Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday's Words to Inspire

Happy Wednesday. Today I am bringing you a passage from Julia Cameron's The Vein of Gold (p.193). In this book, she quotes from a speech by John Nichols as he talks about writing. I believe these are words we all need to take to heart, as sometimes it is too easy to give into the "I don't feel like it" blues. We can blame the almighty muse, but underneath it all, it's our own lack of persistence. 

"One thing I learned real early in my career is that if you wait for the perfect mood, or the perfect place, or the perfect situation for writing, you'll never write a word. If you're gonna be a writer, you have to learn to write no matter what. On the backs of napkins in restaurants. In bars and cafes. In your car while traveling sixty-five miles per hour down the highway, if need be. 

And you have to write if you're miserable. If you're uninspired. If you're sick. If you're totally depressed. If you're in the middle of a divorce. It doesn't matter what, 'cause there's never a perfect time for writing. Even the concept is absurd..."

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