Thursday, March 1, 2012

Changeling Press Release Day!

Celebrations abound around the world today. It's a Changeling Press Release Day. I am super excited because today is also the day my latest release with CP debuts. Read on for an excerpt. Don't forget to check at the end of my post because I list the other great CP releases out today as well!

Good Gone Bad
by Ayla Ruse

Available for sale

Will stepping over the line mean never going back?


Rosa Matthews is a journalist who can sense the good and bad in people. It's helped in her job until recently when her ability backfired, causing another's ruin. Her doubts lead her to test her abilities by pursuing a man who might give her answers.

Dominic Zane is a grudgingly self-declared bachelor. His constant companion, Gunner, tends to drive the good-wife-material women away. What people don't realize, however, is that Gunner is his Doppelganger -- a twin who doesn't always have Dominic's best interests at heart. When Dominic wants Rosa for himself, he and Gunner come to odds.

To build a relationship requires trust and sacrifice. Are Rosa, Dominic and Gunner willing to make themselves vulnerable in order to have a relationship, or will taking that extra step tear them apart?

Rosa lay sprawled across Dominic's desk, dazed and exhausted. Gunner slipped off the desk and sat back in Dominic's chair, his semi-stiff erection wet and glistening in the dim light. She moaned when Dominic moved away from her. He'd been half laid over her back, and she missed his weight pressing her down. With him there, he took all choice from her so she could soak in the pleasure. With him gone, she had to face the choice. Stay or move. Desperately wanting to stay yet not wanting to face the awkward moment when Dominic and Gunner asked her to leave, Rosa mustered the energy to stand.

"Bathroom's that way?" she asked, pointing to a door on her right.

"Yes, ma'am," Gunner said, his eyes closed, content.

"Take your time," Dominic told her from where he half sat on the edge of his desk.

Putting every ounce of effort into being cool, calm and collected, Rosa smiled at the satisfied men, gathered her clothes and walked in a relative straight line to the bathroom.

As soon as she shut the door, her body gave out and she sank to the floor. 

Oh, God, what have I done? She buried her face in the bundle of clothes and giggled.She'd just had raw, in-your-face sex with two -- count 'em -- two hot men. Twins, no less. This kind of thing did not happen in real life.

Forcing her shaky legs to rise, she turned on the sink faucet and stared at herself in the mirror. Yep, she definitely looked well fucked. Her hair was mussed and tousled, her clip probably thrown under Dominic's desk or God knew where. Her lips were red and swollen, and her nipples stood erect, making her shiver at their continued tenderness.

Okay. So she'd hinted that she'd had three-way experience, but one hilarious episode in college of drunken fumbling with two of her gay college friends would never compare to the experience she'd just had.

The intensity, the heat, the feel of pure male... everything... surrounding her, on her, in her, was overwhelming. She groaned, feeling her pussy throb all over again. Would they be up for another round?

No, I have to get out of here while I can still think straight. Besides, better to leave on a high note, right?

Freshened up and dressed, Rosa stepped out of the bathroom and saw Dominic dressed only in his slacks.

She took a step, stopped and stared. Gripping her hands together to keep from touching him again, Rosa was also struck by the conflicting energies coming from him again. Just like he'd been this morning in the interview. She furrowed her brow. Now that she thought about it, both his and Gunner's energies had seemed so balanced as to virtually be unnoticeable. But now, Dominic's Sense energy veered to both the positive and negative extremes again. Too strange.

She caught his eye and his puzzled look. Better snap out of it and get out of here. "Sorry I took so long."

"No," he said, approaching her. "You take as long as you need. Are you okay? Want me to drive you home?"

He sounded concerned, yet not pushy. His questions were calm and spaced, giving her plenty of time to digest and answer them.

"No, thank you. I mean, I'm okay." She inhaled and the lingering scent of his cologne hit her nose. She dug her nails into her palms because the last thing she wanted to do was leave. Why hadn't she thought this seduction out better so they could have been at his place -- or hers? Then they'd be able to fall asleep, limbs entangled until one of them brushed a hand over the other and they could easily pick up their intimacies again.

What the hell am I thinking? No way I'd want to have them overnight. This is a one-time deal.

Wasn't it?

She glanced around the room. "Where's your brother?"

"Who? Oh, you mean Gunner? He stepped out a minute. Said he was sorry to leave so soon, but --"

"Oh, no. That's okay. Tell him bye for me, then?"

Giving in to an impulse, she stepped close and kissed him lightly on the lips. "Thank you for tonight, Dominic. I came here planning to seduce you, and you turned the tables on me. I liked the surprise. Take care, and good night."

She went to give him one more little kiss, but he pulled her close and when their lips touched, he took advantage of her gasp and slid his tongue in her mouth, kissing her so deep her knees shook all over again. When he let go, she was panting, and the look in his eyes told her he'd happily go another round. No, she had to set her limits. If she stayed, it'd be that much harder to walk out the door later.
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  1. LOVED your excerpt. The book looks and sounds hot! Much congrats on the release. :) Marie