Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday's News and Updates

Hello and happy Tuesday. I trust the week's begun well and is moving along at a steady pace for you. Especially since it's the last week of March. Around my neck of the woods pollen is flying like crazy. Not only from the spring-time norm, but also because I live close to the famed Augusta National Golf Course and yep, that all-important golf game heads our way next week. So lawn mowers are in full gear all over the place. Everywhere. You move constantly through a greenish-yellow haze. It's crazy.

In my writing world, I'm a little crazy here as well. I'm wrapping up my next story for Changeling and hope to have it to my editor within the week. Then it's back to the blank page and onto another fun and adventurous story. I have two, no, three different stories circling my head. I'll let you know what's up next after I turn in my current WIP.

This Friday you have to make a point to drop by Karenna Colcroft's blog. I'm a guest there and I'm talking about writing and solitude and my next upcoming release, The Fires of Beltane. I'll have the link posted on my blog this Friday as soon as the post goes live.

I'll be a part of Drea's Happy Easter Blog Hop over the Easter weekend. I'll be posting as normal during the weekend and the prize is your choice of one of my new releases (that would be one copy of Good Gone Bad OR one copy of The Fires of Beltane).

Take care this week and don't let the spring-time allergies get you down. Take your meds and be sure to check back often. *Cheers*

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