Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday's Words to Inspire

Happy Wednesday. Today I am bringing you a passage from Julia Cameron's The Vein of Gold (p.193). In this book, she quotes from a speech by John Nichols as he talks about writing. I believe these are words we all need to take to heart, as sometimes it is too easy to give into the "I don't feel like it" blues. We can blame the almighty muse, but underneath it all, it's our own lack of persistence. 

"One thing I learned real early in my career is that if you wait for the perfect mood, or the perfect place, or the perfect situation for writing, you'll never write a word. If you're gonna be a writer, you have to learn to write no matter what. On the backs of napkins in restaurants. In bars and cafes. In your car while traveling sixty-five miles per hour down the highway, if need be. 

And you have to write if you're miserable. If you're uninspired. If you're sick. If you're totally depressed. If you're in the middle of a divorce. It doesn't matter what, 'cause there's never a perfect time for writing. Even the concept is absurd..."

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday's News and Updates

For those of you keeping tabs, I am late in imparting information about my new blog set-up. My sincerest apologies. Over the weekend I had a little spill that resulted in (another) terribly bad sprained ankle and foot. My feet are not my fortune. I'm okay and getting better, thank you, but I know it'll be months before I can resume my goal for that marathon (insert sarcasm - I am so not a runner).

Aside from this, I have worked diligently to arrange my blog into an organized calendar of events. I'm going to play with the order for a few weeks - probably until everything clicks, but here's a tentative peek:

Mondays will be a shout-out for Total E-Bound's new releases.

On Tuesdays I will talk about newsy bits of what I'm working on, where my books can be found (if there are new 3rd party releases for example), and any other bits of writing related info that crops up. (See below the days' explanations for today's news bits)

Wednesdays will be for Words of Inspiration. Yes, it is a hump day and sometimes going up that hump can be a hurdle we never think we'll cross. A lot of what got me to the point I am in my writing/publishing career can be credited to words and phrases that worked as little pep talks for me. I still look for them today. So if your week seems to be going ten paces backward and inside out, check out my blog on Wednesdays and maybe you'll find a little bit to pick you up.

Thursdays will be Changeling Press days and shout-outs for their new releases.

Friday is an up-in-the-air day. Maybe it'll be a freebie day. This one's still a thought-in-progress.

Saturdays will be picture days. I know most of us "work" Monday through Friday and on Saturday we're all over the place, but taking a peek at someone hot and gorgeous can make us take a moment to catch our breaths. *sly chuckle* or steal it away. 

Sundays will be personal days. These days will have bits of me. How crazy I am because my kids won't go to bed so I can write, how the DH helped me figure out a plot point, how I am so clumsy I injured myself again. That sort of thing. 

Okay, now for today's newsy bits.

  • I am on Amazon again! Well, Malathix Soul: Soulless is, that is. If you have a kindle and are a dedicated Amazonianite, head on over there to pick up your copy today.
  • Don't forget my newest Changeling Press release comes out this week. Good Gone Bad will hit the virtual shelves on Thursday (because at that time it's Friday somewhere in the world)! 
  • I finished and submitted my final edits for The Fires of Beltane, a horror romance release with Total E-Bound slated for publication April 2. 
  • I'm working hard on the follow up story to Good Gone Bad. More Doppelgangers will be in this one as well as a very unlikely heroine. Look for this one come summertime. 
  • I have a web site now. It's not live yet, but I'm working on it. It's very tedious, I'll be the first one to admit this is not my thing, but putting it together the way I like it is fun. I'm hoping I can show my baby off in a couple to few weeks. 

Thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to check back tomorrow for a few words to get you going. 

Have a Terrific Tuesday!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Winner Announced!

Please offer warm congratulations to Anne, the winner from my blog's contest from the Naughty After Dark Blog Hop! She wins a PDF copy of her choice of book from my back list as well as the delicious and fun box of Adult Body Finger Paints!


Thanks again to everyone who participated in the hop. I loved reading your comments and hope you were able to pick up some new authors to read. I know I did!

Have a great Friday!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Many Thanks

I feel like a worn out bunny with so much hopping going on lately! No complaints, though, because it's been loads of wicked fun. 

Today I want to take a few moments to say thank you to all those heading up the Naughty After Dark Blog Hop, all the participants, and most importantly, all the great readers out there bouncing around. 

I'm compiling the names of all those who commented on my blog since this hop began. Tomorrow I'll notify the winner and will also post the winner on this blog. 

After that, I'm going to implement some changes to my blog. Appearance-wise? I don't know yet. I'm tickling my fingers with this. What is more to my mind is scheduled notices. Certain days to highlight or showcase different bits of fun or information. Please check back. I'd love to hear your opinion on changes I'll make.

Don't sweat too hard today - it's Thursday. Save the heavy stuff for the weekend! :D

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Double...No, Triple Your Pleasure

Today is a day for visiting some dear friends, final-day blog hopping, and for taking a first-time sneak peek at my upcoming release, Good Gone Bad. Read on for all the great info!

Today is important in so many ways! On one side of the world, I'm a guest blogger at Total E-Bound's Hitting the Hot Spot, where I talk about writing in longhand. If you write, is this your style, or is this something you abhor? I really want to know.

On my blog, this is the final day I'll post for the Naughty After Dark Blog Hop. Whew. This hop has been so much fun, and I hope you've had a blast as well. I've done my own hopping around and man, oh man, there is a ton of great blogs and posts and stories out there. Thanks so much to Close Encounters With The Night Kind ( and Natasha Blackthorne ( for hosting this hop! 

