Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cool-Down Time (yeah, right)

The Naughty After Dark Blog Hop is beginning to wind down - only one more day to indulge in some excellent blogs, authors and excerpts. It's also the last couple of days to comment (yes, it's that easy) on my blog for your name to be entered to win my prize package of one of my e-books and a set of flavored body finger paints (non-US residents will receive a gift certificate). Click here for more details about the contest. 

I'll go ahead and tell you, tomorrow I'm posting a never-before seen excerpt from one of my upcoming releases. But today, I'm going to cool you down a little with some clever ice play between elves. Santa's elves, to be precise. I know the year is moving along, but Christmas does stay in everyone's heart all the time, doesn't it. We always have that little wish. Emmy, from my tale Emmy's Wish, desires a male that's a bit more than what the local Workshop elves have to offer. When she gets her wish, though, is he a bit more than she can handle?

Excerpt from Emmy's Wish

“Before I take you, Emmy, before I bury my cock into your tight, sweet pussy, I want to push you. I might be your wish, but I’m not inanimate. I’m not a toy like you make in your shop. I’m real, and I want to know how much of me you can take.”
Emmy shuddered at his words, spoken right against her ear, tickling and stimulating her at the same time. “You can push me as far as you want, Trey.”
“Can I?”
He reached around her body, and she yelped when an icy cold sensation swiped over a nipple. She dropped her head to see an icicle in his hand. “Where’d you get that?”
“We’re at the North Pole, baby. Where do you think I got it? Your eaves are full of them.” He brushed the cold, skinny cone across the other breast. The intense cold made her little peaks shoot out even more, and after a few more breathtaking swipes, turned them from pale pink to candy apple red.
“Aren’t your hands cold?” she asked as her teeth began to chatter. He hadn’t touched her anywhere else except for the ice on her breasts.
“I live in this stuff. This is nothing.”
His hands fiddled at the back of her neck, and the ribbon holding her bell loosened. He dropped the beribboned bell to her waist, refastened the ties, and twisted it so the bell now rested at the top of her ass.
“I plan to make these hips shake, Emmy. I like your bell, and I want to hear that thing ring like crazy, got me?”
She nodded.
Settling behind her, he pressed his hand against her stomach, pulling her tight against his chest. The bell, squeezed between her ass and his stomach, made a small, muffled ding. He teased her tight nipples with the icicle again, then ran the tip down the valley between her breasts and to her belly. He continued the cold trail until he reached the top of her pubic hair. She looked down, watched the cold play, held her breath, and wondered if he’d dare go lower.
Yep, he’d dare.
She cried out as he ran the impossibly cold rod over her pussy and teased her clit with the tip.
“It’s only making her shrink up, Trey, not come out to play,” she told him with a shiver.
“Don’t worry. I’ll make it want to play.”

Love this little tease? You can find Emmy's Wish from Changeling Press here. Oh, and for more of a free tease, Emmy has a deleted scene at the Cheeky Changeling (click here and scroll down to December's free reads for the deleted scene from Emmy's Wish).

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