Saturday, October 10, 2015

Are you missing Comic Con this weekend?

Don't fret, so am I! If you love a good comic book convention (or comics in general), ease your sadness by visiting my convention. Well, Changeling Press's convention: Earth Con.

Earth Con, this time hosted by Fever Hitch Comics, boasts not only an outlet for comic book fans from Earth, but there's also a secret side that hosts alien fans as well. 

When Felicia is chosen by her company to dress up as an upcoming comic book alien, she cannot even begin to imagine what this will open to her: fun, excitement, eroticism, and danger! Neither could she believe how two aliens step in to take care of her--in ways that'll leave her begging for more. 

So indulge in your comic book/alien/menage fantasies, and welcome to Fever Hitch's Earth Con...

by Ayla Ruse

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Genre/Themes: Sci-fi Erotic Romance, novella

She'll be their perfect mate…if they can keep her satisfied

Felicia Walker loves her job as an illustrator at Fever Hitch Comics. During this year’s annual Earth Con, she will not only draw caricatures, but she’ll also be decked out in body paint to represent the F’ldae -- an alien species from the comics. As she starts off a night exploring the off-limits, alien side of the convention, Felicia is unprepared for the spiraling events that will make her behave like a true F’ldae…in full mating heat.

Agent Slate Reese, along with his best friend Agent Ryker Seals, are Metons who want to settle down, but they’re having a difficult time finding the female to complete their mating trio. An investigation lands in their laps that demands they attend the chaotic Earth Con, and Ryker sees this as an opportunity to release built up tension. With the vast assortment of alien species converging on this one area, surely there’s one female who wouldn’t mind spending a night with the both of them.

Some say Earth Con is a once-in-a-lifetime event, but will this particular one be the last for this fated trio, or will it be the beginning of many yet to come?  


Ryker lifted the drink to his lips and took a long swig. “Ah, Tazar beer. Nothing else like it in the universe.”

“You aren’t shittin’ me,” Slate mumbled, sipping modestly of his drink. “Stuff tastes like crap. I don’t see how you stomach it.”

“Acquired taste, my man.”

Slate grunted and set his forearms on the table.

“Do you think we’ll get any hits?” he asked Ry.

Ry shrugged and watched various species interact on the dance floor. “It’s a big convention. We made our rounds, dropped our hints, left our contacts. Now we sit and wait.”

Slate rubbed his huge hands together. “Something feels off.”

“You ever been to a con before?”

Slate shook his head no.

“They always feel off, like the universe is tilted or something. I think it’s because of the huge intermix of species coupled with the fact that we’re in an alternate plane here. Remember, the humans have not accepted other species as a general rule, so our presence is still relatively unknown to the humans next door.”

Slate chuckled. “You’ve always been the analyzer.”

“It’s why you keep me as your partner.”

The men shared a brief chuckle, then Slate spoke up again.

“Remember that walkway over on the human side? It was near the booth for that comic book place.”

“You mean Fever Hitch -- they’re the ones sponsoring this whole thing. But yeah, I remember. Why?”

“Did you see the F’ldae onstage?”

“No. Really? They don’t go out much. That species is frightened of their own skin.”

“Exactly. So why am I seeing the same F’ldae on the dance floor?”

Ry whipped his head around to where Slate was boring a hole through a female. Yes, it was a F’ldae, and Ry couldn’t believe his eyes. The little female was snuggled up next to a Bulzant, and that overgrown plastic looking thing looked to almost swallow the female. She turned bright eyes up to it and said something that made the Bulzant quiver.

“Damn, I never knew that species could move like that,” Ry said, amazed.

“What? The F’ldae?”

“No, the Bulzant.”

“Does it look like she’s okay to you?”

“Who? The F’ldae? Yes. She’s jamming right along --“ Ry cut his words off as his eyes zeroed in on her.

“What?” Slate wanted to know.

Ry chuckled. “Looks like your timid little creature is in heat.”

“What do you mean?”

“Wait until she turns -- there. See the orange markings along her ribcage? When a F’ldae goes into heat, those markings show up.”

Ry shifted back to his drink and noticed Slate hadn’t taken his eyes off the female. Hmm…

On the human side, he’d noticed Slate staring at the walkway but hadn’t thought too much about it. It seemed that F’ldae had caught his eye. And seeing her move on the dance floor just a little bit ago had caught Ry’s eye.

A F’ldae. In heat.

They didn’t have to ask her to be their third in a permanent relationship, but maybe he could sweet talk her into being their third for the night.

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