Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's All about the Male???

I have three wonderful, precocious, amazing and at times, aggravating little boys.  Ever since the birth of our first child, I have always been happy to have boys and as each one came, I only wanted boys, truly.  Even now, when I am still wanting another (which to this wish my husband absolutely refuses to comply), I think about how much I would love to have another boy.  Why?  Perhaps because my life is already imbued with testosterone that the thought of an estrogen-filled little being startles me?

This thought occurred to me recently when I saw a group of girls, perhaps somewhere in the ages of 8 to 12, and I noticed how they were all aware of everything.  Aware of what they wore, for example.  Their hands touched hair and centered jewelry and straightened sleeves or belts.  Their eyes constantly darted around, even while they chatted with their friends, to see who was around and what others were doing, and - as I once was that same little girl myself - wondering who noticed them and how they looked or appeared to others.

Boys of a similar age, at least in my experience, are more about themselves.  (Ha, let's face it, does this ever change?)  They rarely care what they wear or what their hair is doing.  They notice others only if it is to their advantage and if the situation doesn't provide instant entertainment, they only want out.  Standing around hoping to be noticed is the last thing on their minds.  In some ways, simply by these observations, boys are easier to deal with.  That's my theory at least.   

Turning a page now, how do these observations translate into my writing?  A lot, it seems.  Those little girls caught my eye because I've forgotten this aspect of the feminine being.  Being a wife and mom can do this I suppose. 

For awhile now I've noticed when I delve into a story, I have the info about my hero lock-stock-and-barrel.  The heroine?  Well, let's just say I have to work a little harder there.  Seeing this group the other day made me realize that being surrounded by males day-in and day-out has made me lose touch with some of my inner girl-ness.  This in turn is what's made me work harder for my heroines.  Make sense?
So now I'm trying to work at getting back to that girl-ness.  That inner female that does notice others and is aware that others notice her, whether she wants this or not.  That female side that is inherently different from a male.  Jeesh, does this mean I need to wish for the not-going-to-happen baby of the female variety?  Laugh with me, I know my husband is, and wish me luck.  With the writing, that is! 


Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Juggling Saturday

There once was a time, a long, long time ago, when Saturdays meant sleeping late, shopping trips and lazing around the house or the park.  Damn me for not taking advantage of these moments when I had them.  But that's life, right? 

I think back to my pre-marriage and especially pre-kid days, and I am amazed that I actually thought I was too busy then to dedicate myself to writing.  Puleeze.  Was I a moron or what?  Now, I am writing, and squeezing in the time between taking care of a husband, three kids and elderly parents.  And pets!  haha.  Maybe now is the time that I do appreciate the stolen and worked-in moments to write as I know the then and now.  Take advantage when you can!

Saturdays have actually turned out to be decent writing days for me.  At least, I'm trying this tactic.  Take today, for example.  I have kids who want me to go out and monitor them as they learn to skateboard, ride bikes and roll down the hills (good thing we live on a not-too-busy street.  Bad thing today happens to be a yard sale day across the way).  Then one of my sons has to go to a belt testing for karate and that takes up a few hours.  But when all the extracurricular activities are over, the kids can play video games, a no-no at our house during school days.  So while they sit glued to the TV and play Indiana Jones or Zelda or some kind of sport game, I can settle down and tap away at the keyboard.

No, my Saturdays aren't as leisurely as they once were, but I appreciate the difference now and use this to take advantage of every opportunity I can. 

One definite thing about marriage and kids and yes, even writing - lazy no more am I!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Muse of Music

First of all, this pic really has nothing to do with my post.  I simply think it's sexy.  Enjoy. 

Now onto the post.  My taste in music is very eclectic.  I like New Age, Hard Rock, Classic Rock, some newer Country, Classical, the list goes on.  There is actually very little I don't like.  Then again, it depends on my mood.  Like reading a particular type of story, listening to a particular type of music has to either fit the mood I'm in or the mood I want to be in. 

Music also marks important dates in a person's life.  The song you had your first dance with your crush, the song that made you dream with longing about your boyfriend or girlfriend, the song that was playing when you drank a little too much and decided to go Coyote Ugly on the bar top...ahem, sorry.

But seriously, I also tend to mark music by my muse.  So many times I'll listen to a song and a story will scream out to me.  It may not follow exactly what the musician had in mind, but it taps into the creative side of me and viola! another story will emerge.  

Such is the case with the short paranormal I've recently tapped out.  It needs some major editing as I am a rough first drafter, but it's there and I think, of course, it's hot! 

So sit back and turn on the radio, open your music files or flip on your ipod and close your eyes for a few minutes. 

What is your music telling you?   

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Great (Funny) Blow Job Video!

This video is truly "priceless!"  Enjoy!

On a brief "work" note, hope your weekend's going well. Mine is rocking! Today I was able to zip out the rough draft for a really short story (for me), probably somewhere around 6,000 words. We'll see when the final product emerges. My word counts tend to vary to the extreme from rough draft to finished product. I had begun to write this story for the contest over at All, but their limit is 3,000 words. Don't know if I'll be able to cut that much. Might just end up working on this and submitting somewhere for a really nice bite of lust!