As today is the last day for the hop, I'll go over the CONTEST one more time. First, the prize: If you win and you are a US resident, you'll win your choice of one story from my back list, PDF, and you'll win a box of Adult, Flavored Body Finger Paints. If you win and you are a non-US resident, you'll win your choice of one story from my back list, PDF, and you'll win an online gift certificate from Bath & Body Works. To Enter: all you have to do to enter is comment on any of my blog posts from last Wednesday (Feb 15) through today's post (Feb 22), by midnight EST. The list of entrants is growing strong and I'm so excited for all of you! On Thursday I'll put everyone's name in a virtual pot and choose one winner at random. I will announce the winner on my blog on Friday, February 24, which will also be linked to Facebook and Google+. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Now, on to the really fun stuff. Yesterday I promised you an excerpt from my upcoming release: Good Gone Bad. It'll be for sale from Changeling Press next week, March 2 (world wide time). Warning - the excerpt is very naughty and very explicit. ;-)
Will stepping over that line mean never going back?

Rosa Matthews is a journalist who can sense the good and bad in people. It’s helped in her job until recently when her ability backfired, causing another's ruin. Her doubts lead her to test her abilities by pursuing a man who might give her answers - with a bonus of being a fun distraction. Unfortunately, as much as she wants to be with him, he has a secret that makes her uneasy.
Dominic Zane is a grudgingly self-declared bachelor. His constant companion, Gunner, tends to drive the good-wife-material women away. What people don’t realize, however, is that Gunner is his Doppelganger – a twin who doesn’t always have Dominic’s best interest at heart.  When Dominic wants Rosa for himself, he and Gunner come to odds knowing they cannot always have what they want.
To build a relationship requires trust and sacrifice. Are Rosa, Dominic and Gunner willing to make themselves vulnerable in order to have a relationship, or will taking that extra step tear them apart?  

“Oh, man, Dominic. It’s about fucking time you let me out. I was going crazy. I don’t think you’ve ever kept me away so long.” The man stared at Dominic’s erection. “How the hell have you done it? Gone without a hard-on for this long?”
“Fuck you, Gunner,” Dominic growled, but it held no heat. The process of letting his Doppelganger out always left him agitated.
“Thanks, but no, my friend. We’re like brothers, and in my book, brothers don’t fuck each other.” Gunner walked around the room, his hands on his hips, his own erection bobbing with every movement. “Where is she, or them? Are they in the bathroom?”
“There’s no one here, Gunner,” Dominic answered, and eased his body back against his chair.
“Ah, so you met someone and were thinking about her. I know how you are, you little devil, you.”
“You’ve always want to mix us up, Gunner.”
Gunner chuckled and settled onto the couch. He stroked his cock, getting comfortable as if both of them jacking off were a common occurrence. “Get going with the details, bro.”
Dominic closed his eyes. As much as he would rather think about Rosa in private, he hadn’t had the luxury of privacy in fifteen years. He knew the sooner he could jack off, the sooner Gunner would be gone.
Moving his hand around his shaft, Dominic began. “Her name is Rosa, and she’s from Puerto Rico.”
“Oh, I like her already.”
“She looks like honey, like you could lick her all day and not get over her taste.”
“Keep going. What are her breasts like?”
“Perky. Not too big. She wore a silk shirt that slid across them every time she moved.”
“I bet her nipples are dark. I hope they’re dark and luscious. What did her legs look like?” Gunner asked.
Dominic pumped his fist over himself, lost momentarily in his daydream of latching onto one of those nipples. “Shapely. I’d say long but she’s not very tall. But what she has for legs, oh, Gunner, they’re good. You’d love them. She wore a skirt that made me hard every time she shifted in her seat.”
“Could you see them wrapped around my waist, or my neck?”
Momentarily put off track, because Dominic was imagining Rosa doing that to him, he growled, “They’d look great around my body.”
Gunner didn’t take the words personally, because they both knew Dominic didn’t have a chance in hell to get Rosa one-on-one.
“Keep it up, Dominic,” Gunner encouraged, his fist working furiously over his flesh. “What about her hair? Is it straight or full of curls?” he asked between pants.
“Lots of long, loose curls. I could get lost running my fingers through her hair.” Dominic imagined holding her head as she lowered herself to her knees. He imagined her hot, wet mouth as she sucked him.
“I bet that’s her, isn’t it?” Gunner panted hard now, his body slightly curled as he worked his hand non-stop over his cock.
“Huh?” Dominic asked dumbly, moments before he caught Gunner’s gaze. Snapping his head around to stare at the security monitor on the far wall, he froze when Rosa appeared on the black-and-white screen.
“Tell me that’s her,” Gunner demanded. “Tell me that’s Rosa.”
“That’s Rosa,” Dominic said automatically, and all at once he felt exposed, as if she’d caught him jacking off. What the hell’s she doing here?

Thanks so much to everyone stopping by and saying hi. It's been a lot of fun. For the final day frolic, please be sure to drop in on some of these other great authors as well!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cool-Down Time (yeah, right)

The Naughty After Dark Blog Hop is beginning to wind down - only one more day to indulge in some excellent blogs, authors and excerpts. It's also the last couple of days to comment (yes, it's that easy) on my blog for your name to be entered to win my prize package of one of my e-books and a set of flavored body finger paints (non-US residents will receive a gift certificate). Click here for more details about the contest. 

