Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Partying Mid-Week

I mean, Yum!
Uh, I mean - yay *g*

Happy Valentines Day! 

Happy Love Day to all 
~ may all your love dreams come true ~ 

There is so much going on today it's almost maniacal. If you know me, you know I loooove lists, so here goes:

First, today is the last day for the With Love Valentine's Day Blog Hop. It's also your last chance to comment here to enter to win a prize package of a PDF copy of your choice from my back list and a KamaSutra EroStick (non US residents will get an e-book and gift certificate). Click here for the details on the contest.

The next items concern my wonderful publishers. Woo-hoo's go out to Changeling Press and Total E-Bound.


Total E-Bound will be updating their web site very soon, and in celebration, they will have their own exciting contest for a chance to win an eReader! While you're at it, make a note to keep an eye out for my upcoming April release with them.
The Fires of Beltane will be part of their Scared Stiff Collection;Horror Romance. I loved writing this one. Here's a tease:

~A celebration of life turns into a festival of fear

Natalie and William meet at this annual springtime festival, where, unknown to the participants, there is someone using the festival to exploit it's darker history. This night will test Natalie and Williams attraction, but could it also cost them their lives? 


Changeling Press is having a birthday bash and everyone's invited! Click here to go to their web site. Use the discount code EIGHT on your next order and you'll receive 8 percent (in honor of their 8th birthday) off your purchase! My upcoming release with them showcases in a couple of weeks - March 2. Here's something to tease you about upcoming paranormal menage:
~Will stepping over the line mean never going back?

Good Gone Bad involves Rosa, Dominic and Gunner, Dominic's Doppelganger. These three find both highs and lows in a relationship that begs - how far are they willing to go, and will the end result be worth the price of revealing their secrets?


Beyond the parties and chocolates and flowers and over-stuffed animals, remember the heart of today. It's not about the commercialism we all fall victim to, it's about telling someone in your life, "I love you. I care about you. You mean something to me." Sometimes, the words are important.

Have a happy Valentine's ~ thanks for stopping by as we've hopped around the past few days, and I'll see you around!



  1. i loving t he hop and t hen hope i did not miss your contest

    desi the blonde at msn dot com

  2. Hi desi - got'cha in, no worries. Thanks for stopping by! :)