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New Christmas Release!

I am a firm believer in giving a holiday it's due. That means not celebrating a future holiday until the current one is complete.

Well, Thanksgiving was yesterday and a great, delicious time was had by all in my family. I hope you and yours had a wonderful day as well. But now, we're into the new season--that of Christmas upcoming.

Today is a crazy day of shopping and coupons and sales. Or, you could be like me: spending the day resting up from the hectic week and preparing to tackle the next. 

Whatever you're doing today, why not treat yourself to a little TLC? What better way than to snuggle up with a fun, sexy, short read? It's a de-stresser, it's inexpensive, and the bonus? You'll have your name tossed in the Changeling hat to win great prizes, including gift certificates and free books for a year! 

Below is my new release with Changeling Press, Hearth and Home. It's an erotic menage of an elf and two Otherworlders who find the beginnings of a lasting relationship because of the generous heart of Santa (at least Santa's claiming that!). Click the link, purchase the book from Changeling, and you're entered in the contests. Yes, it's that easy! 

For the fine print on the details of the contest, click here. To find out more about Nikki, Kobol and Braun, read on...

Hearth and Home
Red Velvet Christmas
by Ayla Ruse
Publisher: Changeling Press
Release Date: November 29, 2013

Genres/Themes: Urban Fantasy, Menage (m/f/m), Elves, Christmas, Hot Flash, Erotic Romance

What’s an elf to do when she finds herself between Hearth and Home?
Santa strives for peace and harmony, not only on Earth, but in the Otherworlds as well. This year proves that peace-keeping is no easy task. First, he has an unhappy elf on his hands. Nikki runs one of his gift departments, but the corporate world is not making her happy. She wants a husband and her current elf pickings are slim. Second, Santa’s received a request from two of Bindoal Dimension’s most prominent males…Kobol Home and Braun Hearth need a wife. Santa’s easy solution? Put the three together and let them find a happily ever after.

For Nikki, Kobol and Braun, however, Santa’s gift comes with unexpected surprises. Nikki believes this is a one-night stand. Braun does not care for elves, and Kobol’s afraid Nikki will want to return to the corporate world.

Even though sparks ignite between the three, will this be enough for them to create a happily ever after, or will their expectations make for a regrettable Christmas Eve? 

Nikki stirred the zigzag straw through her drink, mesmerized by the swirling colors. She sipped, trying to catch the sparkly green bits. Those were the sweetest and she loved the way they popped on her tongue. Elven bars should serve something this delicious.
"Want another, sweetie?"
Without removing her lips from the straw, Nikki glanced at the bartender. He was handsome, she supposed, for an Otherworlder. His four arms mixed drinks as he spoke, and she briefly wondered what it'd be like to make love to a being with four arms. He could touch her everywhere.
But could he handle a house full of kids? And would she like their father working in bars every night?
She shook her head no, both to the bartender and in answer to her silent questions, and sipped her drink. The party was growing louder and even sitting at the bar, she was bumped and pushed. She wanted to leave but couldn't.
Santa knew her secret desire for a husband, but as an elf, he also knew their libidos ran high. She'd become depressed recently, and Santa had noticed. He'd said this invite tonight would satisfy her, with no one at the North Pole the wiser.
In the past, she'd had her share of affairs, but affairs did not lead to matrimony. As well, in her position as CEO of the Otherworlders Gift Department, other elves were not willing to become attached to her. In fact, she'd not had a good bout of sexual release since the summer slump. So, Santa had sent her the Otherworlder Christmas Party invite for a night of sex with these instructions: Wear red and cover her ears -- as elves typically weren't allowed at this gathering.
Another drink was set before her, and she realized hers had gone empty. The bartender had fixed her another after all. She mustered up a grin in thanks then guiltily ducked down to the new drink. Instead of drinking all this Otherworlder alcohol, she should look for the male from the Bindoal Dimension Santa had set her up with.
In all honesty, she figured he'd hope she'd get laid fifty ways to Sunday and would tear up the letter of resignation sitting on her desk. Fat chance. She wanted more than a high-level career. She wanted a husband and lots of little elf children. Maybe if she traveled, she could see what other elves there were in the world and find someone special to settle down with.
So why did I come here tonight? She sighed with her internal answer. To get laid.
Despite her longing for a family, her neglected sex drive was desperate. It'd been too many months to count since she'd been with another, and Santa's invite, even though it wouldn't give her the husband she wanted, should at least make her body happy. Too bad, she thought for the umpteenth time, Santa couldn't have given her the husband she wanted.
She glanced around the bar, not for the first time, and tugged on the velvet bow in her hair, making sure her ear tips were covered. Between the dark hair she'd let loose and the obnoxious red bow, she doubted anyone would call her out. Still, she knew to err on the side of caution.
"You're wearing red."
The voice came from behind and to the left of her, and a delicious tingle ran up her spine at the deep timbre. She sat up straight on her raised bar stool, turned his way and still had to tilt her head up to see the speaker.
He appeared human. He was taller and thicker than any elf she knew, and scruffier looking as well. She shivered under his piercing gaze. Strong and sexy, he might make a good husband, but she was undecided as to his fatherly capabilities.
Then she remembered how he'd addressed her.

