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Hump Day Hump: Serena's Prince

Welcome to another Wednesday and another installment of a Hump Day Hump for your reading pleasure. Today's excerpt is from one of my favorite stories: Serena's Prince. Part of the Forever Wicked multi-author series, Serena's Prince is my take on the tale of The Frog Prince. 


Serena's Prince
Forever Wicked
by Ayla Ruse

Genre/Theme: Paranormal, BDSM, Erotic Romance, Shapeshifter, Magic, Voyeurism and Exhibitionism


Rennick didn't blink when Serena woke up with a short, startled shriek. Her eyes snapped around, and the second they landed on him, she shrieked again. Rennick held up a hand, out of old habit, and raised a brow. She immediately grew quiet. Even as he'd made the habitual move, he'd not expected her to follow this simple command. Her acquiescence stirred a fire in him.

"Who are you?" she demanded, her strong voice betraying a nervous trembling. She backed against her headboard, tucked her feet under her legs and crossed her arms defiantly across her chest. He appreciated how her sweet breasts plumped up over her arms and pressed tightly against her nightgown. As he stared, her nipples hardened and stood out against the material. He swallowed a groan. It'd been too long since he'd tasted a woman. He took a deep breath before he spoke.

"I am Prince Rennick, ruler of the Northern Points Kingdom of Freanea. I'm also the one who rescued your necklace, which I need to possess."

This time her eyebrows rose. "You're delusional, sir. You've not rescued anything for me. How'd you get in here? If you don't leave right this moment, I'll alert the guards outside."

Rennick quirked his lips. "Serena." She started at his use of her given name. "Don't think to fool me. There are no guards outside. And yes, it was I who swam to the bottom of your garden pond and brought back the necklace which had slipped from your fingers."

Her gaze shot to the floor. "But... where's the frog?"

"I'm right here."

She stared. “How do I know you're telling me the truth?"

"Serena, I've been with you all week. "I've seen you remove your clothes every night."

She shrugged.

"I've watched you touch your breasts."

She swallowed, but remained silent.

"You have beautiful nipples, Serena. My mouth waters even now thinking about them." He held back a grin when she gasped.

"But," she spoke up, "that could be true of any woman. Or I could say you're lying."

"You could, but we both know the truth." He glanced at the tub, making sure her eyes followed. "You like to kneel in the steaming hot water and rub yourself until you come. I've never been able to see over the edge, of course, but all week I've wanted to know, do you slide your fingers into your pussy when you come, or do you only like to rub your clit?"

She gasped again, confirming what they both knew. When she ran her pointed tongue across her lower lip, he knew what he had to do. He had every confidence she'd turn over the necklace, and once he had it in his hands, surely the curse would end. Right now, though...

"Serena, I know what you need." He placed his knee on the bed as he spoke and ran his hand through her hair, his palm easily cupping the back of her head. She offered no resistance, and his cock twitched under the sheet around his hips.

"But, you don't know what I need," she argued. "All you've seen me do is touch myself." She harrumphed. "Who are you to tell me, anyway? I've had too many men lately who think the same way. You're no different."

He tilted her head back and spoke in a firm voice. "Serena, do not argue with me. Do not compare me to any other. I am Prince Rennick, your lord for tonight, and you will do as I say."

She didn't move and he smiled inwardly, approving of how she already bent to his will, even if she didn't see it yet. As her eyes went wide, he gave into his desires and lowered his head to meet her lips.
* * *
What had come over her? Here she sat, upon her own bed, beneath the touch of this... this stranger, and she felt like liquid fire.

She took a deep breath, about to argue with him again when he lowered his head and set his mouth across hers. Her inhaled breath whooshed out at the firm press of his lips.

She sighed, parting her lips slightly, and he slipped inside her mouth.
New warmth shocked her body. He stroked the inside of her mouth, and she responded. She touched her tongue to his and jerked at the thrill. He pressed against her, forcing her to lie back, and he followed her, his tongue thrusting deeper as she opened her mouth wider, inviting him to come in and explore. Tentatively she sparred with him, learning how to move and give and take.

A deep moan spilled from her throat when he pulled back. She squirmed, his body making her feverish and needy. Her chest pressed against his, and her nipples tightened into hard nubs, like when she'd rub them over and over during her bath.

As he rained kisses across her jaw and down her throat, she wanted everything from him.
"Touch me," she begged.

"I will, my little Serena, I will." He sat up and reached over her head. "Give me your hands."

She did so without thought. He slipped something over her wrists, but she paid little mind. His dark chest was inches from her face. She could smell him, a dark musk she inhaled deeply, making her want to crawl all over him and insinuate herself below his skin. On an impulsive move, she swiped at his chest with her tongue. His jerk made her smile.

"There we go," he murmured, and she realized what he'd done. He'd tied her wrists above her head. She pulled, but her arms wouldn't move. Fear kicked up in her chest. "Wait. What are you doing?"

He pulled the linen from his waist but before she could see him, he settled over her once more. "I'm going to enjoy this body you give to me tonight, without interference."

I hope you enjoyed this piece of my fairy tale. You can find out more by clicking here.

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