Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Party with Demons!

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Party Girl
(Soul Debt)
2nd Edition
by Ayla Ruse

Santos, a Collection demon from Hell, finds himself drawn to a human. He doesn't want to corrupt Erin, he simply wants her, but he doesn't understand how humans interact. As he tries to blend in, his demon partner tricks Erin into bartering her soul.

When the time comes for Erin to regain her lost soul, Santos is chosen as her debt collector. He is bound by rules, yet he finagles options. One choice will corrupt her soul forever, but the other choice could spell her death.

Caught up in a situation neither wanted, Santos and Erin form a bond with one another, but will this be enough for them to survive and find love?

Here's the "Hump"...

"Erin, darling," Nirvana said soothingly. "We only want to help. We know you want the popularity. You want the men. You want the sex. You want to be noticed. We can make that happen for you. No one will be hurt."

The woman's words lulled Erin, leading her into a place of acceptance. "You make it sound so possible, but I can't pay you to teach me these things."

"We don't deal with money. We contract with something else."


"Your soul. Think of our arrangement as a loan. I'll help you gain what you want while you put your soul into my care, as collateral. After a certain time, you pay your debt, and you'll be able to regain your soul."

Erin felt like she'd been drugged, and the substance shooting through her veins was Nirvana's voice and Santos' touch. It was difficult following her terms because Santos would not stop touching her. His warm, rough hand trailed down her V-shaped neckline, teased between her breasts and smoothed over her belly. She squirmed as their closeness turned her on, and a part of her wasn't sure if this was something she should be turned on about or not. "My soul?" She giggled, feeling a little drunk, which was funny because she'd only had soda tonight. "That's crazy talk. You guys must be high or something. And what are you doing to me? I'm not feeling like myself."

"That's because you're starting to see things our way," Nirvana explained. 
"Tell me, Erin. What do you want more? The popularity, the sex, the notoriety?"

Erin felt like the world opened up before her. The party around them faded. Santos shifted behind her, making her sway. His erection pressed against her ass and she couldn't help it -- she pushed back, loving the hard feel of him. "Umm, I don't know. I guess I want it all."

"Good girl. Kiss me, then," Nirvana whispered close. "Kiss me to begin the deal. This night you will give your soul in exchange for popularity, sex and notoriety. This time next year, Santos will come to collect. You will pay him on his terms, and in doing so, you'll be able to regain your soul. What harm is there in this?"

Erin stared into the woman's mesmerizing eyes and couldn't find one thing wrong. "None. I want to do this. Sign me up."

Nirvana pressed her lips to Erin's and both women sighed at the contact. Santos still held her bound, his free hand now on her thigh, easing her dress up her legs. A part of her warned her to stop, that this wasn't right, but before she could push away from her partners, Santos' hand cupped her throbbing pussy, and with a defiant shove, Erin pushed that annoying inner voice into a deep, dark corner. At this point, she scolded that do-good part of her, at least someone wants me.

The next moments passed in a haze. Santos let go of her to pull her dress over her head. Nirvana pulled down the cups of Erin's lacy bra and fondled the tender mounds. With every touch from these people, Erin's body swayed and she floated on the growing fires within her. There were two people who wanted her. Two. She wanted to pinch herself to see if she'd died and gone to heaven.

"Wrong direction, lover," Nirvana told her with a chuckle before kneeling at Erin's feet. "Santos, dispose of these, please."

Santos hooked his thumbs along the sides of her panties and pulled them down, kneeling behind her in the process. He helped her step out of the clothing, then pushed her ankles apart, making her teeter in her heels.

"Isn't she the sexiest thing ever?" Nirvana said loudly. The shout made Erin blink and look around. Santos and Nirvana were touching and kissing her legs, and as Erin gazed around the room, her heart gave a hard kick.

The party. The guests. The music still pumped hard and the partygoers danced, but most of them faced their little trio.

Erin had a sudden urge to cover herself and back away. This couldn't be right, could it? She'd be ostracized. No one really had sex in public, did they? She'd been to dozens of parties with these people, and not once had anyone ever had public sex.

She twisted and put a hand to each head below her, meaning to tell them to stop, but as soon as her hands sank into their thick hair, both mouths moved up and wet tongues pushed into her moist parts.

Erin groaned long and loud, frozen at the unbelievably delicious feelings. Nirvana's tongue slicked through Erin's pussy lips, teasing her clit at every pass. Santos had pulled her ass cheeks wide and his busy tongue flicked over her puckered hole.

"Look around you, Erin," Nirvana said between licks. "Everybody sees you. Notice how it excites them. Look at them, then give yourself over to us. To me."

Erin glanced down at Nirvana, meeting her eyes. The woman below her grinned, spread Erin's pussy lips then set to feast. Erin shuddered at the erotic sight and feel, then lifted her head to look again at the guests.

She blinked.

No one pointed or laughed. No one turned their backs on her. Instead, people were getting naked to touch and kiss and fuck each other.

It's because of me. The delicious thought wormed into her head. Seeing me is turning everybody on. This is great. This is better than great.

Party Girl is available now at Changeling Press
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