Saturday, March 3, 2012

Picture this: A Relaxing Day

As promised, today's picture day. I'm thinking about relaxing a little. 
How'd you like to spend a do-nothing day with one of these guys...

Man + Water = Seriously Yummy. 
But he looks seriously intent, doesn't he? 
How hard do you think it'd be to make

  Oh, yessss
For some, relaxing can come from some slow stretching. 

Why, no. I'm not doing anything special today. 
You want me to join you? Well, sure. 
I like to get away from it all, too.

Some men have a difficult time relaxing. 
You have to pull out the big guns and tell him what's what. 

Remind him it's for his own good. 
He needs to lay down and take it easy.  

Be prepared. 
He could turn and tell YOU it's time to, um, relax. 
Okay, if you insist...

When all is said and done,
at the end of the day...
Relaxation - complete.  



  1. Where DO you get your pictures? :)

  2. ;-) C'mon, Marie. You know what you're really wanting to know is where the models are, right?