Saturday, March 31, 2012

Totally Tame Today

Yes, today is picture day, but I have to tell you a quick story behind what you're about to see. Being the last day of March, the bottom of the calendar, I wanted to celebrate by posting awesome pictures of what else - sexy bottoms! Alas, you will not see such, I am terribly sorry. You see, I went in search of several sexy bottoms and yes, I did run across some drool-worthy asses, but my eyes were also subjected to an amazing amount of *shudder* very NOT sexy asses. I'm afraid I had to abandon my original quest. Maybe another Saturday. I completely tip my hat to those men and women finding and posting those beautiful butts, because let me tell you, it's not been an easy search. 

All this to say that instead, I'm celebrating the old saying that March comes in like a lion but goes out like a lamb, and vice versa. Yeah, it's time to go "oooh" and "ahhh" and "Man, I've seen that face before!" 

So whether your Saturday leaves like a lion, a lamb, or a little of both, I hope it's filled with all you want. 


Friday, March 30, 2012

Out Visiting and You're Invited!

What an amazing Friday it is today! I'm over at Karenna Colcroft's talking about solitude, writing, and my upcoming release, The Fires of Beltane. Stop by, have a cup of coffee with me and read a sexy little excerpt. 

On another exciting note, see the additional link below. Total E-Bound is having a Scared Stiff contest to celebrate the collection release next week. Beginning Monday, any purchase of a Scared Stiff book (4 to choose from, mine included) enters you for a chance to win 5 TEB books of your choice. Nothing to loose, people. Rock on all you scare-dees!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Changeling Time Today!

The brand new Changeling Press stories come your way today. Get to their site to stock up on don't-miss-Spring-reading-material!

by Zenobia Renquist

Sometimes you have to get grabby to get what you want.

by Stephanie Burke

One night of passion, and Gillian's life is a Mafia movie. That's what you get when you date a bear.

by Cheryl Dragon

Enough love and magic can defeat any evil.

by Tuesday Morrigan

The Lionheart brothers must find their destined mates -- sometimes at the family law firm.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kicking the Block

I occasionally find myself mired with writers block. All writers do, I believe, at one point or another. There are books written and articles penned daily to help the desperate writer move past or even destroy said blocks. Today, I'm going to add my two cents, as it were. 

Starring at a half written page, even if it's on page 43, and being completely stumped as to what to write next, is intimidating. Here you've had your plot or your characters - or whatever - driving you along. Maybe you're following an outline. Maybe you're writing from the seat of your pants. Either way, you've hit the proverbial block. Nothing seems to make sense. Maybe what you wanted to come next in the scene doesn't work or maybe you just want to scrap the whole project.

No. Don't. Not yet. 

Sometimes, when I'm completely, mentally blocked, I turn the story over to my characters. I abandon the point where I'm stuck. Working at this point is getting me nowhere, obviously. Instead, I open a new page, pull to mind whichever characters I want, even if they're not giving me difficulties, and I let them speak to each other or to an unknown audience if necessary. You can let them speak in narration, description...your choice. Pick your area of strength. For me, dialogue is a language I understand. I carry on multi-sided dialogue within my head all the time. Now, I simply let my characters say what they want, and I put it on paper. 

Writing it down is important here. You can think about your characters talking from now until doomsday, but nothing will become clear or make sense until you write it down. This is classic psychology, here (or some kind of -ology).

You're blocked. So write to move past this block. Think about it. A block is another word for fear, if you'll be honest with yourself. To use a tried and true example, what are you supposed to do when you fall off a horse? Sit on the hay bale and stare at it all day? Circle it and wonder why you fell off to begin with? No. You're supposed to pull up your britches and hop back on then hold on tight. Writers block is no different. You're blocked, so pull out the paper and write, damn it. 

I don't care if it's messy or the quotes and punctuation aren't right. Bah, you're trying to get past a block. Magnifying faults only adds cement to your wall, not tear it down. Does this mean every word I write will end up in my final WIP? Probably not. Don't let this deter you, however, because it's serving an important purpose. Remember this.

Giving some of my characters a chance to run free on the page oftentimes works me past the block. There are times I discover parts of the character I hadn't known before, and this new discovery makes the difference in the story. I may find a new conflict or a solution to one I'd been puzzled by. Sometimes, I find the way I was trying to push the story flow was completely wrong. That's a doozy, let me tell you. Especially if you're the controlling type (and who of us writers aren't). You wanted the story to transpire from point A to point B to point C. But in letting your characters have a little freedom on the page, you discover it works better to begin at point B then move to point A and finish at point C. Or however the mix may go. 

