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Wednesday means a Hump for you!

I missed out the past week or two, sorry. But I'm back this week with another scintilating, exciting, sexy (read: rated R) excerpt. 

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Today I'm giving you a peek at an older story of mine, Malathix Soul: Soulless. When I went to pick out a new excerpt for today, I ended up reading the whole book again! I'd forgotten how much I loved this tale of an alien who fights his internal, real beast in order to find his soul-bearer, Laya. The story is dark, very intense and sexy as hell. 

The piece you're going to read today is where Theradon is about to lose himself to his homicidal beast. His best friend (Camden - who has his own story in book 3, Jagged) is with him, trying to keep Theradon sane as well as find the elusive Laya. 

Malathix Soul #1
by Ayla Ruse

Genre/Themes: Futuristic, Action/Adventure, Science Fiction, Erotic Romance, Dark Desire


The waitress who had served them earlier walked past, brushing her breasts against his shoulder. Theradon stiffened, his cock growing painfully hard. His hand, wrapped around the thick glass, tightened as his nails began to lengthen into serrated claws. His gaze took in the raucous bar, and he envisioned it bathed in blood, warm bodies lying battered and torn by his own hands while others writhed naked amid the carnage, slaves begging him to be fucked next.

He didn’t need this shit now.

“Camden.” Theradon’s voice sounded far off even to his ears, and Camden had his attention fixed on the fight breaking up. Did his friend even hear him?

The waitress backed up as if he’d called her. Had he? She pulled her shirt up to expose large, bare breasts. He shifted in his seat and faced her completely, allowing her to openly ogle the erection pressed hard and tight inside his leather pants. When her tongue swiped over plump, red-stained lips, he imagined his cock sliding into the wetness of her mouth and down her throat. She’d gag, but he wouldn’t care. He had to feel her throat close over him. He’d make her suck him hard. As if he spoke this out loud, her knees hit the floor and she reached for his pants. He thrust his hips forward in encouragement. Before she could work at the zipper, a blow snapped his head to the side.

“Theradon! Damn it, break out of it!”

Theradon heard Camden’s voice over the ringing in his ears. He shook his head and growled, fighting to keep the beast locked away. To distract himself, he picked up his glass and drank the entire contents in one swallow, the sharp burn of the dry ice settling like steel bullets in the pit of his stomach. He spotted the smear of blood on the rim of his glass, and he cursed. His mouth ached as he waited for his twin rows of razored teeth to recede.

“You wanted me, sugar?” The waitress’s strong fingers rubbed his cock through the leather.

His fragile attention drawn once more, he almost gave in.

Whack! Gods damn it, Camden had hit him again. Squeezing his eyes closed, Theradon cursed. He sensed more than heard Camden getting rid of the waitress. Lifting his head, he inhaled deeply, finding and holding on to Laya’s scent. His only lifeline.

“Fuck, Theradon. You weren’t shitting me. You are close.”

Theradon didn’t respond. He didn’t have to. Camden had to know what it was like to fight their soulless natures. It hadn’t been too long ago when Camden had fought for control of his own beast. If he hadn’t found and claimed Deidre, the human woman who hosted his soul, Theradon would have been forced to end his best friend.

Another woman walked by, and damn it all if the bitch didn’t push her tits against his shoulder. His cock strained and his beast bucked hard.

Fuck it, no more waiting. He couldn’t let himself go over, especially not in a crowd. He’d do whatever was necessary to get Laya to come to him, to make her his own.

“C’mon, Camden. Let’s go find her. If this doesn’t work, you know what you need to do.” He stopped and held Camden’s gaze. “Don’t let me go over.”

He stood, ready to search the place top to bottom, only to see Laya standing not three feet from their table, boldly meeting his gaze.


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