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I have some short and sexy reads for you to enjoy.

Three are part of the Changeling Press e-zine, The Cheeky Changeling, and one is on my blog. Below are the teasers to the stories. 

The free read on my blog is entitled Break-In. Click here to go directly to the post and enjoy the short and sexy story.

My other free reads are Emmy's Wish (Deleted Scene), Italian Shifter: A Cat's Curse, and With Toys, a companion piece to my novella Her Sexy Side. Below are previews and links to these stories.  

**Please be aware all my free reads are extremely explicit and may offend some readers.**

The highlighted links will take you directly to the Encounters - all free reads. When you see the Encounters page, simply scroll down the date listed, then to the title you want (as listed here). Pick your format, download, and enjoy. As a disclaimer, please note that the short stories in the Encounters are intended for adults only; explicit content. You must be over the age of 18 or the legal age in your country to open this material.

Posted 7/15/13 - With Toys (companion piece to Her Sexy Side) by Ayla Ruse

In the novella Her Sexy Side, Kiera discovers she has a naughty nature, but only with the love of her life, Max. In With Toys, she explores how wicked she can be when she buys a toy for herself...or will she be caught? 

          “Are you asleep?” Kiera whispered. No response. Good. Taking a peek in the dim moonlight at Max, Kiera slipped quietly off the mattress and felt under the bed for the unmarked box she’d received in the mail today.

          When she closed her hands around the cardboard, she bit her lip, unsure if she was more nervous or excited. With another quick look at her sleeping husband, she crept to the bathroom, closed the door and sat on the toilet lid. Working as quietly as she could, Kiera opened the box, pushed through the packaging and pulled out her prize: another box. This one, though, displayed a neon pink, vibrating and waterproofed penis complete with a suction cup base. She’d gone the expensive route.
          "Wow," she exclaimed. When she pulled the toy out of the packaging, she gasped with delight and tapped her toes on the ceramic floor. My first vibrator. 

In my White Hot Christmas release, Emmy's Wish, Emmy the Workshop Elf is granted her wish in the form of a strong Boarder Elf named Trey. She is not all about the give-me aspect of Christmas, however. In this deleted scene, Emmy grants Trey a gift he won't soon forget. Read a little snippet:

“Straight to the point. I like that. Please, don’t let me stop you,” Trey said.
“Ah, I need to get something first.” She popped up and ran over to a cabinet. Shuffling though the bottles inside, she “ah-ha’ed” again and pulled out a squat, dark bottle.
“Do you normally drink so early in the morning?”
“No,” she answered as she returned to her place between his knees. “But a few girlfriends and I had a party the other night and made Grasshoppers. One of them told us about a little trick.”
“Will I like it?” he asked cautiously.
           “I’m sure you will.” She twisted the cap off her bottle of crème de menthe and put the opening straight to her lips. The heady drink slid warm and tingly over her tongue and notched up her excitement over what she was about to do. Parting her lips slightly, she inhaled and shivered at the icy sensation swirling down her throat.


Centuries ago, a suave Italian assassin crossed the wrong person and was cursed to live eternity as a house cat. He didn't think his life a curse at first, because there were times he could shift to human form to satisfy the temporary sexual hungers of his human keeper. After hundreds of years, however, not being able to reveal his true name and not being able to hold onto anyone for longer than a few months is wearing on his heart. In this short story, my assassin is reminded again of his curse when he has to say farewell to his latest owner, Jenny. As the story begins...

Jenny closed her front door, slipped out of her high heeled shoes and stepped lightly across her carpeted floor.
Maybe I can make it to bed without waking him up.
Halfway across her living room, Jenny let out a startled shriek when soft fur brushed her bare calf. She froze. When the cat did nothing more than weave through her legs, she relaxed and bent over to stroke the soft black and white fur.
“Hi, Tom. I tried not to wake you.” Getting no response other than a deep purr, Jenny sighed and stood up. “It’s late so I’m going to bed. Um, why don’t you take the night off?”  Not needing to be quiet now, she stepped away from Tom. She’d not taken two steps when the air at her back vibrated and a strong arm wrapped around her waist, yanking her back against a warm, muscled chest. 
            “You’re late, love,” the man whispered before stroking his sandpaper rough tongue across her ear. “And you know better than to suggest a night off.”

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