"Yes, my dress is red," she answered while wondering if the man was color blind.
"I'm sorry for my friend," another voice said from her right. His breath smelled sweet, like a warm sugar cookie, and he had to lean close to be heard over the demon band that had started playing. She turned to see another human-looking man. This one, though, seemed more clean-cut.
Maybe this was the man she was to meet? He was quite sexy.
She gave him a quick study and decided he'd make a handsome husband. He seemed nice enough, at first appearance, and would probably make a good father.
He grinned down at her and she shook her head. What was wrong with her? She was here for sex, but habit had her looking at every man she spoke to as a potential mate. Jeesh.
"It's okay," she yelled back. "Are you from Bindoal?"
He leaned even closer, his lips against the material covering her ears. "Yes. And Santa sent you, right?" 
Have a great after-Thanksgiving Weekend, and enjoy an early Christmas read to get you in the holiday spirit!

Pick up Hearth and Home today.

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Winner Announcement

Thank you to all who participated in the TRS Thanksgiving Party. 

I want to extend congratulations to the winner of a $10 gift certificate to from my portion of the contest: 

Michelle B

Thanks again for playing, and I hope everyone filled up their Christmas TBB piles! :D


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Winner Announced Soon!

For those of you who participated and/or entered the TRS contest this past week in their Thanksgiving Day Party, I want to let you know I'll announce the winner within the next day. 

Thanksgiving has overrun my household and I'm only now getting to all the entries. 

I will use to choose my winner of a $10 Amazon gift certificate, and I'll let everyone know soon.

Thanks in advance for your patience, and I hope every one had a great Thursday, a beautiful beginning to Hanukkah and a fabulous Thanksgiving!


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Threesomes at the Four Muses

Good morning,

Umm, I have a question for you...

Have you ever had a threesome? Wanted one? Or do you simply enjoy reading about them, because, like with everything else, they can be tricky in SO many ways.

Well today I'm visiting the Four Seduced Muses and sharing a little story from my college days. You know, that time I almost enjoyed two men at once.


Yes, this is definitely one of those times to say,"if I knew then what I know now..."

Anyway, stop by, enjoy the tale, read a NEW excerpt from my latest release, Five Courses, and most of al, have a fabulous day!


A chat with Braun, from the Bindoal Dimension

Interview between Ayla Ruse and Braun Hearth, one of the heroes in Red Velvet Christmas: Hearth and Home 