Okay, this can often result in deleted paragraphs or even pages of already written material in your WIP. Yes, it's painful, but what growth isn't? In the end, you'll have a story you love even more than when you began. And you'll be past your block.

So the next time you're stumped, open a new document (or pull out the old trusty pen and paper) and let your characters come out to play. Allow yourself to be surprised by new discoveries and return to your WIP refreshed and ready to tackle any hurdle the evil writer's block demons try to throw your way.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday's News and Updates

Hello and happy Tuesday. I trust the week's begun well and is moving along at a steady pace for you. Especially since it's the last week of March. Around my neck of the woods pollen is flying like crazy. Not only from the spring-time norm, but also because I live close to the famed Augusta National Golf Course and yep, that all-important golf game heads our way next week. So lawn mowers are in full gear all over the place. Everywhere. You move constantly through a greenish-yellow haze. It's crazy.

In my writing world, I'm a little crazy here as well. I'm wrapping up my next story for Changeling and hope to have it to my editor within the week. Then it's back to the blank page and onto another fun and adventurous story. I have two, no, three different stories circling my head. I'll let you know what's up next after I turn in my current WIP.

This Friday you have to make a point to drop by Karenna Colcroft's blog. I'm a guest there and I'm talking about writing and solitude and my next upcoming release, The Fires of Beltane. I'll have the link posted on my blog this Friday as soon as the post goes live.

I'll be a part of Drea's Happy Easter Blog Hop over the Easter weekend. I'll be posting as normal during the weekend and the prize is your choice of one of my new releases (that would be one copy of Good Gone Bad OR one copy of The Fires of Beltane).

Take care this week and don't let the spring-time allergies get you down. Take your meds and be sure to check back often. *Cheers*

Monday, March 26, 2012

New TEB Releases for Monday

Total E-Bound has a brand new crop of hot and sexy reads! Check out these titles.

by Bailey Bradford

Book two in the Leopard's Spots Series
One sexy wolf is determined to show a grouchy kitty just how perfect they are for each other.

by Jaime Samms and Sarah Masters

Book one in The Dreaming Series
One cop. One killer. Both dreamwalkers. Not every dream should see the light of day...

by Billi Jean

Book one in the Love's Command Series
When a woman running scared runs into the arms of a sexy cowboy, she might lose her fear, but will she also lose her heart?

by Jambrea Jo Jones

Book two in the Semper Fi Series

by Amy Valenti

When your body betrays you and your government might kill you for it, can you really trust a sexy man is all he seems?

by Sam Crescent

Book two in The Valentines Series
Time is running out.

Here's to happy reading and a great week!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Changeling Releases Today!!

Yippee! I love release day, don't you? Check out these great titles from Changeling Press, available now!!

by Saloni Quinby

Thrust into an alternate reality, twin witches combine their magic to save their werewolf lovers.

by Cassiday McKay

Sophia's lioness wants a new toy, and battle-hardened agent Monroe is harder to resist than catnip!

by Cynthia Sax

Gold makes this Manhattan dragon hot.

by J Hali Steele

Hell is coming to pay a visit, and Nolan's about to lose control.

Have a happy reading day!

Visiting the Hot Spot Today

Join me across the ocean as I hop on over to visit Total E-Bound's Hitting the Hot Spot. I'm talking about the sense of combining horror fiction with romantic fiction and my first foray into this area. You'll even have a chance to see a sneak peak of my upcoming TEB horror/romance release: The Fires of Beltane

Drop by, don't be shy, and say hello!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday's Words to Inspire: Courage

Whatever course you decide upon,
there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong.
There are always difficulties arising 
which tempt you to believe that your critics are right.
To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires. . . courage.

by Ralph Waldo Emerson


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday's News and Updates

Happy First Day of Spring!!

This Tuesday finds my news pretty quiet. I plan to continue to remain pretty quiet for the next week or two as I finish up my next story for Changeling Press.

This Thursday, March 22, I'm blogging over at Total E-Bound's Hitting the Hot Spot. I'm going to talk about combining horror and eroticism and romance, all to have a happy ending. Wow. You don't want to miss this one.  

Mark your calendars because April 13 is when I plan to reveal my new website. Details of the URL will come soon. 

Thanks for dropping by today. I wish I had more news to share, but some weeks are like this, don't you agree?

