Thursday, July 25, 2013

General Release!!

This week is a biggie for me because it marks the general release of my latest erotic romance, Her Sexy Side! If you have a favorite bookseller, now's the time to check it out. Below are some easy-peasy links to the more popular ones.

Her Sexy Side
by Ayla Ruse

Kiera loves her new eroticism, but would her desire exist without his art?


Max flexed the fingers of his left hand, his drawing hand, the hand that could pour his burdensome gift of influence into anything he drew. He wanted Kiera, all right, but he wanted her to come to him willingly, on her own and not because he’d forced her with his pictures.

As they continued to talk, his thoughts kept trailing to her outfit and what she’d look like beneath the black, fitted, long-sleeved shirt. He couldn’t help it. She was gorgeous. The ends of the scarf at her neck teased over her full breasts, and a long, straight skirt in a black-and-white pattern led his eye to her small, heeled boots. Despite how amazing she looked, he knew she wasn’t a vixen. Her dress, her speech and her attitude screamed conservative, which normally turned him off. But Kiera made conservative look damn sexy. Or it could be his thoughts of what she’d look like beneath the clothes and of how she’d respond to being in his bed. All these thoughts had led to the pictures he’d drawn of her that she’d found in her classroom.

It’d also led to the picture he’d sketched on a scratch sheet of paper when she’d excused herself to go to the bathroom a few minutes ago. When she’d returned, he’d flipped it over and set his glass of water over it. These pictures were for his eyes only. Especially when they were so infused with his desires.

He shifted in his seat, his cock growing hard at his own fantasies. It was time to call it a night.

“I love that story, Kiera,” he said, leaning over to snag their glasses from the table while trying to will away his erection. “I have to tell you, I’m glad you accepted my date.”

“I’m glad you asked,” she responded, smiling in a way that made his toes curl. It wasn’t seductive or provocative, it was simply honest. He took a deep breath, hoped his cock behaved, stood quickly and walked around the couch.

“Are you ready for me to take you home?” Max carried their glasses to the kitchen, listening for her confirmation. It might be rude of him, but having her this close to his bed, this late at night, was beginning to wear on his control.

Her silence made him double back. “Kiera?” She jumped and turned as if he’d spooked her. “You okay?” he asked. “Ready to go?”

She stood slowly and never let her eyes fall from his. Max shifted, wondering why she wasn’t agreeing with him to take her home.

“I thought Raymond was staying with your parents tonight?” she asked.

He coughed lightly. “Um, yes. He is.” He stuck his hands in the pockets of his slacks and jiggled the car keys.

She smiled again, but this time the ends of her lips curled in a way that made her seem wicked all of a sudden. Damn. He fisted his hands to keep from dragging her close and kissing those teasing lips.

“You don’t have a curfew, do you?” she asked.

“Ah, no.” He puzzled at her abrupt change in attitude. She was all of a sudden acting like she wanted him to make a move on her. He’d been a fool to think coming to his place was a good idea.

“But Max,” she said slowly, her voice having dropped, “I’m not ready to leave.”

Their eyes met, held, and the next thing he knew, she flung herself toward him and kissed him clumsily, but with everything she had.
You can buy your own copy of Her Sexy Side at any of these great places today!

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Wednesday means a Hump for you!

I missed out the past week or two, sorry. But I'm back this week with another scintilating, exciting, sexy (read: rated R) excerpt. 

Read, enjoy, then jump back to Marteeka's place to read others' Humps!

Today I'm giving you a peek at an older story of mine, Malathix Soul: Soulless. When I went to pick out a new excerpt for today, I ended up reading the whole book again! I'd forgotten how much I loved this tale of an alien who fights his internal, real beast in order to find his soul-bearer, Laya. The story is dark, very intense and sexy as hell. 

The piece you're going to read today is where Theradon is about to lose himself to his homicidal beast. His best friend (Camden - who has his own story in book 3, Jagged) is with him, trying to keep Theradon sane as well as find the elusive Laya. 

Malathix Soul #1
by Ayla Ruse

Genre/Themes: Futuristic, Action/Adventure, Science Fiction, Erotic Romance, Dark Desire


The waitress who had served them earlier walked past, brushing her breasts against his shoulder. Theradon stiffened, his cock growing painfully hard. His hand, wrapped around the thick glass, tightened as his nails began to lengthen into serrated claws. His gaze took in the raucous bar, and he envisioned it bathed in blood, warm bodies lying battered and torn by his own hands while others writhed naked amid the carnage, slaves begging him to be fucked next.

He didn’t need this shit now.

