. Melinda is filling in for her sister as a phone sex operator when she is overheard by her coworker Roger. While listening to her on the phone he thinks she lacks enthusiasm and so helps make her phone call seem more exciting then sending a fax. Then when the next call comes through then it becomes a prime example of team work. This was so much fun to read and made me want to read more. I love reading menages and this has everything a menage lover like me could want and more. All I can say is that there better be more then just his one title with this group of office workers."

Have a great weekend!!

Image credit: digital / 123RF Stock Photo

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