Until tomorrow~

Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday means New Releases with Total E-Bound

This week's picks at Total E-Bound are ever-hot. Don't be shy, zip on over and grab them up!

S. A. Meade

Michael and Paul fight to survive in a land frozen by endless winter. Will the ice between them thaw once and for all?

Nikki McCoy

Book three in the Keepers of the Gods Series
Through the aftermath of one God’s lust for power, three men must find the courage to love and forgive if they are to survive the ruthless schemes of a Goddess bent on revenge.

Lizzi Lynn Lee

Hot boss turns into a dragon? Jessica thinks she’s bitten off more than she can chew...

Carol Lynne

Book one in the Brookside Athletic Club Series
Sometimes, the best thing you can do for a friend is love them.

Wendi Zwaduk

A topless dancer plus a cynical cop doesn’t equal a lifetime love...or does it?

Lavinia Lewis

How can Brent give in to his desire for the sexy Bollywood actor when a relationship between them could cost Raj his life?

Thanks for dropping in. Be sure to check back every Monday to see a brand new selection of unforgettable reads.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Thanks for dropping by. 
In honor of all things Irish, 
here is some sexy Irish for your eyes!

Pierce Brosnan

Colin Farrell

Colin Firth

Johnathan Rhys Meyers

Cillian Murphy (don't you love his name)

Liam Neeson

Stuart Townsend

Have a Happy Saturday and a wonderful St. Patrick's Day!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Break-In by Ayla Ruse {Inspired by Joe for Flash Fiction Friday}

Oh, Joe Manganiello sizzles with hotness. Even with a scowl.

Welcome to Flash Fiction Friday! Today's the day I post a short scene inspired by the very sexy Joe. Not fan fiction, mind you, but an inspiration thereof. 

When I scrolled through pictures of Joe, looking for the perfect one to inspire me, I kept coming back to the one above. "What would make a man look at a woman this way?" I asked myself. My answer came when I further inquired my muse, "What could a woman do to make that scowl disappear?" 

Here's my result. (disclaimer: this scene gets mighty hot. Do not read if you want anything less than R-rated) Enjoy, then make sure to check out the other Inspired by Joe stories from the great authors listed below. 


            “What do you mean you didn’t think I’d be home? I live here,” Daniel scowled. 

            Becca fidgeted with the ties of her coat’s belt and wouldn’t meet his eyes. “I thought you’d still be at work.” 

            “So you could do what?” Daniel turned to face her and she blushed furiously. Apparently heading toward the shower, his body beckoned to be ogled while he stood before her draped only in a bath towel slung low around his hips. He stepped toward her, causing her to back up to the wall.

            He crowded her and set a knuckle under her chin. Although she could tell he was upset, she couldn’t help but sigh when her eyes met his. A part of her wanted to run, but she shook off those thoughts. She had to keep her courage or risk losing him forever. 

            “What’s your game, Becca?” he whispered. “I know we went out for a couple of weeks, but you’re the one who ran. You stopped taking my calls, you avoided me when I’d try to come up to you at the gym…” he broke off and stared at her like he was trying to figure her out. “I liked being with you,” he finished. She winced inside at how disappointed she’d made him. 

            “I’m sorry, Daniel. I didn’t know – I mean, I liked being with you, too.”

            His gaze dropped to her mouth. Her hope for a kiss died when he set his lips into a grim line. “You’ve got a funny way of showing how you like me.”

            “It’s just that…”

            “Never mind, Becca. For whatever reason, you don’t want to be with me. I can move on.”

            “I’m sorry - “ she interrupted again, but he ignored her plea. 

            “Right now I don’t even care how you got in to my apartment, I just want you to leave and never come back. I won’t date women who lie.” He dropped his hand from her chin and turned to walk away. 

            Tears pricked her eyes. “Wait,” she called out. Surprisingly he stopped, but he didn’t turn around. Momentarily distracted by the muscles of his back and the strong width of his shoulders, she jumped when he snapped out, “What do you want?”

            “You’re right,” she answered. “I did run. I was afraid…afraid to be with you.” 

            He turned slowly and faced her, his hands low on his hips. “What the hell have I ever done to make you afraid of me?”

            “Nothing. It’s just that, well, you’re so big and confident.” She gestured to his body. “When I see you at the gym working out, the girls fawn all over you. You could have any beauty there. I don’t know why you’d want to be with me?”

            “You can’t be serious?”