I'll go ahead and tell you, tomorrow I'm posting a never-before seen excerpt from one of my upcoming releases. But today, I'm going to cool you down a little with some clever ice play between elves. Santa's elves, to be precise. I know the year is moving along, but Christmas does stay in everyone's heart all the time, doesn't it. We always have that little wish. Emmy, from my tale Emmy's Wish, desires a male that's a bit more than what the local Workshop elves have to offer. When she gets her wish, though, is he a bit more than she can handle?

Excerpt from Emmy's Wish

“Before I take you, Emmy, before I bury my cock into your tight, sweet pussy, I want to push you. I might be your wish, but I’m not inanimate. I’m not a toy like you make in your shop. I’m real, and I want to know how much of me you can take.”
Emmy shuddered at his words, spoken right against her ear, tickling and stimulating her at the same time. “You can push me as far as you want, Trey.”
“Can I?”
He reached around her body, and she yelped when an icy cold sensation swiped over a nipple. She dropped her head to see an icicle in his hand. “Where’d you get that?”
“We’re at the North Pole, baby. Where do you think I got it? Your eaves are full of them.” He brushed the cold, skinny cone across the other breast. The intense cold made her little peaks shoot out even more, and after a few more breathtaking swipes, turned them from pale pink to candy apple red.
“Aren’t your hands cold?” she asked as her teeth began to chatter. He hadn’t touched her anywhere else except for the ice on her breasts.
“I live in this stuff. This is nothing.”
His hands fiddled at the back of her neck, and the ribbon holding her bell loosened. He dropped the beribboned bell to her waist, refastened the ties, and twisted it so the bell now rested at the top of her ass.
“I plan to make these hips shake, Emmy. I like your bell, and I want to hear that thing ring like crazy, got me?”
She nodded.
Settling behind her, he pressed his hand against her stomach, pulling her tight against his chest. The bell, squeezed between her ass and his stomach, made a small, muffled ding. He teased her tight nipples with the icicle again, then ran the tip down the valley between her breasts and to her belly. He continued the cold trail until he reached the top of her pubic hair. She looked down, watched the cold play, held her breath, and wondered if he’d dare go lower.
Yep, he’d dare.
She cried out as he ran the impossibly cold rod over her pussy and teased her clit with the tip.
“It’s only making her shrink up, Trey, not come out to play,” she told him with a shiver.
“Don’t worry. I’ll make it want to play.”

Love this little tease? You can find Emmy's Wish from Changeling Press here. Oh, and for more of a free tease, Emmy has a deleted scene at the Cheeky Changeling (click here and scroll down to December's free reads for the deleted scene from Emmy's Wish).

Have fun today and don't forget to say hi to some of the other great bloggers on the hop:

Monday, February 20, 2012

It's morning already - give me some pictures!

Hello Monday! I know, kinda enthusiastic, aren't I? Wanna shoot me? *g* 
Trust me, it's not early morning for me right now, it's late at night. I am NOT a morning person. I'd love to be. People who talk about the peaceful dawn, a hot cup of coffee sipped in perfect solitude, maybe even typing out a few scenes before the hectic day comes crashing in make me yearn for the same. Man, I would love to be this kind of person! Instead, I'm the kind that drags butt from out of the covers, I yank my hair into a wild pony tail so I don't have to deal with it until later, and I gulp the coffee while it's steaming because with a wild posse running around my legs, it'd go cold before I finish. My writing I reserve for the late night time frame.

But today the Naughty After Dark Blog Hop continues, and I want to continue to entice you. Today I'm choosing the ever popular format of pictures, instead of words. Enjoy your Monday and don't forget to visit some of the other hoppers. Oh, please remember, comments to my post will get you entered to win an e-book and a box adult body finger paints (non US winners will get a gift certificate). Details are listed here

I know, I teased more than anything, but hopefully one of these beauties can bring a smile to your Monday. In the meantime, check out these other blogs, and thanks so much for stopping by...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Change of Pace with Contests

Hi Everyone,

Today I'm sharing the love of one of my publishers: Total E-Bound. Have you checked them out recently? No? Well, then what are you waiting for? Give them a visit. 

Total E-Bound is a publisher from England and they are fantastic! Lots of fabulous stories here -especially if m/m is more to your taste. Contemporary, paranormal, two, three involved -- they have plenty to whet your reading appetite. 

They've recently updated their site and made it easier to navigate to find exactly what pleases you. To go along with their updates, they're having a great contest. *Today is the last day to enter Total E-Bound's contest.*You can have a chance to win a brand new e-Reader. You'll see the details when you click the link above.

As for me, I'm still on the Naughty After Dark Blog Hop and loving it! I'm going to leave you with a little naughty snippet of an excerpt from The Deciding Factor (from TEB). Comments at the end of this post will automatically enter you to win my contest (details here). And after the excerpt is a list of all those fabulous authors contributing to the NAD hop. Some amazing posts and great prizes here, too. You don't want to miss this!

Thanks for stopping by, and have a very *good* Sunday ~

Excerpt from The Deciding Factor:

The slide together was tight, forced, filling, and perfect. She groaned at how deeply he penetrated her in this position. She sat upright and rocked over him, her hands fluttering to her belly, outwardly cradling the sex he filled inside her, thrilled with the rightness of their joining.

