Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sunday Snog with Pirates

Happy Sunday to you! Today, amid the blustery cool weather, I wish to bring some sunshine into your day. This snog is from an erotic historical romance called Temptation Released, and it's all about a memorable kiss Lady Elise gives the pirate Raphael--on his order. A little forewarning, this is not one of those lips on lips snogs.  Read on, then jump over to Victoria's to read more Sunday Snogs

Temptation Released by Ayla Ruse

“When is a pirate not a pirate? When he refuses to ravish a perfectly willing captive.” – Lady Elise Clifton

Raphael de la Torres, the pirate captain El Angel, is notorious for kidnapping travelers to the colonies. His actions cleverly cover another purpose—getting close to the cousin who betrayed him.

El Angel’s latest capture is the one person whose ransom will give him an edge. He must deliver Lady Elise untouched in order to have his revenge, but she is desire untapped, and more than ready for the taking. His every effort to frighten and push her away only excites her and tests his limits of control.

With the currents stirring up between the two, will the sweet taste of revenge shift to a deeper passion, and will the control Elise is running away from, be exactly what she needs? 


“You, mi mascota, my pet, lied to me.”


She stopped when he suddenly stood up and turned her chair away from the table and came to stand in front of her. His hands were on his breeches and he was unlacing them. She licked her lips, afraid and excited at what she was about to see. His hands slowed and she whimpered, wanting him to hurry.

“You are an odd one, Elise. A lady, supposedly jaded and had by many, yet so tight I know your pussy has never met a cock.”

She blinked at his words, spoken low. But he may as well have shouted them to her. His language was such that she’d read before, but had never heard. It made her skin tingle and flush yet it also made her squirm. She wasn’t bashful or offended. Quite the opposite. She was bloody excited.

“I think it’s time you meet your first cock, Elise,” he whispered.

He finished unlacing the breeches, pulled the panel aside, and his cock sprang forward so suddenly she jerked. He grasped the thick rod and stroked it. Up and down. The skin around the dark shaft moved like silk under his fingers, coming up to cover the fat head with a narrow slit at the end.

“Wet your lips,” he told her.

She did.

He kicked her feet apart and she went further by spreading her legs to straddle the chair. Stepping close, he rested one of his knees on the seat between her spread legs, and straddled her thigh. The tip of his shaft angled toward her mouth.

“Now wet my cock,” he ordered.

Not sure what to expect, she took her time opening her mouth. She wished he hadn’t tied her arms because her fingers itched to touch him.

He kept his hand fisted around the length and fed the head between her lips. She swiped her tongue around the bulbous part, finding his flesh hot and smooth. She dipped her tongue into that slit and tasted a drop of fluid that had gathered there and wanted more.

He pushed deeper and she flicked her tongue over the rim of the head, making him groan. Feeling more confident, she opened wider and he continued to push into her, stuffing her mouth with himself. She gagged when he hit the back of her throat and she panicked, not able to breathe.

“Shh,” he told her, threading his fingers through her hair. He pulled his hips back then pumped into her mouth with short thrusts. “Just relax your throat, cariƱo. You can take me. Relax.”

It took a few of his steady thrusts for her to calm down enough to do what he said. As soon as she did, he slid deeper.

He felt smooth on her busy tongue and saliva dripped from her lips. She loved doing this for him, and the way he shuddered periodically and groaned made her want him even more.

Maldito, ya esta bueno,” he told her. “You are so good and you take direction so well, Elise.”

She couldn’t answer, being stuffed with his cock, so she hummed her appreciation.

“Now I want you to suck me.”

Without over thinking his command, she hollowed her cheeks and did just that. He growled this time and thrust hard, keeping her pressed close to him. He was down into her throat and still she did her best to provide the suction he demanded. She breathed through her nose and curled the flat of her tongue to the thick underside of his erection and pressed, adding to the tight feeling he apparently wanted.

“Fuck,” he barked out, pulling out of her mouth so fast her lips popped loudly off him.


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Happy New Year to 2016!


~Thank you for making 2015 so wonderful~

Here's a toast and a cheer to the upcoming New Year!

May it better, brighter and more fantastic than ever!

*throws confetti*
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Yay to 2016


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