            His apparent shock surprised her and made her hurry on before she lost her nerve to tell him the complete truth. She did want to be with him, but she’d never feel comfortable if she didn’t lay all her cards on the table, so to speak. “Remember the last time we went out, how we went back to my place and, you know, necked on the couch?” His eyes focused in on her and she shivered. His look alone recreated the unbelievable desire she’d felt in his arms. “And we started touching each other?" she continued. "I could tell you wanted more, but I backed off and said you had to leave?”

            “Wait up.” He pushed his fingers through his hair. “Are you afraid I’ll push you for sex? Becca, if you’re not ready, that’s fine. I’m not going to push you for anything you don’t want or aren’t ready for. You’re telling me that’s why you’ve avoided me?”

            “Yes. I mean, no. Oh hell. I know you’d never force me, but you are gorgeous and I’m plain old Becca. I’m not a size two or six or whatever like the other women –“

            He cut her off by stepping right up to her and cupping her face. “Becca, let’s get one thing clear right now. I don’t want a size two girl,” he practically sneered the word. “What I want is a woman. What I want is you.”

            Becca’s breath hitched. He stood so close she could smell the mint of his breath and see the lighter brown flecks in his eyes. His chest crowded hers and her nipples tightened beneath her coat. 

            Please kiss me, she silently begged. 

            His words left no confusion in her mind. He did want her, and her acceptance of his words came like a gunshot at the start of a race. She let her desire flow and knew she would never walk away from this man again. 

            “But I’m not going to force you,” he stated, and backed away. 

            She grabbed his arm to keep him close. “I know.”

            He stroked her lips with his thumb. “Have you forgotten that I’m the one who asked you out? Did you ever realize I’d always come to you, not to any other woman around?”

            “I…it took me the past few days to get it, but yeah.” He leaned closer at her confession. She could feel his body from his toes to his chest and she bit back a moan, wanting him more than she could put into words.

            “So you broke into my apartment to tell me you were afraid of me because you aren’t paper thin?” His lips quirked. “Are you still afraid?”

            “No,” she sighed. “I screwed up, and I want your forgiveness, if you’ll give it. I want you in my life, Daniel, and I won’t run away again.”

            “How do I know you’re telling me the truth?”

            “Because I came here to give you something. I wanted to surprise you.”

            He leaned in and barely touched her lips with his. “You’re nothing but surprises today. What did you bring?”

            She wrapped her arms around him, encouraging him to come closer. “Me.”

            He took her mouth with a kiss that made her head spin. While she reeled he reached between them and untied her coat. When he pulled it open he jerked back and she squeezed her eyes shut. Beneath the overcoat she wore a lacy pink babydoll and thong. Nothing else. She’d never worn such an outfit and even though he’d just told her he liked her body, he’d not seen so much of her before.

            “Oh, Becca,” he said with a breath gone heavy with desire. “You are beautiful.” She opened her eyes and melted at the way his gaze took her in. She grinned to see that he was about to lose his towel by the way his hard-on pulled the terry cloth away from his body.

            “When you say the surprise is you, you do mean in every way, right?” he asked. 

            She nodded, too excited to speak. She wanted to wrap herself around him and never let go. 

            “Good. I don’t want you to think I’m being pushy.” With a flourish that made her chuckle he threw his towel to the side, but her laughter died in her throat when she saw his thick cock. She had an impulse to reach out to try to wrap her fingers around it, but he stole that idea by stripping off her coat and backing her against the wall again. 

            “You seem to like me here,” she teased, surprised how easy the words came out.

            “It keeps you from running away,” he teased back. He lifted her arms and captured both her wrists over her head with one hand. With his other he skimmed down her body, rubbing across the silky material, over her ribs and down to her hip left bare from the skimpy outfit. Her mouth opened on a gasp and he wasted no time slipping his tongue between her lips. She let her body go lax under his ministrations. To think she’d almost let him go…

            He cupped one of her full breasts and massaged the flesh through the material. He broke away from their kiss. “Look at this, Becca.” She glanced down to see her breast held plump in his hand. He’d spread his fingers around her and she still spilled out. “This is the breast of a woman. My woman. I want someone I can hold onto, someone who can take all I give and not break.” He flicked her nipple and she whimpered at both the sensation and his words. He looked up at her. “I want you, Becca, but I need to know if you’re willing to be with me?”

            She pressed her breast against his hand. She’d give him anything he wanted and more. “Yes, Daniel. I am.”

