Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A chat with Braun, from the Bindoal Dimension

Interview between Ayla Ruse and Braun Hearth, one of the heroes in Red Velvet Christmas: Hearth and Home 

Thank you everyone for joining me today. Recently I was able to sit down with Braun Hearth, one of the main characters in my upcoming Christmas release with Changeling Press. He's a hard man to corner, and this interview didn't come easy, I'll tell you now. I thought I could ruffle him a little with some of the questions, but I think I about pissed him off more than anything. But all's good. He seems rough and gruff on the outside, but inside, he's a a veritable teddy bear. (Uh, don't ever tell him I said that.)
  1. Describe yourself in four words.  Strong, smart, stubborn and commanding.
  2. What’s your favorite thing to do? *he gives me a wicked grin* Let's just say...Nikki.
  3. (I blush furiously, but move on) Um, can you tell us what you do for a living? Sure. Me and Kobol keep the harmony in our dimension. Discordance can threaten our very existence. You could say we're a cross between negotiators, counselors and bouncers.
  4. Boxers, briefs, or commando? Commando, baby.
  5. Demi-cup, sports bra, or 60s freedom front? You mean that crap human women wear? Nah, nothing like that. I prefer to see every natural curve of Nikki's breasts. Easier to access, too.
  6. What is it about Nikki that makes you crazy in a good way? She's a freaking elf, for crying out loud! She's pint size. But damn, she's the only one that can bring me to my knees.
  7. What about Nikki makes you crazy in a bad way? She's used to being in control. It won't work in our relationship.
  8. In your shifted form, have you ever gotten flees? Huh? What the hell's a 'flee'?
  9. Uh, never mind. Moving it’s time to answer the age-old question…what do men really wear under their kilts? Shit, I don't know? That's what those nutty northern men wear in your dimension, isn't it? Beats me, and no, I don't care to know the answer, thank you.
  10.  Okay. Then, are you more comfortable in fur or skin?         *he looks around*            You sure you know who you're talking to, Ayla? Is there another Otherworlder here, because you know I don't "do" fur. 
  11. Right. You're right, Braun, sorry. So, is it true that vampires can’t have sex without blood or blood without sex?        *He blinks at me like I've gone crazy. Maybe I have.*            Hell Ayla, I don't know? I stay away from those fuckers.
  12. Does blood taste like dessert? Or vegetables?        *Braun starts to get up to leave. I think I pushed him too far.*          I think you're barking up the wrong tree, babe. I'm from Bindoal. Remember? We aren't crazy like that.
  13. Do you prefer male blood or female? Or are you bi-Hemoglobic? (Yeah, I just made that word up.) Yep. That's my cue to leave. Thanks for this...interview, Ayla. But Kobol and Nikki are waiting for me...
  14. Okay, okay. Sorry. Please, don't leave yet. I'll keep the questions about you. Okay? Good. Just sit down there. Now then, why don't you tell me a little bit about your world.       *He seems hesitant, but slowly relaxes and begins to speak.*                        Now, that's better, Ayla. Thanks. I'm from the Bindoal Dimension. We're not that much different from you people here on Earth. We live, we laugh, we love. But that last part's getting hard. Basically, we're hard up for females. For some reason, our Bindoal women birth more males, so yeah, we're running short on mates. That's another reason we group up to marry. Me and Kobol, we always knew we would share a wife, but I always wanted a Bindoal woman. Took Kobol the better part of two years to convince me that we should set the example and marry outside our dimension.
  15. What are your greatest challenges in that world? Very few females.This leads to males wanting to marry, but not enough wives to go around. Yes, we group marry, but it's still not working all the time. This imbalance leads to disharmony, which can be bad for the stability of our dimension.
  16. What do you fear the most? That without continued procreation in our dimension, without sustained love and connections, we'll shatter and cease to exist.
  17. Okay. I think I'll leave that for now as it sounds pretty intense. On another note, do you sometimes want to strangle your writer? Thrash her to within an inch of her life? Make her do the stupid crap she makes you do?   Nah.  *he grins at me, knowing I put myself in third person and following along*    She's pretty good about listening to me. There was this one time, though, when Nikki had her sweet lips wrapped around my cock...Ayla had the nerve to tell me I couldn't come. *he snorts* I said, "fuck that shit." I told Ayla to go screw herself, remember, and found my satisfaction with Nikki on her knees between my feet. Man, that was hot.Then what Kobol did next...but, sorry. Thanks for stopping me, it gets damn uncomfortable thinking about Nikki sometimes. (Braun blatantly adjusts his impressive cock beneath his slacks. He's not shy, this one, that's for sure.)
  18. How did you get together with Nikki in Hearth and Home? That elf set us up. You know the one...Santa. He thought she'd make Kobol and me a good wife. I don't normally like anyone who's not from Bindoal, but...that jolly guy did good this time.
  19. What makes you a mated pair? Um, sorry, I mean threesome?   *Braun shrugs*   Marriage is easy on Bindoal. To "get" married, we have to want the marriage, we have to be together, we have to state we're married, and that's pretty much it. Oh, and the female has to enter the male, or males, home. Despite this easy rule, we do take marriage seriously in our dimension. We marry for life. Period. Discordance is not allowed and punishable by death or banishment, but we haven't had any kind of disruption in quite a while. You'd like Bindoal. It's a good place to be. 
  20. Favorite food? Food is food. If it fills me up, I'm happy.
  21. What do you sleep in? I sleep in a bed, where else? Although it is nice to be nestled inside Nikki and drift off...
  22. Lot's not get off track, Braun. Tell me, if you had to choose between an expensive pair of kick-ass heels, a 200 year old bottle of wine, or a new sports car, which would it be?       *Braun rubs the back of his head.*       Really? Where do you come up with this shit? None of that.        *He looks at the clock on my wall and exclaims.*        Look, Ayla, I really need to get going. Nikki talked us into having a party and I'm supposed to be there now. I'll see you around. Bye. 
Bye, Braun.

Yes, I sigh as I watch him head to the portal he opened in my living room. He's so brawny and, well, big, but sexy as all get out. I do hope he's keeping Nikki happy. Then again, despite his assertion that he tells Nikki what to do, I'm sure she has those two men wrapped around her itty bitty finger. ;-)

Thanks for sharing some time with me today. Be sure to stop by Changeling Press later this week when you can pick up your copy of Hearth and Home!

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