“Camden.” Theradon’s voice sounded far off even to his ears, and Camden had his attention fixed on the fight breaking up. Did his friend even hear him?

The waitress backed up as if he’d called her. Had he? She pulled her shirt up to expose large, bare breasts. He shifted in his seat and faced her completely, allowing her to openly ogle the erection pressed hard and tight inside his leather pants. When her tongue swiped over plump, red-stained lips, he imagined his cock sliding into the wetness of her mouth and down her throat. She’d gag, but he wouldn’t care. He had to feel her throat close over him. He’d make her suck him hard. As if he spoke this out loud, her knees hit the floor and she reached for his pants. He thrust his hips forward in encouragement. Before she could work at the zipper, a blow snapped his head to the side.

“Theradon! Damn it, break out of it!”

Theradon heard Camden’s voice over the ringing in his ears. He shook his head and growled, fighting to keep the beast locked away. To distract himself, he picked up his glass and drank the entire contents in one swallow, the sharp burn of the dry ice settling like steel bullets in the pit of his stomach. He spotted the smear of blood on the rim of his glass, and he cursed. His mouth ached as he waited for his twin rows of razored teeth to recede.

“You wanted me, sugar?” The waitress’s strong fingers rubbed his cock through the leather.

His fragile attention drawn once more, he almost gave in.

Whack! Gods damn it, Camden had hit him again. Squeezing his eyes closed, Theradon cursed. He sensed more than heard Camden getting rid of the waitress. Lifting his head, he inhaled deeply, finding and holding on to Laya’s scent. His only lifeline.

“Fuck, Theradon. You weren’t shitting me. You are close.”

Theradon didn’t respond. He didn’t have to. Camden had to know what it was like to fight their soulless natures. It hadn’t been too long ago when Camden had fought for control of his own beast. If he hadn’t found and claimed Deidre, the human woman who hosted his soul, Theradon would have been forced to end his best friend.

Another woman walked by, and damn it all if the bitch didn’t push her tits against his shoulder. His cock strained and his beast bucked hard.

Fuck it, no more waiting. He couldn’t let himself go over, especially not in a crowd. He’d do whatever was necessary to get Laya to come to him, to make her his own.

“C’mon, Camden. Let’s go find her. If this doesn’t work, you know what you need to do.” He stopped and held Camden’s gaze. “Don’t let me go over.”

He stood, ready to search the place top to bottom, only to see Laya standing not three feet from their table, boldly meeting his gaze.


Want more? Find Soulless at one of these fantastic places:

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Visiting Today

Please join me as I'm visiting Total E-Bound's Hitting the Hot Spot blog. 
I'm chatting about summer time and writing. 
Is it easier or harder to write when the sun's shining so bright? 

See you there!

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Interview Today!

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Today, over at the Changeling Press blog, the Saturday Book Diver has Max Winters (from Her Sexy Side) for her guest. Stop by, get comfy, and find out what makes this artist tick. 

Oh, and Max brought along a new excerpt for you to enjoy.

Click the link:

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Saturday, July 13, 2013


© hitdelight -

That's what I thought about when I saw this picture: Seduction. 

I'm writing a story where the heroine is a sultry red-head. She's also a Djinn, so the addition of the smoky atmosphere at the base of this image also drew me in.

When I write, I don't go out and try to hunt down pictures of my characters. I'll admit I might look for songs, but images, not so much. I think it's because I like to create my own image and I like my readers to do the same. I'll give a little bit of description, but unless it's something specific to the character or the story, I let the details come as the reader.

I came across this picture by accident -- I was looking for a picture of man. *g* But when I saw her, I had to have her. I'll keep this up and look at it periodically as I'm writing my heroine's tale. It doesn't fit her heroine's smoke is a mix of blue and green. Not red. But that's okay. I like the pose. I like the red hair. I like the etheral-ness of the image. Most especially, I like that this lures me in, makes me want to know what she's doing. Is she lost in her thoughts or is she actively trying to pull me in? Will her goal be in fact, seduction, or will she turn and lead me down a path of horror?

Yes, I admit, I am seduced by my curiosity. 

Now to go back to my Djinn, and the secrets she longs to tell. 

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Winner Announcement!


Congratulations go out to Krista, 
the winner of a $10 gift certificate from, 
from her entry and participation in my blog during the When Sparks Fly Blog Hop.

Thanks to everyone who dropped by. 
I'll miss Drea's blog hops, but I'll still be around.

Have a Happy Friday and a Terrific Weekend!

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Hump Day Hump: Serena's Prince

Welcome to another Wednesday and another installment of a Hump Day Hump for your reading pleasure. Today's excerpt is from one of my favorite stories: Serena's Prince. Part of the Forever Wicked multi-author series, Serena's Prince is my take on the tale of The Frog Prince. 