Friday, September 17, 2010

Why Erotic Romance

I love to write.  I predominately like to write erotic romance.  Why?  The Romance is because I am one of those who believes "love makes the world go 'round," and no matter how un-romantic a person may be, relationships abound everywhere.  You cannot go through life without some type of relationship.  And the erotic part is because I firmly believe the physical aspect of love is absolutely necessary in any involved relationship.  Even if that love hasn't blossomed yet. 

Unless I know to expect it beforehand, it burns me up to read a story where the sex is behind closed doors.  I feel cheated.  Is it because I'm some kind of voyeur?  Perhaps. *chuckle*   But really, I want to know how the interactions play in the bedroom.  How being physical defines and grows the relationship.  Is she controlling in the kitchen but a submissive between the sheets?  Does he seem commandeering but lays placid while she has her way with him?  Do they laugh when they make love or is it high intensity?  Does he make her come or is she always left to hurry up and find that peak on her own?  Plus, lets face it, even if a person thinks they haven't the first hang-up about their life, there is always a hang-up of some kind when it comes to sex with someone else. 

Maybe she doesn't want the lights on but wants to be tied up.  Maybe he doesn't really like giving oral sex (very important to know because I'm sorry, I know of no woman who wants to be with a man unless he can enjoy going down on her).  Maybe s/he secretly wants a third (or fourth or fifth...) partner and has to internalize this in bed.  Maybe one of them has a scar they don't want seen.  The point of all this is when two or more people are bare-ass naked and about to go beyond skin deep, little details fill out and define a relationship.  These little details make or break relationships.  Period.    

Now, let me make it a little more clear that I've not expressly defined the erotic part yet.  Generally speaking, there are plenty of books out there with love scenes.  Most even go a bit detailed.  However, nearly all main-stream books cater to one man-one woman, with varying simple positions.  What's more commonly known as vanilla sex.  Don't get me wrong.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with this.  I love it.  Sometimes. 

Then, there are those times, let's admit it, when you want to feed that deeper, darker part of yourself.  That, in my view, is where the erotic part comes into play.  Let's pretend a minute.  Instead of wishing your partner(s) would say they wanted to "make love" to you, imagine them saying, "I want to fuck you."  This can be crude, yes, depending on how it's said and the persons involved.  Most of the time, in erotic romance, it's meant with an intensity that goes bone deep.  It's met with a level of excitement never before known. It's raw, it's heat, it's instantaneous panty-wet, cock-hard where your breath hitches as you grab the bed sheets and either stutter your surrender or shout out "hell yeah!" 


As a reader, as a writer, you are sucked so deep into the story at this point your house could cave in and you'd never know.  Why?  Most individuals know about "making love," or "having sex."  Yeah, it's cool in the story, but aside from the emotions, it's almost a kind of been-there, done-that way of reading.  Does it make the love scene any less enticing?  Of course not if it fits the story and the characters.   

But again, there are those times ... yeah.  There are those times when you want, you need, you're curious about just a little more.  Crude language, multiple partners, anal play, same-sex, a bit of BDSM, you name it.  Whether you've done it or wish upon the stars to do it, erotic romance can placate that side you never knew you had.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day

Hope you have a chance to take it easy on this day and relax during this last summer holiday!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It's [back] to work I go...

Okay, maybe the dwarf song is a little out there, but it's been popping in and out of my mind today. 

You see, I'm back to writing after intentionally taking a writing break. 

Troubles with stories I'd been working on, school beginning (and I do the teaching myself; no shuffling off to a bus or anything), and simple "life sucks" happenings were overwhelming me that I simply put a stop to several things.

Including the writing for a short bit. 

For example, instead of having a comfortable time, or any set time, to write, I'd been attempting to squeeze it in when I had the time.  Unfortunately, it wasn't every day, and I suffered for my lack of order.  So I laid the writing aside to get my other life happenings straight (yea), and to get myself in gear to plan to write. 

I should have done this years ago.  {{forehead slap}}  Now, there is no more squeezing in here and there.  No more "I don't have the time."  Nuh-uh.  I have my writing planned out now.  I have times and dates and even --  dare I say -- goals to reach.  It's exciting for me to finally have some order going on.

Okay, okay.  Break off the happy-happy dance and settle down. 

It's time to come clean and speak heart-to-heart.  Earlier, I made it sound like I was a numbskull for not being more orderly years ago. 

Truth, I used to think writing would be able to simply flow, like a newly tapped font of fiction.  No real effort.  Just sit down and the words would come.  Hahaha.  Idealized of me, I know.  I've been avoiding this truth for awhile and like I said, my writing suffered.  Not only in the actual craft, but also in simply "getting it done."  

In the title of this post I exchanged the word "off" for the word "back," because I do feel like I'm getting back, but in a much better way.