Monday, February 13, 2012

Stepping Stones to Buying a Book

Authors, publishers, cover artists - they all work hard to put together a book presentation (e-book or otherwise)  that will snag you - the reader - to go further. To actually buy that book on the shelf - puppy dog eyes here.

For readers, let me invite you in on some little secrets. For the authors, let me if you agree. *g*

Sometimes a decision to purchase a book is as easy as a the author's name. The stepping stones to book purchasing can be like so: 

I. Author name - if you know and like the name, you'll buy the book sight-unseen.

If this were the case for every author out there, my post would end now. Since it's not, let's continue. 

For the rest of us hard working writers, how do we get noticed? It takes work. Plenty of work, above and beyond the story itself, that every author prays pays off.

I. Author name. Even if the author isn't known, is the name catchy, memorable, ambiguous, easy to spell, easy to pronounce, or detested because your ex's name was similar? An author cannot control all of these, but they have to hope for the best.


II. Title. I cannot begin to tell you how many hours can be brainstormed on getting the title of a book just right. Yes, sometimes the title comes first, or simply slips into the authors mind like a message in a bottle washed on shore. Then there are those stories, that when all is said and done, the author still hesitates. Does the title convey the feeling, the situation, the ultimate "umph" of the book? Trust me, I went through this episode recently with my upcoming release Good Gone Bad. I am thrilled with the title, but coming to these three little words meant pow-wows with my editor, BF, and a trash can full of notebook paper. 

III. Cover. You notice the author's name. You like the title. Now, can or does the cover pull you in that much more? Of course it does. I've hesitated over the purchase of a book because I wasn't sure if the cover appealed to me or not. Then again, I've snatched up books because of the cover. Trust me, the cover makes a huge difference (thank you to all those hard-working cover artists out there!). 

IV. Tag Line/Blurb. Whew. You've made it this far. You've seen the hook with the author's name. You've seen the bait called the title. You've grown interested by the cover. Now, is the tag line and/or blurb interesting enough to reel you in? Creating tag lines and blurbs can be hard. Yes, I'm freely admitting this. An author has to condense their entire book into something like 200 words that will tease you - the reader - into wanting more. And as for a tag line, oh boy. These can be as hard or as easy as the book's title. 

What about you? What tempts you or catches your interest when making a decision to buy a book? Anything I've missed? I'd love to know.

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