Monday, January 11, 2010


Hi, Hi. Happy New Year and all that stuff. So, how many of you have already reneged on your resolutions? Are you still into it? Good for you, then!

Me, I don't do resolutions anymore. It depresses me. Resolutions are not meant for people with bi-polar tendencies, ya know? It's like pure fuel for the fire.

Forgive the snarky-ness. I'm in a foul mood because the super dry, extremely cold weather has cracked the skin on my fingers. I don't care how much water I drink, how much moisturizer I rub in, I'm still getting tiny, little painful splits around my fingertips. You see where this is going?

Different injuries naturally affect different professions. A football player may be able to play with a scratch on his leg but a messed up knee puts him out. A writer could continue to write with broken legs or multiple injuries of many types, but something as infinitesimal as a paper cut puts her out of commission. It sucks royally.

Every time I write lately, my fingers cry out. I have band-aides on my fingertips to soften the blows, but blows they still are. I tell you, I love the winter time. I love the cooler, crisper air, but for the sake of my writing, I pray for an adjustment in either the weather or my skin.

I've vented, and I'm smiling now, even if my writing-tips are not.

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  1. I admit. I've already reneged. But it's a new year, so I'm giving myself a lot of latitude. :)
    Hope your fingers are feeling better soon. Typing must be hell on them.