Monday, January 21, 2013

Whew - I'm here!

Hello and Happy Monday and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

It's great to be back. And let me be the first to tell you, I have amazing plans for 2013. In order to make this year fantastic though, I'm going to do things a little different on my blog. You'll notice the change up in the order of events to the right, in that there is no order of events any more.

The prevailing change for me is that I need to write more. I'm going to write more. I don't have an evil day job (yes, lucky me), but I don't stay at home with free time to write to my hearts content. I could, but I have three precocious boys I teach every day. Between family needs that go even beyond this mountain, I only have a miniscule amount of time to write. I know of several friends who scoff at me with plenty of suggestions of how I could have more time to write. I laugh with them because they're right. However, I have weighed the differences and this is a choice I can live with, happily.

Given my decisions, first, I don't whine about short writing times. In my head, of course, there are times I do, but I know it's a choice I've made. Second, I've been learning to organize my time. I roll my eyes with this one because I always thought I was organized, until I burned out last year. Wow. Lesson learned. I've decided I'm going to PLAN and SCHEDULE, in ways I've not allowed myself before. Will I be able to follow this? God, I hope so. If not, I'll just try again.

I will continue to post biweekly on Castles and Guns, and monthly on Hitting the Hot Spot. I will also continue to participate in a few blog hops. But as for my blog here, I'm paring it back. I will have a new order for each week, but that will be another week or two in coming. Right now, I'm going back to the free-style blogging. My thoughts, on screen, for the world to see (oh no! Say it isn't so!) hahaha. A big reason is that in trying to decide how I want my weekly blog to flow, I overdid it again. I wanted to pare it back, but on paper, ended up with so many "things" I want to do, that I didn't have room each week. How am I going to write more stories if I'm blogging eight, nine, ten times a week? I know there are those out there who do - and major kudos to them - but that's not me. 

So, stop by when you can. I'll be sure to share when I make a new post. 

Enjoy your Monday, and your upcoming week, and thanks for sticking around!

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