Serena's Prince
Forever Wicked
by Ayla Ruse

Genre/Theme: Paranormal, BDSM, Erotic Romance, Shapeshifter, Magic, Voyeurism and Exhibitionism


Rennick didn't blink when Serena woke up with a short, startled shriek. Her eyes snapped around, and the second they landed on him, she shrieked again. Rennick held up a hand, out of old habit, and raised a brow. She immediately grew quiet. Even as he'd made the habitual move, he'd not expected her to follow this simple command. Her acquiescence stirred a fire in him.

"Who are you?" she demanded, her strong voice betraying a nervous trembling. She backed against her headboard, tucked her feet under her legs and crossed her arms defiantly across her chest. He appreciated how her sweet breasts plumped up over her arms and pressed tightly against her nightgown. As he stared, her nipples hardened and stood out against the material. He swallowed a groan. It'd been too long since he'd tasted a woman. He took a deep breath before he spoke.

"I am Prince Rennick, ruler of the Northern Points Kingdom of Freanea. I'm also the one who rescued your necklace, which I need to possess."

This time her eyebrows rose. "You're delusional, sir. You've not rescued anything for me. How'd you get in here? If you don't leave right this moment, I'll alert the guards outside."

Rennick quirked his lips. "Serena." She started at his use of her given name. "Don't think to fool me. There are no guards outside. And yes, it was I who swam to the bottom of your garden pond and brought back the necklace which had slipped from your fingers."

Her gaze shot to the floor. "But... where's the frog?"

"I'm right here."

She stared. “How do I know you're telling me the truth?"

"Serena, I've been with you all week. "I've seen you remove your clothes every night."

She shrugged.

"I've watched you touch your breasts."

She swallowed, but remained silent.

"You have beautiful nipples, Serena. My mouth waters even now thinking about them." He held back a grin when she gasped.

"But," she spoke up, "that could be true of any woman. Or I could say you're lying."

"You could, but we both know the truth." He glanced at the tub, making sure her eyes followed. "You like to kneel in the steaming hot water and rub yourself until you come. I've never been able to see over the edge, of course, but all week I've wanted to know, do you slide your fingers into your pussy when you come, or do you only like to rub your clit?"

She gasped again, confirming what they both knew. When she ran her pointed tongue across her lower lip, he knew what he had to do. He had every confidence she'd turn over the necklace, and once he had it in his hands, surely the curse would end. Right now, though...

"Serena, I know what you need." He placed his knee on the bed as he spoke and ran his hand through her hair, his palm easily cupping the back of her head. She offered no resistance, and his cock twitched under the sheet around his hips.

"But, you don't know what I need," she argued. "All you've seen me do is touch myself." She harrumphed. "Who are you to tell me, anyway? I've had too many men lately who think the same way. You're no different."

He tilted her head back and spoke in a firm voice. "Serena, do not argue with me. Do not compare me to any other. I am Prince Rennick, your lord for tonight, and you will do as I say."

She didn't move and he smiled inwardly, approving of how she already bent to his will, even if she didn't see it yet. As her eyes went wide, he gave into his desires and lowered his head to meet her lips.
* * *
What had come over her? Here she sat, upon her own bed, beneath the touch of this... this stranger, and she felt like liquid fire.

She took a deep breath, about to argue with him again when he lowered his head and set his mouth across hers. Her inhaled breath whooshed out at the firm press of his lips.

She sighed, parting her lips slightly, and he slipped inside her mouth.
New warmth shocked her body. He stroked the inside of her mouth, and she responded. She touched her tongue to his and jerked at the thrill. He pressed against her, forcing her to lie back, and he followed her, his tongue thrusting deeper as she opened her mouth wider, inviting him to come in and explore. Tentatively she sparred with him, learning how to move and give and take.

A deep moan spilled from her throat when he pulled back. She squirmed, his body making her feverish and needy. Her chest pressed against his, and her nipples tightened into hard nubs, like when she'd rub them over and over during her bath.

As he rained kisses across her jaw and down her throat, she wanted everything from him.
"Touch me," she begged.

"I will, my little Serena, I will." He sat up and reached over her head. "Give me your hands."

She did so without thought. He slipped something over her wrists, but she paid little mind. His dark chest was inches from her face. She could smell him, a dark musk she inhaled deeply, making her want to crawl all over him and insinuate herself below his skin. On an impulsive move, she swiped at his chest with her tongue. His jerk made her smile.

