Friday, January 17, 2014

Get your erotic fantasies in print!


Today is a momentous event in my life. 
First, it's my 3 year Anniversary of being a published (ebook) author. 
That alone is exciting.

What makes today extra special, however, is that it's also the day I'm now a published author in PRINT!

Yes, my short story, Five Courses, is now available, in print, in the anthology Whip It Up!

Buy your print copy today, directly from Totally Bound.

Here's a snippet from my story, and the link where you can purchase your own pretty copy to have and to hold:

Blurb and Excerpt from Five Courses

Paying the price for breaking the rules has never been so delicious.

Trent and Mike rule their kitchen like they do their subs—with firm command and guiding strokes. Only they haven't enjoyed a sub in months, not since Melissa moved in with them. She's getting over a broken heart and seems so fragile that they don't want to scare her away.

When the men come home from their club early one night, they catch her breaking just about every rule they have in their kitchen. Now the gloves are off.

Melissa, trembling under their gaze, is given ten seconds to decide her fate—she can walk away and lose any hope of growing her relationship with these men, or she can stay and submit to their creative punishment for her misdeeds…


Mike turned to her fully. “Melissa, I appreciate your understanding of how important our kitchen is to us. I appreciate that you apologised for your error in judgement tonight. But tell me, have you done this before?”

She bit her lip, and curled her hands around the counter’s edge, her knuckles turning white. She wasn’t afraid of being hurt by them, but she was afraid of the unknown. Would they beat her? She didn’t think so. Would they chew her out and tell her to leave? Would they fire her? God, she hoped not.

“Your silence is telling us your answer must be yes,” Trent murmured, and cupped her cheek in the large palm of his hand.

“I believe you’re right,” Mike agreed. “It’s all adding up now. For several weeks I’ve noticed odd little things. A stray bit of crumbs in the corner, a crumpled-up napkin from that frozen pizzeria, shoved in the trash. A lone bottle of cheap beer stowed in the back of the bottom shelf of the fridge. Not to mention having sexy dance parties here, in our kitchen, instead of her flat.”

“So tell me”—Trent took over, crowding her against the counter—“do you defy us in our own place to spite us? Or because you want us?”

The latter truth of his words shot through her body and she knew her face confirmed his suspicion. Before she could make one sound, Trent growled and crushed his mouth over hers, licking at the seam until she opened with a surrendered moan. He darted his tongue in fast and swept over hers, exploring her beyond what any man had ever done.

He placed a hand over one of her fists gripping the counter, and slid his other hand to the back of her head, holding her still for his onslaught. He stepped even closer and she trembled when his erection pressed against her belly. Oh God, this cannot be happening.

She lifted her free hand to his waist, but a stinging slap to the back of her hand made her cry out into Trent’s mouth. Mike’s voice cut through the sexual haze burning through her.

“You don’t move unless we give permission, Melissa.”

Trent finished his soul-stirring kiss with a long lick over her swollen lips. He lifted his head, but he didn’t back away.

“We are going to take you, Melissa,” Trent informed her, his eyes boring into hers. “We will use you, pleasure you, fuck you until you can’t walk, then we’ll do it again.” He stepped back three steps and stood next to Mike, who still held that spatula. Despite his brutal language, she could see the excitement in their faces.
Mike added to Trent’s words. “You have ten seconds to make up your mind. Your choices—you can run up to your flat. We’ll clean up, you promise to never invade our kitchen such as you have tonight, and we’ll forget the entire incident. Tomorrow it’ll be like this never happened.”

Oh, I loved writing this story and I'm thrilled to be able to share it's hard-copy pages with you!

Pick up your copy today:

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