Saturday, February 5, 2011

Somebody Messin' With the Time?

Man, oh man. I do believe some little evil dark elf has crept into my home and adjusted all the clocks, buttons and time keeping devices in my life. Okay, maybe not a dark elf as he'd no doubt care less about my time. A brownie, perhaps? 

Irregardless, something has happened because all of a sudden, I simply do not have enough hours in each day. Unless I forgo sleep. Sorry, I'm too fond of what little sleep I do snatch that I'm not going to jump up to sacrifice this.

Have you had days, weeks even, like this? I'm talking about being busy to the point where I literally set my kids in a line and enforce the one-at-a-time, take-turns rules even apply to needing me, as I am only one person. Busy to the point that three days go by before I realize I haven't even had the first chance to open, much less glance, at my emails. Busy to the point where I'm semi running through the house because walking wastes too much time. Around every blasted corner lately there is yet another demand or another appointment or another deadline of some sort. Whew. 

Today, however, I've come to the point where I'm simply letting everything else pass by. I need to do housework. I need to make school lessons. I need to prepare info for taxes. I need to finish that difficult book I'm reading. I need to get another few thousand words on paper. I need to do more research. I need to catch up on loops and blogs and web sites and facebook (groan). 

Well ya know what? None of those things are going to get done. 

Ha! Take that - Oh domineering things that think they run my life. 

Ah, but I lie. Of course I'm going to write. Squeezing time to do this is precious as it is. But as for all my other ten million "to-do's," they're hanging out to dry until another day.

Hope your day goes by smooth and easy...

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