Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday's News and Updates

Hang on, I have news to share that's had me on pins and needles! The only problem I have now is where to start...

  •   Visit me this Thursday, May 17, on Tina Donahue's Blog. I'll chat about the beauty of the number three and how much a menage makes sense!

  • Visit me this Saturday, May 19, at the Savvy Author's Blog. I'll have an interesting article on Writing Dialogue, with some helpful aids I employ when writing my own dialogue. **Correction: The article is live as of May 15.

  • I received a terrific Mother's Day gift. I looked in my email and saw a 4.5 Star Review for The Fires of Beltane! *toast and cheers* The website associated with the review is having some technical difficulties, but here's a bit of the review. I'll post a direct link soon: "Ayla Ruse takes a “normal” orgy filled with lots of hot and unusual sexual scenes, and adds a demonic twist to the festivities. Natalie is an innocent woman thrown into a situation where lust rules the day. She finds herself giving in to her hidden desires, but while she enjoys unbridled sex she still thinks about the handsome man she met. When Natalie and William finally get together, their chemistry is explosive. Ms. Ruse drags the reader on a breathless trip into the middle of an orgy then thrusts killers in the middle of the action. Can William and Natalie survive the minions of the Devil?"

  • Visit me on Sunday, May 20, at Dawn's Reading Nook - the blog for Dawn Roberto. She's interviewing me, and you just might find out something new about my books and the methods to my writing madness.

  • Announcement of a Brand-New-Don't-Want-To-Miss-Contest!! Now through June 30, enter to win some fabulous prizes in The Love Hangover Contest. Read on for more information...
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