Thursday, September 25, 2014

Blue Jean Commerical (explicit)

Digging through some old writing the other day, I came across a very short piece I'd written several years ago. It amused me, and even brought a "yeah" and a chuckle from my DH, so I decided to share this little bit of man-POV with you. Fair warning, it may be short, but it's explicit. Enjoy! 

Blue Jean Commerical
story © Ayla Ruse

He is absorbed. 

The image flashes across the screen and his imagination flies away. What does her body look like beneath those clothes? If he could, he'd peel those jeans off her ass and prop her up on short display. 

His mind is hypnotized. 

Just to look. 

Just to touch. 

Just to smell and feel and kiss. 

Just to fuck. 

Just let me ram my cock between those cheeks one time and 
I'll die a happy man. 

He smiles. 

He can almost feel her pussy, hot and wet, sucking him in deeper and deeper. 

"Fuck me hard," she demands. 

He complies by slamming himself home. 

She shrieks how she loves the feel of his dick and that she can't get enough. 

He moves faster, grabbing tight to her ass as he gets hornier. He's ready to come and she screams loud through her orgasm. He pulls out quickly and shoots his cum over her back. 

The image soon fades. He wipes off the sweat off his brow and gazes sideways to his wife sitting quietly next to him. 

The blue jean commercial is long over.

Image © Markomarcello -

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