Thank you everyone for joining me today. Recently I was able to sit down with Braun Hearth, one of the main characters in my upcoming Christmas release with Changeling Press. He's a hard man to corner, and this interview didn't come easy, I'll tell you now. I thought I could ruffle him a little with some of the questions, but I think I about pissed him off more than anything. But all's good. He seems rough and gruff on the outside, but inside, he's a a veritable teddy bear. (Uh, don't ever tell him I said that.)
  1. Describe yourself in four words.  Strong, smart, stubborn and commanding.
  2. What’s your favorite thing to do? *he gives me a wicked grin* Let's just say...Nikki.
  3. (I blush furiously, but move on) Um, can you tell us what you do for a living? Sure. Me and Kobol keep the harmony in our dimension. Discordance can threaten our very existence. You could say we're a cross between negotiators, counselors and bouncers.
  4. Boxers, briefs, or commando? Commando, baby.
  5. Demi-cup, sports bra, or 60s freedom front? You mean that crap human women wear? Nah, nothing like that. I prefer to see every natural curve of Nikki's breasts. Easier to access, too.
  6. What is it about Nikki that makes you crazy in a good way? She's a freaking elf, for crying out loud! She's pint size. But damn, she's the only one that can bring me to my knees.
  7. What about Nikki makes you crazy in a bad way? She's used to being in control. It won't work in our relationship.
  8. In your shifted form, have you ever gotten flees? Huh? What the hell's a 'flee'?
  9. Uh, never mind. Moving it’s time to answer the age-old question…what do men really wear under their kilts? Shit, I don't know? That's what those nutty northern men wear in your dimension, isn't it? Beats me, and no, I don't care to know the answer, thank you.
  10.  Okay. Then, are you more comfortable in fur or skin?         *he looks around*            You sure you know who you're talking to, Ayla? Is there another Otherworlder here, because you know I don't "do" fur. 
  11. Right. You're right, Braun, sorry. So, is it true that vampires can’t have sex without blood or blood without sex?        *He blinks at me like I've gone crazy. Maybe I have.*            Hell Ayla, I don't know? I stay away from those fuckers.
  12. Does blood taste like dessert? Or vegetables?        *Braun starts to get up to leave. I think I pushed him too far.*          I think you're barking up the wrong tree, babe. I'm from Bindoal. Remember? We aren't crazy like that.
  13. Do you prefer male blood or female? Or are you bi-Hemoglobic? (Yeah, I just made that word up.) Yep. That's my cue to leave. Thanks for this...interview, Ayla. But Kobol and Nikki are waiting for me...
  14. Okay, okay. Sorry. Please, don't leave yet. I'll keep the questions about you. Okay? Good. Just sit down there. Now then, why don't you tell me a little bit about your world.       *He seems hesitant, but slowly relaxes and begins to speak.*                        Now, that's better, Ayla. Thanks. I'm from the Bindoal Dimension. We're not that much different from you people here on Earth. We live, we laugh, we love. But that last part's getting hard. Basically, we're hard up for females. For some reason, our Bindoal women birth more males, so yeah, we're running short on mates. That's another reason we group up to marry. Me and Kobol, we always knew we would share a wife, but I always wanted a Bindoal woman. Took Kobol the better part of two years to convince me that we should set the example and marry outside our dimension.
  15. What are your greatest challenges in that world? Very few females.This leads to males wanting to marry, but not enough wives to go around. Yes, we group marry, but it's still not working all the time. This imbalance leads to disharmony, which can be bad for the stability of our dimension.
  16. What do you fear the most? That without continued procreation in our dimension, without sustained love and connections, we'll shatter and cease to exist.
  17. Okay. I think I'll leave that for now as it sounds pretty intense. On another note, do you sometimes want to strangle your writer? Thrash her to within an inch of her life? Make her do the stupid crap she makes you do?   Nah.  *he grins at me, knowing I put myself in third person and following along*    She's pretty good about listening to me. There was this one time, though, when Nikki had her sweet lips wrapped around my cock...Ayla had the nerve to tell me I couldn't come. *he snorts* I said, "fuck that shit." I told Ayla to go screw herself, remember, and found my satisfaction with Nikki on her knees between my feet. Man, that was hot.Then what Kobol did next...but, sorry. Thanks for stopping me, it gets damn uncomfortable thinking about Nikki sometimes. (Braun blatantly adjusts his impressive cock beneath his slacks. He's not shy, this one, that's for sure.)
  18. How did you get together with Nikki in Hearth and Home? That elf set us up. You know the one...Santa. He thought she'd make Kobol and me a good wife. I don't normally like anyone who's not from Bindoal, but...that jolly guy did good this time.
  19. What makes you a mated pair? Um, sorry, I mean threesome?   *Braun shrugs*   Marriage is easy on Bindoal. To "get" married, we have to want the marriage, we have to be together, we have to state we're married, and that's pretty much it. Oh, and the female has to enter the male, or males, home. Despite this easy rule, we do take marriage seriously in our dimension. We marry for life. Period. Discordance is not allowed and punishable by death or banishment, but we haven't had any kind of disruption in quite a while. You'd like Bindoal. It's a good place to be. 
  20. Favorite food? Food is food. If it fills me up, I'm happy.
  21. What do you sleep in? I sleep in a bed, where else? Although it is nice to be nestled inside Nikki and drift off...
  22. Lot's not get off track, Braun. Tell me, if you had to choose between an expensive pair of kick-ass heels, a 200 year old bottle of wine, or a new sports car, which would it be?       *Braun rubs the back of his head.*       Really? Where do you come up with this shit? None of that.        *He looks at the clock on my wall and exclaims.*        Look, Ayla, I really need to get going. Nikki talked us into having a party and I'm supposed to be there now. I'll see you around. Bye. 
Bye, Braun.

