Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's All New!

Yea! I am thrilled to give you a first look at my upcoming release through Total E-Bound. This is the amazing cover. Doesn't it just look delicious! Many thanks to the great art department at TEB!

This first release of mine through TEB, The Deciding Factor, involves a high school teacher (Aly) moonlighting at a school for furthering the learning of erotic arts, a college flame (Sawyer) wanting to renew his acquaintance with her and a high school ex (Luke) who shows up to rock her world.

Aly doesn't know what to make of Sawyer and Luke. Well, she knows she wants them, and they don't mince words when tell her they want her too, but what's the solution? Whom will she choose? Or will she?

Here's an excerpt...

“You’re right in what you said, Aly,” Sawyer said suddenly, stepping towards her with Luke right beside him.

“I am? About what?”

“Everything you said tonight,” Luke answered. “I don’t know why we didn’t think of it ourselves. But Sawyer believes we need to sit on the idea some more. Make sure it’s the right decision, overall. I say, let’s start now, but he wants to wait.” The look Luke shot Sawyer let Aly know Luke didn’t agree with his friend’s decision to wait, for whatever reason, but he’d go along with the results. If she read their silent communications correctly.

“Okay?” She didn’t want to delve into details of what they were talking about, she simply wanted out. “So I can go now? No hard feelings? I’ll see you later, then?”

At their nods, she walked forward as if to move between them. Just before she brushed past, Sawyer reached out and cupped her face. “Where do you think you’re going without a goodbye kiss?” he murmured.

“No kisses,” she started to say in protest, but the words ended on his lips as his mouth took hers fully. Her hands shot up to stop him, not believing he dared kiss her right in front of Luke. What if she got hit in the head when Luke swung?

In only seconds, she nearly forgot about Luke, moaning as Sawyer stroked his tongue against the length of her own, the caress racing all the way through her core. She reached up to touch his face and stiffened when a set of hands gripped her shoulders. Sawyer ignored her lapse and deepened the kiss, softly demanding her response. Luke’s body crowded her from behind, his heat warming her back. Aly couldn’t decide if she should be scared off or turned on.

“My turn.”

She barely heard Luke’s whispered comment, but it must have made its way to Sawyer’s ears because the next thing she knew, large hands turned her around. Sawyer’s mouth slid off hers, only to be replaced with the fierce demands of Luke’s lashing tongue. She surrendered to the assault, whimpered as her panties went from damp to sopping, and gave herself over to the kiss, even when Sawyer began rubbing her back.

It wasn’t right to compare men. She should be bored with Sawyer’s lazy kisses. She should be repulsed with Luke’s aggressive mouth. Instead, both intrigued her and heated her body like no one person ever had. It’d be impossible to choose between the two of them. It had to be both or none.

Aly made up her mind to go with whatever the guys wanted. Her reference to a threesome had been a joke, but if they were serious, at this point, she wouldn’t argue.

Her thoughts went no farther because all of a sudden, she found herself standing in the hallway outside the door with both men opposite her, staring at her with pure lust.

“Sleep on it, Aly. Like Luke said, plans have changed. We need to decide what we’ll do.”

The door shut softly in her face.

"Uh! What the hell?" I'm asking myself this. Are you curious to see if they're really going through with this? Will she barge back into the room or tell them to fuck off? Will the guys tell her to screw herself and fuck each other? So many decisions.... To find out the answers, mark your calendars for January 2011 when you can purchase this book from TEB to find out what just what decisions are made with Aly, Sawyer and Luke!

Oh, and have a happy Thursday!

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