Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tis a New Year come sliding in

Ah, now begins the imminent countdown to end 2008. There once was a time when I would be busy with the parties and group excitement of waiting for the new year. Maybe it's because I'm older or maybe because my life doesn't revolve around "parties" (unless they're a birthday party) so much anymore, but it's not that way for me now. It's alright. Take now for instance, my two youngest are asleep and my oldest is playing Wii with my husband and I'm working on my writing. Go figure.

He (the oldest) will be getting to bed soon, and my husband and I will quietly, although snuggly, bring in the new year together. So I guess I can't complain even though there are times I quite fondly remember the rousing bru-ha-ha of loud shouts, sloppy kisses and spilled champagne . . .

So here's to the coming year and all the wonderful joy it will bring to all of us. I for one, resolve to get my name out there and my stories spread and (finally) have a publishing house to call home!

Friday, December 26, 2008

There's a first time for everything ...

Hello out there in web world! I am completely new to this thing called blogging and looking forward to the potential of those I can reach. I am a busy, practical housewife and mother by day, and when the sun sets, I turn toward my more romantic, erotic side.
I have been writing almost all my life but only in the past recent years have I been more focused on writing to be published. Currently, I have finished an exciting story that a dear friend of mine is reviewing for edits. I plan to put this story out there to potential e-publishers within the next month or two. I am holding my breath and crossing my fingers and saying whatever prayers I need to say that I'll get this story out to the right publisher on the right day at the right time and snag! My story will be loved and bought!