Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday's News and Updates

For those of you keeping tabs, I am late in imparting information about my new blog set-up. My sincerest apologies. Over the weekend I had a little spill that resulted in (another) terribly bad sprained ankle and foot. My feet are not my fortune. I'm okay and getting better, thank you, but I know it'll be months before I can resume my goal for that marathon (insert sarcasm - I am so not a runner).

Aside from this, I have worked diligently to arrange my blog into an organized calendar of events. I'm going to play with the order for a few weeks - probably until everything clicks, but here's a tentative peek:

Mondays will be a shout-out for Total E-Bound's new releases.

On Tuesdays I will talk about newsy bits of what I'm working on, where my books can be found (if there are new 3rd party releases for example), and any other bits of writing related info that crops up. (See below the days' explanations for today's news bits)

Wednesdays will be for Words of Inspiration. Yes, it is a hump day and sometimes going up that hump can be a hurdle we never think we'll cross. A lot of what got me to the point I am in my writing/publishing career can be credited to words and phrases that worked as little pep talks for me. I still look for them today. So if your week seems to be going ten paces backward and inside out, check out my blog on Wednesdays and maybe you'll find a little bit to pick you up.

Thursdays will be Changeling Press days and shout-outs for their new releases.

Friday is an up-in-the-air day. Maybe it'll be a freebie day. This one's still a thought-in-progress.

Saturdays will be picture days. I know most of us "work" Monday through Friday and on Saturday we're all over the place, but taking a peek at someone hot and gorgeous can make us take a moment to catch our breaths. *sly chuckle* or steal it away. 

Sundays will be personal days. These days will have bits of me. How crazy I am because my kids won't go to bed so I can write, how the DH helped me figure out a plot point, how I am so clumsy I injured myself again. That sort of thing. 

Okay, now for today's newsy bits.

  • I am on Amazon again! Well, Malathix Soul: Soulless is, that is. If you have a kindle and are a dedicated Amazonianite, head on over there to pick up your copy today.
  • Don't forget my newest Changeling Press release comes out this week. Good Gone Bad will hit the virtual shelves on Thursday (because at that time it's Friday somewhere in the world)! 
  • I finished and submitted my final edits for The Fires of Beltane, a horror romance release with Total E-Bound slated for publication April 2. 
  • I'm working hard on the follow up story to Good Gone Bad. More Doppelgangers will be in this one as well as a very unlikely heroine. Look for this one come summertime. 
  • I have a web site now. It's not live yet, but I'm working on it. It's very tedious, I'll be the first one to admit this is not my thing, but putting it together the way I like it is fun. I'm hoping I can show my baby off in a couple to few weeks. 

Thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to check back tomorrow for a few words to get you going. 

Have a Terrific Tuesday!

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