Yes, I sigh as I watch him head to the portal he opened in my living room. He's so brawny and, well, big, but sexy as all get out. I do hope he's keeping Nikki happy. Then again, despite his assertion that he tells Nikki what to do, I'm sure she has those two men wrapped around her itty bitty finger. ;-)

Thanks for sharing some time with me today. Be sure to stop by Changeling Press later this week when you can pick up your copy of Hearth and Home!

Oh, and don't forget to return to Sam's place for more interview fun!


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I love a good interview

...and Taige Crenshaw provide me this and more recently. She sat me down with some great questions, and you can see my answers on her blog. I hope to see you there!

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Early Christmas Contest News!!

Red Velvet Christmas is coming to Changeling THIS FRIDAY!
It's almost time for our 10th Annual A Very Changeling Christmas Contest -- Win Free Books For A Year!

Ten readers will win Free Books For A Year:
One book a month (Six winners, 12 books each)
Two books a month (Two winners, 24 books each!)
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Twelve Days of Christmas winners will receive Changeling Gift Certificates for $5, $10, and $25 -- one random winner for each Christmas title on release days all month long!

The best part -- all you have to do is buy any Red Velvet Christmas title at between Black Friday and December 31st, 2013, and you're automatically entered to win.
Winners for the Free Books for a Year Contest will be announced December 31st at the Changeling New Year’s Eve Party, held on our Changeling Press Readers’ Loop.
**Hint, Hint: My upcoming release, Hearth and Home, will be available later this week and is one of the Red Velvet books**
PayPal reminder -- if you're planning on a major shopping spree for our Black Friday Sale (the one you don't officially know we're going to have...) DO NOT wait till Friday to purchase your PayPal account credit! PayPal credits are posted to your account maunally (which means as soon as PayPal notifies us, we add them to your account). Credit can take up to 24 hours to show up in your account.
See Earn a Credit Bonus
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Thanksgiving Party!

The count down is on! Only a few more days until I'm slaving away in the kitchen, lovingly preparing mounds of food, all to be consumed and left within minutes. Astonishing, really. But I don't mind because I do love to cook, and Thanksgiving is when I get to make a select once-a-year dishes. The only downside is the cleaning. Sigh. I need a few able bodied cabana boys to take over at that point. 

In the meantime, I'm partying. Yes, that's right--and YOU'RE INVITED!! I'm hanging out at the TRS Party Site where I'm sharing excerpts, recipes, and just plain ol' fun. Stop by and look around. Don't forget to enter to win the Amazon gift certificate! 

When you click here, you'll go straight to the party site. Scroll the bevy of posts to increase your TBR pile (I know I've been doing this), or look down on your right and click on my name to see my posts exclusively. 

Take it easy and rest up for later this week!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Five Courses is now a *New Release*

Happy Friday everyone! 

I'm excited to share with you my new release, Five Courses. This short story first appeared in the anthology, Whip It Up!, but now you have a chance to grab it for your very own. Below is a snippet to entice, and the cover for you to drool. hehehe (you're welcome). Oh, and as an fyi, this story is for anyone who has ever had chef-inspired fantasies. ;-)

Five Courses

by Ayla Ruse
Publisher: Totally Bound

Paying the price for breaking the rules has never been so delicious.

Trent and Mike rule their kitchen like they do their subs—with firm command and guiding strokes. Only they haven't enjoyed a sub in months, not since Melissa moved in with them. She's getting over a broken heart and seems so fragile that they don't want to scare her away.