Luke pulled her down towards him and she went willingly, holding herself up with her hands when he lifted his head to suck on her nipples. His lips pulled hard on the tips, his tongue dancing attention back and forth between the mounds, all the while his cock shoved hard and demanding into her core.

During this time, Aly’d been faintly aware that Sawyer had come into the room. She kept her eyes closed, and over Luke’s grunts and her pants, she heard the rustling whisper of Sawyer removing his clothes then his footsteps as he padded across the carpet. Imagining the erotic view she and Luke presented to Sawyer, she licked her lips and threw her head back, basking under Sawyer’s observant stare. She cracked open her eyes when she heard him approach the nightstand. He reached for a condom, and Aly held her breath. Given her position, she would be an idiot not to realise where Sawyer would want to come in her.

I’m so not ready for that.

Sawyer caught her looking at him and he must have seen her apprehension because he smiled, winked, and shook his head, as if letting her know he didn’t plan to go that far this time. At least, she hoped that’s what his gesture read. Then her inner tease came out again and she focused hard on Sawyer, running her tongue over her upper lip and biting her plump bottom one, giving him a half-hooded I-want-you-too gaze. He surprised her by darting out his arm, grabbing her by the back of her head and slamming his mouth over hers in a kiss that stole her breath.

His mouth left hers before she registered what happened. He palmed a condom and met her dazed look with a self-satisfied smirk before walking past her and out of sight.

Oh, hell.

Luke left her dangling breasts, laying his head back on the bed and pulled her flush against him, nipple to chest. He ran his large hands over her back, stroking her shoulders, rubbing her spine and on down. When his fingers wrapped around her hips, she readied herself for what she knew would be a hard ride. Immobile now, Aly could do nothing except take the powerful and swift thrusts of Luke’s cock into her inner walls.


“Ow!” Aly yelled when Sawyer’s firm hand spanked her bottom. She tried to sit up, but Luke stopped pumping into her body and slung an arm around her shoulders, holding her tight to his chest.

“You have the most attractive ass I have ever seen, Aly,” Sawyer commented in appreciation.

“Okay, but you don’t have to beat it.”

Immediately his hands smoothed over her, rubbing the stinging flesh he’d struck.
Then he smacked her again. She yelped and tried to struggle, but again, Luke held her as Sawyer’s hands spread over her bottom. Luke made shushing noises in her ear, apparently meant to soothe, but Aly started to panic.

“Guys? Listen, you said you wouldn’t do anything I don’t want, right? I don’t want you trying to…you know…mess with my butt.”

Sawyer spoke up while massaging that very flesh. “Don’t worry, sweetheart, I’m not going to do anything to your ass you don’t want. Neither of us will. But you need to trust us. Will you trust me?”

“I trust you,” she said automatically, later realising she’d answered from her heart. “But I don’t know about spanking and I don’t feel right about you messing down—”

Her words cut off on a sharp, elated cry. Luke, who’d been gently rolling himself in her since she started talking, slammed upward, shoving his cock deep in her body. She shuddered with delight.

“Sawyer’s right, Aly. I love your ass, too. The other night when I had you bent over, I couldn’t get enough of the view and wanted desperately to explore you everywhere.”

“But it hurts,” Aly complained.

This statement stopped both men’s ministrations.

“Aly?” Sawyer spoke up cautiously. “Have you ever been fucked in the ass?”


“Did someone do something to hurt you there?” Luke followed up.

She shook her head, her eyes on Luke’s.

“Then how do you know it hurts?” Luke asked, grinning.

She hated his logic. “I’ve heard people talk. I can’t even think how your touching me there could begin to feel good.”

“Give me a chance to prove you wrong,” Sawyer challenged, leaning over her back. “Let us try something new for you.”

She opened her mouth to argue when Sawyer’s words sank in. She snapped up her head. He’d said, “Try something new.” Damn it!

She remembered her self-made promise to try new things this summer, and if having someone play with her ass wasn’t new, she didn’t know what the hell would be.

“I love it when she thinks,” Luke murmured and showered her face with tender kisses.

“Is she nibbling her bottom lip again?” Sawyer wanted to know.

“Yes. It’s driving me nuts.”

Luke’s tongue traced her lips, pushed against her teeth, and sank into her wet haven. She didn’t have to say a word, they knew in her silence she’d acquiesced. Aly forced herself to relax and place her trust in them.
I trust you enjoyed a little of what Aly, Luke and Sawyer get up to between the pages. ;-)
Below are links to the fabulous hosts of Naughty After Dark, as well as the participants. Thanks for stopping by, don't forget to leave me a comment, and I'll see you around.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I love being a writer because...

...Because in fiction, anything goes!

It's true. There is nothing that is too daring, too grotesque, too unimaginable, because we can and do go there. In my year of being published so far, I've written tales of a contemporary nature, fantasy elves, future aliens with soul-issues and even Doppelgangers. Over the next few months my stories will continue along this strange web as I write about Wraiths and dark cults and even a naughty fairy tale prince who will make you blush every time you pick up the original tale. And I'm just beginning. 

I enjoy letting my imagination go. I love the question "what if?" I believe, if you're a writer and do not have this question popping up a zillion times a day, you either have your muses writing your stories for you or you're struggling and don't know why. You have to have the "what if" in your life, or your stories simply cannot be.

Beyond the simply joy of writing fiction, I write erotic fiction. There is a different kind of freedom in writing erotica. By reading and writing in this genre, I can push the boundaries of "what if" into other amazing dimensions. 

