Monday, January 18, 2010

Fights in Real Life vs Fictional Fights

When I read or write a story, I find I can really get into the fight scenes. No, I don't mean the physical knock-downs (even though those can be entertaining). I'm talking about the fighting with words, with voices, with emotion and pain and hurt all rolled together. I can't really say, I "like" them, poor word choice, but I'm okay with them.

Why? Most of the time, a fight between characters serves a greater purpose. True sides of a character may come to light, or issues can be pushed to the brink, allowing the characters involved to reach a resolution. But no matter how the fight comes to be or progresses, I, as a reader, am confident that the fight scene is meant to be. I know the end will work out. I know, especially if the fight is between the hero and heroine, they will eventually forgive each other and come out stronger.

In the real life, fights absolutely suck. Words are spewed from mouths bared with a snarl. The things that are said intend to maim, hurt, eviserate. Whatever comes back at you, you have to scramble to defend, because what you're being hit with is just as vile as what you're dishing out.

Perhaps the worst thing about fights in reality . . . you don't know how they will end. You don't have that "it'll be okay," back-up. Will the venom that was dished out do more than just sting? Will it fester, ache, spread until you're left starting at the ceiling and cursing yourself, wondering why oh why did you say or do the things you did? Or maybe you're wondering if the same is true with the other person in the fight. Did you cause irrevocable harm? Will things ever be the same again? Is forgiveness even possible after some of the things reveled?

And what do you do then, when reaching the other peson is not a possiblity? Me, I escape. If I don't, I'll be a puddle of worthlessness and pity and worry that does no one any good. Instead, I'll go read something where I do know there is a happy-ever-after, even if it may not be so with me. At least, until the inevitable confrontation with the other party occurs, and only God knows how something in the future will turn out.

I don't care who thinks a fight is a good thing. I just don't see it, unless I know I can turn the page to see an actual reconcilation.

That's all for now. Happy reading!

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