When the men come home from their club early one night, they catch her breaking just about every rule they have in their kitchen. Now the gloves are off.

Melissa, trembling under their gaze, is given ten seconds to decide her fate—she can walk away and lose any hope of growing her relationship with these men, or she can stay and submit to their creative punishment for her misdeeds…


Mike sank onto the couch with an audible sigh.

“Nothing catching your eye tonight, either?” Trent asked.

Mike turned his head and studied his best friend and business partner. He didn’t answer. He didn’t have to. 
They both suffered from the same problem. Wanting a woman they couldn’t have.

The music pumped loud through their favorite club, the lights dim except for the stations. Mike crossed his arms over his chest and watched one sub being spanked, another being flogged and still another kneeling before her Dom.

“This sucks,” Trent commented without heat. “I’ve never had it this bad for a woman. I look around and all I see is Melissa.”

Mike nodded his head in agreement. “I don’t know whether to thank you or punch you for talking me into having her rent the middle loft.”

“I didn’t have to talk you into shit, Mike. She had nowhere to go. You would have offered her the loft by the end of that night if I hadn’t mentioned it first.”

Mike grunted at the truth in Trent’s words. That impulsive decision to give temporary aid to a woman in need had led to their four-story building being infused with the sights, sounds and scents of a woman they couldn’t touch. Amend thatwouldn’t touch. In the months she’d been living with them, she’d shown herself to be trustworthy, fun, spontaneous, dependable and of course, sexy as hell. Even when she raided the industrial-size refrigerator in the middle of the night sporting that ratty-ass robe of hers that covered every inch of skin, all he wanted to do was strip it off and feast on her delectable body.

Mike set his hands on his thighs. He liked control. Savored it. Commanded it. But the constant thoughts of the woman out of their reach made him antsy, which irritated him to no end.

Trent interrupted Mike’s thoughts. “She seemed happy to see us go tonight. Makes me wonder what she’s up to?”

Mike sat back. “Shit, Trent, we have it bad. As far as Melissa, she’s no doubt fast asleep.”

“I wonder if she ever dreams of us?”

Mike laughed. “Okay, I think you have it worse than me. When has she ever given any indication that she’s attracted to us? Not only that, she seems too vanilla. Remember the asshole she was engaged to? That was the kind of man who wants a quick fuck on Wednesday night from the wife, but gets nasty with any hooker he can find on the weekends.”

Trent scrubbed his face, calling Mike’s attention to him once more. “Fuck, Mike. This isn’t working tonight. 
I know it’s early, but I’m ready to head home.”

Mike agreed and followed Trent outside. The cool air felt good as they made their way to the car.

“There’s the Crewson job coming up next week,” Mike commented, forcing his mind away from Melissa.
“When we get home, I think I’ll work on those new crêpes.”

“Sounds good. I’ll probably whip up a batch of gelato. It’ll take my mind off Melissa.”

Mike chuckled. “Do you think she knows?”

“What? That we’re Doms?”

“Yeah. She’s submissive through and through, yet she sees us as nothing more than a couple of roommates.”

“I know. But then we’ve never put her in a position to force her submissive side, have we?”

Mike shook his head. “No.” He tapped his foot and looked up to Trent, adding, “It’d be sweet, wouldn’t it?”

They shared a smile before they climbed into the car to make the long drive back to their building.
Tuck it away, Mike, he told himself, almost like a mantra, preparing to go home to a woman they couldn’t touch.

Now for the best part...

You can pick up your copy of Five Courses - today! - at a super low price, from any of these terrific ebooksellers:

Totally Bound
All Romance eBooks
Barnes and Noble (I will update this link as it becomes available)

Keep in touch, there's more to come. And have a safe and fantastic weekend! 

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Wow! It's been awhile

I checked into my blog earlier and was shocked at how much time has passed since I shared anything with you. My sincerest apologies, along with a prepare yourself addition...the next month's about to be very busy!

I have several visits with some great blogs, I'm going to take part in TRS's Thanksgiving Party (starting tomorrow, btw), and I have several new releases to share and shout about.

So hang on and enjoy the ride!