Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Computers - the bane of a writer's existence

Okay, contrary to the title, I have to admit writing with a computer is world's easier, faster and better than writing longhand or using an electric or manual typewriter (giving my age here, folks).

{I shake my head sadly with the upcoming thought}

Yes, is some ways it IS better, but I will probably go to my grave with the sure knowledge that computers are strictly a necessary EVIL.

That EVIL is better known as, "Where the hell is my document?!?!?"

Yep, it's happened to all of us, I'm sure. Whether it's in Word or online in a blog, you have undoubtedly labored over characters and words and phrases and paragraphs, only to touch one button - or worse - have an internet, page or power failure and the next thing you know, your precious letters have gone bye-bye.

Would this sort of thing have happened had you been typing on an electric typewriter? Or writing with pen in an notebook?

I have to give the benefit of the doubt, though. The old ways did have their problems. Let's see . . . maybe you flicked the ashes from your cigarette (with typewriters you had smoking, eh?) and a spark flew off and landed on the pile of neatly typed pages and they burned up. Or, or, maybe your child decided to use your notebook of carefully penned stories as paper to make sailboats out of. Am I reaching here? Oh well. Gotta try.

A plus to this story - sometimes, when you have to do something over again, it does come out better than the first time around.

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