Sunday, October 11, 2015

Scintillating Sunday blog hop (with Aliens)


Please enjoy your Sunday with 8 paragraphs from my latest release, Malathix Soul (a box set). The following excerpt is taken from book 2 in the set, Broken. It's available exclusively (for now) from Changeling Press. 

“Hi,” she started.


“Are you okay?” It sounded stupid to her ears, but she couldn’t think of a single sensible thing to say. She prayed he didn’t ask why she was on his lap. She’d bet her life’s savings that telling him pictures in her head told her to do this wouldn’t go over well.

While she’d been lost in his tattoo -- and even now her hands continued to trace the patterns -- he’d shifted out of his beast form. His hands, the claws having receded, grazed her hips, wrapped around her ass and pulled her harder against his body. “I think I’ll be all right.”

She pushed her hips back away from him. What was going on? She didn’t want sex. Did she? She didn’t even know this male. Wait. What were they doing here? She had to take him somewhere, didn’t she? There was something they had to do.

His firm grip massaged her hips.

That’s right. She wanted to… she wanted to…

Pictures of how he’d feel deep inside her as she sat on him flooded her mind. Yes, that was it. I want to have sex with him. I need to have him deep inside me.

If you want more, you can pick up your own copy today from Changeling Press. 
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