            He crushed his mouth over hers and let his hand roam where it wanted. He played with her breasts, tweaked the nipples, ran his hand over her curves and palmed her ass. He pushed his cock against her belly and she moaned, pushing back. When he tugged at her thong and it broke, she didn’t care. The man she was quickly falling in love with loved her body, and from his confession, was probably falling in love with her as well. He truly wanted to be with her even though she wasn’t model thin. No other man had touched her and worshiped her like Daniel was doing now. 

            Her arms fell to his shoulders when he released her wrists. Keeping her head spinning with every touch, he bent down and suckled her breast through the silk. The heat of his mouth and the flick of his tongue over her covered nipple sent flames shooting through her, making her body heat up more and her pussy grow impossibly wet. 

            His palm settled over her mound and he ran his fingers through her slick folds. Parting her, he slipped a finger through her slit and teased her moist entrance. 

            “Yes,” she told him when he seemed to hesitate.

            He chuckled. “I’m not teasing you, baby. I’m learning your body. But I can do that later, can’t I?” he ended his question by thrusting a finger inside her. She cried out at the needed touch and went up on tiptoes. He added a second finger and her pussy started to feel stretched, especially when he did some kind of twist inside her that made her squirm and grind against his hand. 

            “That’s it, Becca,” he praised. “Move just like that. I’m going to take you right here. Are you ready?”

            She pulled his mouth to hers and kissed him fiercely. Thoughts could barely stay organized in her mind much less give her the ability to speak. 

            He pulled back from the kiss, breathing hard when he told her to wrap a leg around his hip.  When her leg settled where he wanted, he pushed his cock down and rubbed his length through her folds. “I’ve wanted you for months, Becca.” He laid his forehead against hers. “I was afraid you’d turn me down and it took me forever to get up the nerve to ask you out.”

            She wanted to laugh at the irony, but the magical way he shifted against her made her breath catch. 

            He set his palms on her ass and told her to wrap both legs around his waist.

            “Can’t I stand?” she asked. 

            “No, Becca. Are you going to insult me now? Do you think I can’t hold you?”

            She shook her head and did as he asked, her hands on his shoulders for leverage as he lifted her up to his waist. She wrapped her legs around him and jerked when the tip of his erection prodded her entrance. He held her still and lowered her down. As she took him in, her walls clenched and her nerves quaked with need. She whimpered his name and pressed her lips to his, demanding a kiss that he eagerly returned. When he followed this with a few shallow thrusts, she pulled her head back with a long groan. 

            “Hold on,” he warned. “I’m just getting started.” Instead of holding her still and thrusting into her as she’d imagined, he lifted and lowered her over his cock. She wouldn’t have thought such a difference could mean much, but as he increased the pace, she could hardly breathe from the overwhelming sensations taking over her body. When he started to thrust up on each of her glides down, her head hit the back of the wall and she squeezed her eyes shut. She’d never been taken like this before and the image had never seemed exciting. Now, as her impending release built at an amazing rate, she’d be happy to never have sex lying down again.

             “That’s it, baby. I can feel you tensing up around me. You’re a perfect fit for me, you know that? I knew it’d be this way.”

            Daniel shifted his hips and bucked into her from a new angle that shattered her in the first few thrusts. Her body tightened around his and she screamed his name, only to hear her own come back to her moments later. 

            She didn’t know how he had it in him, but he whispered to her to keep holding on, and carried them into his bedroom where they collapsed on the bed in an exhausted heap. 

            “Becca, I forgive you. But only if you promise to never run away from me again.”

            “Even if it means I can break in for this kind of forgiveness?”

            He chuckled and gathered her close with a tender kiss. “If that’s the case, you can break in anytime.”
Thanks for reading. If you don't see a full linky list here, please CLICK HERE to go to the Facebook page to see everyone attending!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Releases with Changeling Press

It's the middle of the month and so many good stories to read this week. Celebrate the upcoming St. Patrick's Day by treating yourself to a new book. Check out these new titles from Changeling Press:

by Marteeka Karland

Onyx drives Hawk to distraction, and if she defies him one more time, he's going to ignite.

by Declan Sands

Bounty hunter Matthew Blood always gets his man -- even if that man is a fairy.

B J McCall

Moonlust strikes when you least expect it.

by Elizabeth Jewell

Bessette is not going to let Láska have his way this time.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday's Words to Inspire: Observations

Today's words come from Melody Beattie from her book, Journey to the Heart. She speaks in a broad sense, and you can take these words in the same broad sense. However, I like to reflect on this passage for those times I'm "stuck" in my writing. 