Following is an excerpt of my third Malathix Soul story: Jagged. It's futuristic, it's alien-istic (oh, did I mention artistic license is another great fiction-writers-bonus?), and it's a lot of hot fun. Yes, I let my imagination go so you can do the same.

Earth: Year 2143

Camden made one short sound and stepped close. Deidre tensed as he lifted a wickedly sharp, metallic-tipped finger toward her face. Her breathing quickened, and she tried her best not to move. When his bladed hand came so close she could see every serrated notch in detail, she shivered and closed her eyes. Telling herself to pull it together, she looked back up to see he'd stopped. Now that she watched him again, he flipped his wrist and stroked her cheek gently with the warm and dulled backsides of the blades. He drew his hand across her cheek, down her neck, and over to the front of her throat, causing Deidre to shudder at the erotic sensations.

At the base of her throat, he turned his hand so his talons were near her skin, and the sharp tip of one of his fingers hovered. A whisper-soft caress was her only warning before the quick, sharp, shallow sting.

Barely a paper cut, but it hurt. She gritted her teeth and held the sharp intake of breath. Watching his impassive face carefully, she shivered as she realized he knew exactly what he was doing. The cut hadn't been a mistake.

He skip-touched contact with her skin as he trailed his hand down the center of her body, leaving slivers of tiny, shallow cuts. He moved so slowly she found herself anticipating the next contact, the next little bite along her flesh that stirred her arousal.

The tension in her belt went slack, and she knew he'd sliced it in two. It'd been one of her favorite robes, and she'd be mad if he wasn't making her dizzy.

He sank to his knees before her, his head reaching her chin. Snagging the threads of the material of her robe, he pulled it open and tugged it down her arms.

His gaze dropped to her chest, and she instinctively pulled her shoulders back in silent invitation. Watching him and seeing all that sharp metal in his mouth, near her breasts, made her swallow and second-guess her decision. As he came close to a nipple, her mind struggled to register that despite the inherent danger of the situation, her body was turned on more than she could remember. Her defenseless, pebbled nipple had gone so hard it practically strained toward his mouth.

Lightning fast, Camden whipped out his tongue, still thick, yet amazingly long and agile now, and wrapped it once around a straining tip. He tugged, and she went to her toes with a moan. She tunneled her hands through his hair as he pulled back, only to lash against her other breast.

Deidre clung to his hair, working to keep her balance and not let herself crash against his face. A dark thrill raced through her at their minimal contact, especially as his skilled, beast's tongue squeezed and flicked moist heat across her chest.

"Please. More. I don't know if we can do anything more, and if we can't, shift now, Camden. I need you."

She'd never been one to plead and beg, but the morning's emotions had built up inside her, and she needed him to make her come, to make her whole and even better than before.

He backed away and stood, fluid and graceful for something so huge. His underwater-rock-tumbling voice spoke as he stared hard into her eyes.

Deidre caught an image of herself, naked, and on her picnic table. She didn't question or second-guess him, but climbed up on the table… 

Wanna read more? Check out Malathix Soul: Jagged, from Changeling Press.

Don't forget to hop around the Naughty After Dark Blog Hop, going on now. The list of hoppers follow. 

Oh, I almost forgot, if you comment on this or any of my posts during this hop, you'll be entered for a chance to win a copy of one of my books plus a box of Body Finger Paints (non-US will get a gift certificate) CLICK HERE for the nitty-gritty details of the prize).

Enjoy the hop!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy (Futuristic) Friday!

Today I'm going to whisk you off to the distant future of Earth, and its new alien interactions. But first, remember that we are in the midst of the Naught After Dark Blog Hop and I hope you are having a great time! Click here for the details for my contest in this hop, and to enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on any of my blogs during this hop.

Yesterday I introduced you to a race of alien beings who are stranded on Earth - the Malathix Aliens. And just like any other being, these aliens have families wondering what has happened to the missing crew. Read on to find out about Thorn, the brother of Theradon from Soulless, to discover how he feels about his mission to Earth and the unbelievable surprise awaiting him.

Malathix Soul 2: Broken

Can the means to an end be their beginning? 

Thorn d'Thiem is a man on a mission. Traveling to Earth to kick his sorry brother's ass back to Malathix is an interruption Thorn can do without. His plan: get to Earth, find his brother, return to their planet and continue working toward their species' survival.
After years of ridicule, threats and even blackmail, Yvette Butler has learned to hide her half-breed status. Her latest betrayal leaves her needing to escape her job on Earth's satellite outpost. Her plan: Find a way to get off the outpost, leave Earth behind and find a new job and a new life on another planet.
When Thorn and Yvette meet, they see each other as only the means to an end. But when they discover they each hold missing pieces of the other, will they work together to repair what's broken in them, or will they part ways, leaving only shattered remains?


Earth Star Command Station, Year 2142

     Yvette Butler considered herself the picture of perfect calm as she strode out of her boss’s office, through the busy little cubicles of Earth Star Command Station and stepped into one of the cooler, empty passageways. Only then did she slump her six-foot, slender frame against the tiled wall.

     Lifting her fisted hands, she opened them to reveal pinpricks of blood upon her palms. She’d fought back her shift, but it’d been hard. It’d always been hard when she became angry. Thinking again of her supervisor and what he’d only moments ago “asked” her to do…

     “Just… be nice to the male, Yvette. That’s all I’m asking. We wouldn’t want your little secret to come out now, would we? You know my policy on… half breeds –“ He’d whispered the word as though it was cursed. “–and I know you love your job here.”

