Thursday, September 25, 2014

Blue Jean Commerical (explicit)

Digging through some old writing the other day, I came across a very short piece I'd written several years ago. It amused me, and even brought a "yeah" and a chuckle from my DH, so I decided to share this little bit of man-POV with you. Fair warning, it may be short, but it's explicit. Enjoy! 

Blue Jean Commerical
story © Ayla Ruse

He is absorbed. 

The image flashes across the screen and his imagination flies away. What does her body look like beneath those clothes? If he could, he'd peel those jeans off her ass and prop her up on short display. 

His mind is hypnotized. 

Just to look. 

Just to touch. 

Just to smell and feel and kiss. 

Just to fuck. 

Just let me ram my cock between those cheeks one time and 
I'll die a happy man. 

He smiles. 

He can almost feel her pussy, hot and wet, sucking him in deeper and deeper. 

"Fuck me hard," she demands. 

He complies by slamming himself home. 

She shrieks how she loves the feel of his dick and that she can't get enough. 

He moves faster, grabbing tight to her ass as he gets hornier. He's ready to come and she screams loud through her orgasm. He pulls out quickly and shoots his cum over her back. 

The image soon fades. He wipes off the sweat off his brow and gazes sideways to his wife sitting quietly next to him. 

The blue jean commercial is long over.

Image © Markomarcello -

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Reading Much?

When life pushes you and all you want to do is crawl under a rock and hide, do you take anything with you? Me? I take a book. Rather, I take books. That's where I've been lately. No, "life" isn't all that bad overall. Nothing more than most any other person I imagine, but I've been binge reading like crazy. 

Some books I've read are good, some are great and some Great books I've been immersing myself in are stories by Lori Foster and Marie Harte, for example. Mara, Daughter of the Nile kept me captivated. Several box sets have kept me entertained for hours (and I've picked up a few new authors to add to my to-buy list from these sets).

On the other hand, one of the tales that made me go "eh," believe it or not, was the Hunger Games trilogy. Wait, let me clarify. I truly liked the books and the fact of so much death and violence resonated with me in a very edge-of-my seat way, but I did not like the way the books ended. No, I'm not giving spoilers for the very small percentage of people who have not yet read Mockingjay, but let me simply say the last ten to twenty pages made me at turns mad and feeling cheated. And this is before the epilogue. I can take the epilogue, but the ending seemed depressingly rushed. How did you like the ending of the book, for those who did read it? 

On another note (but still about book reading) is that my TBR pile is growing by leaps and bounds. See, I make note of books I want to buy on my Kindle by gathering samples. I have well over two pages worth of books I'm in the process of buying and reading. Yikes! Add to this, my DH sells books and he recently brought home a box full of various erotic romance titles I've not yet had the pleasure of reading. Yes, I've already sorted them though to the books I want to read the most to those I'm not sure about. I think I'm set for awhile. Or, until my next binge reading episode. hahaha

I've brought my head out from the pile of rocks and told myself that I need to hunker down with the written word more. Heck, I'll still read, but for the next while my free time will be spent in front of the keyboard and my reading time will cut back to resemble that of a normal bibliophile. Now nod your head with me, as if we all believe any reader will cut back their reading time.

I invite you to lift your coffee cup with me and cheer on the many pleasures of reading the written word. 

Happy Reading,