Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Muse of Music

First of all, this pic really has nothing to do with my post.  I simply think it's sexy.  Enjoy. 

Now onto the post.  My taste in music is very eclectic.  I like New Age, Hard Rock, Classic Rock, some newer Country, Classical, the list goes on.  There is actually very little I don't like.  Then again, it depends on my mood.  Like reading a particular type of story, listening to a particular type of music has to either fit the mood I'm in or the mood I want to be in. 

Music also marks important dates in a person's life.  The song you had your first dance with your crush, the song that made you dream with longing about your boyfriend or girlfriend, the song that was playing when you drank a little too much and decided to go Coyote Ugly on the bar top...ahem, sorry.

But seriously, I also tend to mark music by my muse.  So many times I'll listen to a song and a story will scream out to me.  It may not follow exactly what the musician had in mind, but it taps into the creative side of me and viola! another story will emerge.  

Such is the case with the short paranormal I've recently tapped out.  It needs some major editing as I am a rough first drafter, but it's there and I think, of course, it's hot! 

So sit back and turn on the radio, open your music files or flip on your ipod and close your eyes for a few minutes. 

What is your music telling you?   


  1. Holy crap! I am SO digging that picture, but I could have sworn I told the photographer not to use so much of my face. I'm not recognizable, am I? haha

    Happy Friday, Ayla.

  2. What? Are you ashamed or something? haha Enjoy your weekend!