     When her lips curled, he’d spoken again, unforgivingly blunt. “It’s simple, Yvette. He will be here tomorrow. Meet that alien personally, satisfy him in whatever way he wants – being half alien yourself that should be easy – and you keep your job. Displease him and, well, the next pod to Earth is in three days. It’d be hard, wouldn’t it, to find employment with a scathing reference?”
     Now she stared at the harsh lights of the passageway ceiling and fought against a fresh wave of anger bubbling up. What she wouldn’t give to rip that man’s head from his shoulders. Him and his special favors. She sneered. Damn her for trusting, for confiding in him that she was a half breed with a human mother and an alien father. On planet, her background had been found loathsome by the few that knew, but she had thought, had hoped, that working on this station as liaison with aliens, her boss would have been more forgiving.

     “Yvette Butler, please report to the Admittance Room. Yvette Butler, please report at once to the Admittance Room.”

     She pressed on the communications system panel in the wall. “This is Yvette Butler. I’ll be right down.”

     Yvette stepped through a set of sliding doors leading to a spacious room. This area was where aliens first stopped to request entry to Earth. She scanned the room until she spotted a co-worker, Aaron, on the far side. He apparently had been looking for her, because when he caught her eye, he gestured wildly to the tall alien that dwarfed him. The being turned, and Yvette’s breath caught in the back of her throat.

     The male who now faced her could be described as wet-dream perfection. Standing well over six and half feet and dressed in dark brown pants that molded to strong thighs, wearing a shirt of similar color that laced at the throat, his style reminded her of the old pirate garb she’d seen in images of centuries past. Boots of a darker brown fit tightly over muscled calves, and thick gloves covered his hands.

     He dropped his arms to his sides, tipped his chin down a fraction, and without shifting his gaze from her, began to stalk her way. Yes, she decided quickly, he stalked. She stifled the urge to step back as he drew near. Damn, he looked pissed. What the hell had she done? Her day seemed to be going from bad to worse. So much for thinking this call would be better than what her boss wanted her to do.

     He stopped not two feet from her, and she was surprised she didn’t have to overly crane her neck to look him in his eyes, swirls of green and black. 
     Beautiful. His eyes could easily mesmerize her.

     “Yvette Butler.” The tall male stated her name, wanting confirmation.

     She nodded her head in affirmation and in greeting. “I am. And you are?”

     “I am Thorn d’Thiem. I believe I notified you some time ago about my arrival…”
Malathix Soul: Broken, can be purchased from Changeling Press  

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Quick Notice of Winner

Just wanted to slip this in today. The winner for the With Love Valentine's Day Blog Hop is Jean P. Congratulations! 

Thanks to all those who took the time to check out my blog and leave comments. Don't forget that a new hop is going on now - the Naughty After Dark hop, where there's even more prizes to win! Read on, read on and have a happy Thursday!

Day Two to be Naughty

Hi and welcome back! Today is the second day of the Naughty After Dark Blog Hop and we're going strong! A few quick reminders before we get to the down-and-dirty fun stuff. ;-) 

I'm blogging each day through midnight the 22nd of February with this hop. All you have to do is leave a comment on any of my posts during the hop and you'll be entered in a drawing for a chance to win a prize package: winner's choice of a PDF copy of one book from my back list AND for US residents - a box of flavored Body Finger Paints; for non-US residents - a $20 gift certificate to the online store of Bath & BodyWorks. Winners will be announced Friday, February 24th, on my blog.

Yesterday I invited you in with my first published release. Today I want to share with you my next published story, Malathix Soul 1: Soulless. Published by Changeling Press last summer, this one made me giddy when it finaled in Changeling's Shamrock Challenge Contest. Check it out:

Can a beast without a soul bring her to her knees?

Space Lord Theradon, of the merchant planet Malathix, lives on the edge of a darkness that threatens every human around him. He must find the piece of him that’s missing or face his demise.

Laya Brummel unknowingly carries within herself the means to his survival. If only she would stay still long enough for him to explain. But she’s seen the horror of what a Malathix alien can become, and fear keeps her constantly running away from him.

When the pair finally comes face-to-face, will it be too late to stop the death and destruction, or will they find something deeper to hold them together and save them both?

Province of New Texas, Earth, in the Year 2142

     “She’s here, Camden. I can feel her,” Theradon, heir to the throne on planet Malathix, informed his second in command.
     Camden Royst nodded his acknowledgement. They walked deeper into Club Neon, a large cavern of a place lit by a million watts of flashing neon and black light. The sight was disorienting and painful, and Theradon blinked, shifting internal protective lenses over his corneas.
     “Damn, I hate places like this.” Camden rubbed his fingers across his eyes. “My eyes hurt like a son of a bitch.”
     “Mine, too.” Theradon waited until Camden oriented himself. Putting up with Earth’s atmosphere and human quirks, such as their infernal need for multi-colored lighting, had been another fucked up mark against this ass-backward planet. It was hell to adjust their bodies into a level of comfort to maintain social contact. Chaotic places like this club threatened to bring out the beasts within them, and without their souls to keep their beasts in check, violence reigned.
     “So, where is she?” Camden asked. “Do you want to go after her or wait again to see if she comes to you?”
     “I hear that sneer.”