"Watch yourself. That's not a grim admonition. It's a call to observe yourself...

When you get stuck in a behavior, stuck in a pattern, stuck in a place, a thought, a feeling, a job, or a relationship you don't know how to get unstuck, watch yourself. When you've tried everything you know and your feelings and old ways of reacting still come to the fore - even when you don't want them to and especially when you've made an effort to do things differently - watch yourself. When it feels hopeless, when it seems things will never change or shift, when you can't help yourself and it doesn't look like those around you can either, look at yourself. 

The act of watching ourselves, neutrally observing ourselves without judgement or reproach, can be a powerful tool for change. If you've tried and tried to change but it hasn't worked, then watch yourself. Watch what you say, what you think, how you feel, how you act, how you react. Don't try to stop yourself. Don't judge. Just observe..."

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday's News and Updates

Happy Tuesday! Oh boy, I don't know about you, but it's barely into the week and already I feel like I've been busy enough for two weeks to pass. 

Today's news bits are short. 
  • I'm still plugging away at my next Changeling Press story. 
  • My latest release, Good Gone Bad, is still up for sale. Get it while it's hot. 
  • Have a Kindle? Want the second story in the Malathix Soul series - Broken? Amazon has this title up for sale right now. This is always exciting because a new bookseller is like having a new release all over again!  
    • Mark this Friday down on your calendars and check back. I'm part of the Flash Fiction Friday with a short piece "inspired by Joe." You know, the hot werewolf from True Blood. This is going to be so much fun!

    That's it for this week. See you tomorrow with some uplifting words.

    Monday, March 12, 2012

    Total E-Bound Release Day!!

    So many great books out today from Total E-Bound. Check 'em out!

    by S. Dora

    Book one in the Calling the Shots Series
    Sometimes the question being asked, might not be the one that actually needs to be answered.

    by Marie Harte

    Book three in the Mark of Lycos Series
    A cat, a demon, and a bear. Oh my.

    Ranae Rose

    Nothing can kill Caitlyn’s love for Aaron O’Brien - not being whisked away to the spirit world by the legendary bean sidhe of her homeland - not even death.

    by Amber Kell

    Book two in the Planetary Submissives Series 
    Orlin didn't know when he put himself up for sale that he would be responsible for changing a kingdom.

    by Aurora Rose Lynn

    A wedding day turns to attempted murder.

    by Chris Lange

    Who can stop a master vampire from expanding his territory? Only one woman - with a rare, invisible power and hate for his kind deep in her blood. 


    Saturday, March 10, 2012

    Today's Pictures celebrate the Tattoo

    I HEART (a guy with) TATTOOS

    I mean, can you blame me?

    I freely admit my fascination with tattoos. 
    Despite being the recipient of several myself, I still find them mysterious. 

    And sexy as hell. 

    When I see a guy with a tattoo I can't help but stare. 
    Yes, I do admire the artwork. 

    Tattoo artists are truly artists. 

    I  look at the picture and lines and details and shading and color work. 

    Then I look at the man. 

    My perception always changes at this point. 

    Why did he get it? 
    Why in that particular place? 
    What does it mean to him? 
    Did it hurt him to the point of biting back a cry of pain...
    or a cry of needing to get off? 

    I want to know...

    Ah, so here's a cheers to your Saturday. 
    I will leave you with my favorite photo (of a tattoo). 

    May you go out today and look for those mysterious tattoos, and may the mystery of these pieces of art continue to fascinate and draw us in.  

    Friday, March 9, 2012

    Fun Day w/a sale

    Want some Fun news? This whole weekend Changeling Press is having a huge March Madness sale. Ten percent of your purchases!! Use the discount code "MarchMadness12" at checkout to receive 10% off your order. How sweet.

    Click here to jump on over. *wink*

    Thursday, March 8, 2012

    Releases with Changeling Press

    Get your lists going. Here the *hot* new releases with Changeling Press this week:

    by Lexxie Couper

    Shayda's mission: Rikshor Dollavera. But some secrets are more erotic - and dangerous - than others.

    by Jocelyn Michel

    When Cassidy and her vampire search for the giant anaconda, they find more than they bargained for.

    by Leila Brown 

    How do you get rid of Tall, Dark and Demony once you've called him from the other side? 

    by Kate Hill

    Three brothers, enslaved by a hunger for sexual energy and sworn to denounce their evil side.