"There we go," he murmured, and she realized what he'd done. He'd tied her wrists above her head. She pulled, but her arms wouldn't move. Fear kicked up in her chest. "Wait. What are you doing?"

He pulled the linen from his waist but before she could see him, he settled over her once more. "I'm going to enjoy this body you give to me tonight, without interference."

I hope you enjoyed this piece of my fairy tale. You can find out more by clicking here.

Make sure to return to the Hump Day Humps for more great reads.


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Thank you so much for stopping by during the When Sparks Fly Blog Hop. 
The Hop is now closed. 

I will choose the winner and contact said winner no later than 
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I will announce the winner no later than this Friday on this blog. 

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Hops of Sparks and Summer!

Well, well, well. We've come to the end of another great blog hop. Thanks in advance for everyone participating.

And, as it's Monday and as I usually over-do, today you have double the hop. Not only is it the last day for the When Sparks Fly Blog Hop, but you get the added bonus of my also being a part of the Tasty Reads Summer Blog Hop.

First, here are the details for the When Sparks Fly Hop: Click here or on the button to the left to go to the blog hop page to see and visit all the other authors attending. To enter for a chance to win a $10 gift certificate [winners choice of or] from me, please comment on this post (or any of my blog posts during the When Sparks Fly hop; one comment per day and I each comment = an entry into the contest). Midnight EST today is the end of the hop and the last time to enter to win. I will choose a winner through and contact the winner no later than Wednesday of this week. I will announce the winner no later than this Friday on this blog. 

Second, I was invited by Sara Jay to take part in the Tasty Reads Summer Blog Hop. This is simply a fun way meet other authors, find out about their latest releases and snag some delicious recipes. Read on for the fun and yummy Q&A:

1) My current release is Her Sexy Side. It's available now through Changeling Press. Here's a little info on the story: 

Kiera loves her new eroticism, but would her desire exist without his art? 

Max Winters and Kiera Long may have never discovered their interest in one another if it weren't for fate. One of Max's erotic drawings winds up in Kiera's hands, and even though she's shocked, the conservative teacher can't help but be intrigued. She wants to explore these untamed parts of herself, and who better to join her in this discovery than Max.
As their relationship develops, guilt eats at Max. He can infuse his drawings with persuasion and knows he has to come clean with Kiera if there's ever a chance for them to remain together.
When Kiera discovers the secret behind Max's drawings, she's crushed. Now, how far will she go to find out if she can be sexy without Max, or is this even possible?

2) When writing are you a snacker? 
YES! My guilty snacks are either plain potato chips (Wise is my fav) or those bags of bite-sized candies. *drool*
3) Are you an outliner or someone who flies by the seat of their pants? 
I tend to fly by the seat of my pants.
Are they real pants or jammies?
Jammies, of course!
4) When cooking or baking, do you follow the recipe exactly or wing it?
First time - by the book. After that, I tweak it to my liking. 
5) What is next for you after this book?
So much! I have a freebie short story that goes with Her Sexy Side coming out to the Cheeky Changeling ezine next week. In September I'll have another release with CP, in October I'll be in TEB's Whip It Up! Anthology, and in November I'll have a Christmas story out.
6) Last Question...on a level of one being slightly naughty to ten being whoo whoo steamy, where does your book land?
Her Sexy Side is in the naughty range. I pulled back a little on this one as compared to some of my other stories.

Now, how 'bout a summer recipe. Although in truth, this is one I love to make just about any time of the year!

Mandarin Orange Cake

Cake Ingredients:
1 box yellow cake mix

1 jar or can of mandarin oranges, drained

·     Mix the cake according to the box directions.   

·     Fold in drained oranges

·     Put mix into greased and floured cake pans and bake according to box directions.

While the cake is cooking, work on the “icing.”

Icing Ingredients:

1 container of Cool Whip. (I usually use the larger container, but no less than a 16 oz tub)

1 box of instant French vanilla pudding mix.  Make sure it is the French vanilla type. 

1 can of crushed pineapple, drained.

·      Mix the dry pudding mix and the drained pineapple with the Cool Whip. 

·      Cover with plastic wrap in put in the fridge.

After you remove the cake from the oven, cool thoroughly on wire racks.  
Put your cake together using the icing you made between each layer, top, and if desired, sides.  

Garnish top with pieces of mandarin orange, if desired. 

Cover and refrigerate any leftovers. 


Check out some of the other authors that have been invited to participate in the Tasty Summer Reads hop:
Sara Jay
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Wendi Zwaduk
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Ana Raine

Have a terrific Monday, and don't forget to comment for a chance to win a gift certificate as part of the When Sparks Fly blog hop!