     Theradon and Camden stopped at the upper edge of the dance floor, hands on leather-clad hips, surveying the disorienting scene before them. Long, crowded bars flanked the left and right of the spacious room while the entire sunken floor before them crawled with people gyrating and contorting themselves in a semblance of movement the humans called dancing.
     “Well, Theradon, what do you want me to say? You know if it’d been up to me you’d have taken that human the first night you found her.”
     “That human’s name is Laya. Show some respect.”
     Camden held up his hands. “Sorry.”
     “If I’d taken her that night, I’d have killed us both on the spot. You saw what happened to Lex. When he saw Laya’s friend, he tore the damn place apart. I wasn’t about to risk either of our lives.”
     “You still should have told her.”
     “You’re pushing, Camden. Just because you got lucky in telling Deidra before you claimed her doesn’t mean Laya would’ve taken the news the same way, especially after witnessing what Lex did. Besides, asshole, that information is supposed to be classified until the claiming.”
     Camden dropped his head, properly chastised, while Theradon gazed through the shifting crowd again. His beast craved time to come out, but Theradon was a Lord of Malathix. He would never willingly unleash his beast on the innocent.
     Camden’s voice rose over the din. “What are you going to do now?”
     “I don’t see her yet. Maybe she’s in the back. Let’s grab a seat and see if she comes out. I can wait a few more minutes. But one way or another, this chase ends tonight.”
* * *
     “Laya! Laya, he’s here!”
     “What? Now? Damn it.” Laya’s hands shook as she sloppily put aside the drink tray she’d been carrying. Smoking liquid poured from the tall glasses. She knew Theradon had been near, in the city at least, because she’d started feeling horny a few hours ago. She always felt the need for sex when he was in the vicinity. Damn it! Theradon was the last man in the galaxy she wanted to have sex with. Or so she kept telling herself.
      “You’ve gotta get out of here.” Zee went so far as to untie Laya’s waist apron and push her toward the back door. Laya rubbed her hands on her skirt as if to rub away the sudden anger boiling up inside. Anger at Theradon running her ragged, anger at that thing living inside her, and anger at her best friend for pushing her beyond the point of exhaustion.
     “No, Zee.” Despite Laya’s quaking nerves, she locked her knees and stood firm.
      “No? What do you mean ‘no’? He’s gonna kill you. Go!”
     “Damn it, Zee, I said I’m not going anywhere.” Laya twisted herself out of Zee’s grasp. “I’ve run enough. It’s been two years, and I’m tired of running. I’m tired of not knowing why he’s after me in the first place.”
     Zee backed Laya into a corner and dropped her voice. “That asshole’s going to kill you.”
     “I don’t know that.”
     “Has it been so long that you’ve forgotten what happened that first night you saw him?”
     The way he stared at me like he was drinking me in. The way his hand caressed my face. The way --
     “It must have.” Zee shoved her own shirtsleeve up. Puckered scars marred Zee’s arm. “Don’t you remember what his friend turned into? Those pinprick teeth, the skin that turned into some kind of armor, those fucking knives for fingers! I don’t care what’s up with those aliens, but we’ve gotta keep going until they leave and go back to their stinking planet.”
     “What if he never leaves me alone? I won’t hide the rest of my life.”
     “So fucking what? You’re alive, aren’t you? You saved me once, and I promised to watch your back.”
     Laya closed her eyes and laid the back of her head against the wall. Zee spouted on, indignant, and Laya let her; her friend was only telling the truth. But what Laya had said had been her truth. She couldn’t go on anymore. She was physically exhausted from constantly watching over her shoulder, moving from town to town every couple of months, scared and uncertain. But what alarmed her the most lately was that foreign presence inside her. It was fading, and though the loss should have made her happy, instead she felt frightened. Somehow, she was fading right alongside this thing that had slammed into her ages ago. To Laya’s way of thinking, if she had to go, she’d rather get answers instead of hiding like a coward.
Malathix Soul 1: Soulless is available at Changeling Press

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Hopping Naughty Today!

Hello Out There! Today begins a brand new day and a brand new blog hop: Naughty After Dark. I'm Ayla and welcome to my blog. Please, make yourself at home, cruise around, check it out, and I'm so glad you're here.

Over the next several days I'll have posts of varying shapes, sizes, and naughtiness to make you smile and sigh. ;-)  Be sure to check back often.

Contest: Yes, there is a contest for those of you stopping in to say hi. Say "Hi." That's all it takes. Leave a comment with your email address on any of my Naughty After Dark blog posts from now until midnight EST on February 22, and you'll automatically be entered in a drawing to win a prize package of one PDF copy of an ebook from my backlist - winners choice - AND (for a US winner) a box of Adult Body Finger Paints in four flavors: cherry, blueberry, strawberry and apple; or (for a non-US resident) a $20 gift certificate from the online store of Bath & BodyWorks. I will announce the winner from all eligible entries on Friday, February 24, on this blog. 

I write erotic romance. I am in love with love, period. I believe everyone should have a happy ending, but I also believe these endings don't always come smooth and easy. Any good relationship is built on love, trust, understanding...I could go on. Instead, I invite you to check out my books, where I share the stories of characters near and dear to me, who prove the odds wrong by standing up for their love.

Last January I officially began my career as a published author with the release of The Deciding Factor from Total E-Bound. Read on for a short blurb and excerpt.

Being with two men suddenly became a lot more complicated …
Reuniting with both a first love and a first lover within a matter of days is enough to make any girl’s head spin. Alycia Delaney is no exception. About to turn 30, Aly decides to take charge of her lacklustre life and to live with a try-anything-new attitude. Too bad her attitude didn’t account for fate throwing two of the most important men from Aly’s past straight into her arms.
Sawyer Test and Luke Coldwell are best friends and each man wants Aly for himself. Leaving the choice to her, Aly opens door number three and decides they should embark in a summer-long ménage.
When talk turns into action, each participant is forced to question their impulsiveness, and Aly is left caught between the safety of a painful decision and the perils of following her heart.


“You’re right in what you said, Aly,” Sawyer said suddenly, stepping towards her with Luke right beside him. 

“I am? About what?”

“Everything you said tonight,” Luke answered. “I don’t know why we didn’t think of it ourselves. But Sawyer believes we need to sit on the idea some more. Make sure it’s the right decision, overall. I say, let’s start now, but he wants to wait.” The look Luke shot Sawyer let Aly know Luke didn’t agree with his friend’s decision to wait, for whatever reason, but he’d go along with the results. If she read their silent communications correctly.

“Okay?” She didn’t want to delve into details of what they were talking about, she simply wanted out. “So I can go now? No hard feelings? I’ll see you later, then?”

At their nods, she walked forward as if to move between them. Just before she brushed past, Sawyer reached out and cupped her face. “Where do you think you’re going without a goodbye kiss?” he murmured.

“No kisses,” she started to say in protest, but the words ended on his lips as his mouth took hers fully. Her hands shot up to stop him, not believing he dared kiss her right in front of Luke. What if she got hit in the head when Luke swung?

In only seconds, she nearly forgot about Luke, moaning as Sawyer stroked his tongue against the length of her own, the caress racing all the way through her core. She reached up to touch his face and stiffened when a set of hands gripped her shoulders. Sawyer ignored her lapse and deepened the kiss, softly demanding her response. Luke’s body crowded her from behind, his heat warming her back. Aly couldn’t decide if she should be scared off or turned on.

“My turn.”

She barely heard Luke’s whispered comment, but it must have made its way to Sawyer’s ears because the next thing she knew, large hands turned her around. Sawyer’s mouth slid off hers, only to be replaced with the fierce demands of Luke’s lashing tongue. She surrendered to the assault, whimpered as her panties went from damp to sopping, and gave herself over to the kiss, even when Sawyer began rubbing her back.

It wasn’t right to compare men. She should be bored with Sawyer’s lazy kisses. She should be repulsed with Luke’s aggressive mouth. Instead, both intrigued her and heated her body like no one person ever had. It’d be impossible to choose between the two of them. It had to be both or none.

Aly made up her mind to go with whatever the guys wanted. Her reference to a threesome had been a joke, but if they were serious, at this point, she wouldn’t argue.
The Deciding Factor, available from Total E-Bound 

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The With Love Valentine's Day Blog Hop has come to a close. Thanks to all who stopped by - I hopped around myself and there were so many great blogs out there. I know everyone had a lot of fun!

For all those who commented during the run of the hop, I'm going to choose a winner to be announced on my blog (then Facebook and Google+) Thursday, February 16. If you left an email, I'll contact you at this time as well. Remember, if you win and are a US resident, you will be able to choose one PDF copy of your choice of one of my books from my back list and a KamaSutra EroStick. If you live outside of the US, you will get your choice of e-book from my back list and a $20 gift certificate from the online store of Bath & BodyWorks. 

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Partying Mid-Week

I mean, Yum!
Uh, I mean - yay *g*

Happy Valentines Day! 

Happy Love Day to all 
~ may all your love dreams come true ~ 

There is so much going on today it's almost maniacal. If you know me, you know I loooove lists, so here goes:

First, today is the last day for the With Love Valentine's Day Blog Hop. It's also your last chance to comment here to enter to win a prize package of a PDF copy of your choice from my back list and a KamaSutra EroStick (non US residents will get an e-book and gift certificate). Click here for the details on the contest.

The next items concern my wonderful publishers. Woo-hoo's go out to Changeling Press and Total E-Bound.


Total E-Bound will be updating their web site very soon, and in celebration, they will have their own exciting contest for a chance to win an eReader! While you're at it, make a note to keep an eye out for my upcoming April release with them.
The Fires of Beltane will be part of their Scared Stiff Collection;Horror Romance. I loved writing this one. Here's a tease:

~A celebration of life turns into a festival of fear

Natalie and William meet at this annual springtime festival, where, unknown to the participants, there is someone using the festival to exploit it's darker history. This night will test Natalie and Williams attraction, but could it also cost them their lives? 


Changeling Press is having a birthday bash and everyone's invited! Click here to go to their web site. Use the discount code EIGHT on your next order and you'll receive 8 percent (in honor of their 8th birthday) off your purchase! My upcoming release with them showcases in a couple of weeks - March 2. Here's something to tease you about upcoming paranormal menage:
~Will stepping over the line mean never going back?

Good Gone Bad involves Rosa, Dominic and Gunner, Dominic's Doppelganger. These three find both highs and lows in a relationship that begs - how far are they willing to go, and will the end result be worth the price of revealing their secrets?


Beyond the parties and chocolates and flowers and over-stuffed animals, remember the heart of today. It's not about the commercialism we all fall victim to, it's about telling someone in your life, "I love you. I care about you. You mean something to me." Sometimes, the words are important.

Have a happy Valentine's ~ thanks for stopping by as we've hopped around the past few days, and I'll see you around!