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Hump Day Hump: Party Girl

Welcome to another sexy Wednesday and another installment of Marteeka's Hump Day Humps! This week, enjoy a sinful snippet from Soul Debt: Party Girl, a recent release of mine from Changeling Press. 

"Santos." Erin's voice trembled, and her heart skipped a beat. She hadn't seen him in probably a year. She'd had the biggest crush on him, back before she knew how to talk and flirt with men. Something dark flitted across her thoughts, that there was more to her memories than what she knew, but she shook it off. Despite the fact they'd hardly ever said two words to each other, she'd always felt drawn to him. Strange.

"Hello, Erin." His voice felt like he'd run a firm hand up her spine. She shivered and stepped back to let him in. His eyes never left hers and she took a deep breath.

He grinned, but it wasn't as welcoming as she'd expected. He seemed grim. Determined.

"Your year is up," he explained in his deep voice, stepping over the threshold. "It's time to repay your debt."

"My debt?"

He shut the door behind him and stroked her cheek. "Yes. Your debt." He ran a rough thumb across her lips before tilting her chin back. "Remember."

His word was a command and worked as a key to a hidden lock inside herself. Those flittering, dark memories poured through her and she remembered. Everything.

Santos. Nirvana. Sex. A contract. Popularity.

Time skittered ahead and she saw herself over this past year, how she'd become more confident, how her number of friends had increased and how her sex life had begun to... hell, she'd actually started to have a sex life.

"It's been a trick," she said softly. Something vital had been missing from her life as her popularity had grown, but she'd ignored the empty feeling because she'd had no idea what could fill that hole.

"No. No trick, Erin. It's a contract. You indebted yourself to us with your soul as collateral. It's time. You do want your soul back, don't you?"

Goosebumps sprang up over her skin and she stepped back, not sure anymore if she should be overjoyed or scared at his return. But his words made her realize it was her soul that'd been missing.

"Yes, I want it back. But I thought Nirvana would handle that."

Santos chuckled low and deep, the sound reaching out to wind its way around her spine. "You forget. She's the Negotiator. I'm the Collector. If my luck holds out, you won't ever see Nirvana again."


He gazed at her as if expecting her to say more. Erin remembered now how they'd set the contract up, and her body trembled with desire. They'd... she and Nirvana had... Santos had... Images of hot sex and warm flesh flashed in front of her. Yes, that had been the most amazing sexual experience ever. Why hadn't she remembered any of this before now? She looked into Santos' eyes and felt herself falling into the dark depths there. He wanted her to accept what she remembered and, probably, what would come. Amazing.

"Erin. Are you ready to begin repaying your debt?"

She bit her lip, hoping her eagerness didn't show. "Let me guess. It involves sex, doesn't it?"

Santos flashed a tight grin. "Yes. Contracts always end in a similar fashion to how they began."

Erin applauded herself for her outward calm because inside she shouted and yelled, yes, yes, yes! Sex with Santos. Again. Could life get any better?

She nodded.

"Words, Erin. I need the words."

"Yes, Santos. I want to have sex with you again. Um, I mean, I'm ready to repay my debt."

He didn't drop his eyes from hers, and forced her to walk backward toward the den. The loud music added to her growing excitement. Her pussy throbbed and her panties grew wet with every brush of his body against hers.

"My room is --"

She never got a chance to tell him anything else because he stopped and twirled her around. Her leg bumped the counter separating the dining room from the den, and she reached out to keep from falling over.

Without warning, he grabbed the neckline at the back of her emerald dress and yanked. Her dress split completely in half. She shuddered, but stood motionless under his command. He pushed the dress off her body and stripped off her bra and panties. He left her in thigh highs and heels, then pushed her down over the counter.

Realizing his intent, Erin shoved bowls of chips, dip and finger foods out of the way as his large hands held her down. Bowls crashed to the floor, and bits of food that had been knocked over found themselves smeared over her belly and chest.

With wide eyes, she stared at the other people; these friends of hers, in her home, and for a brief moment, felt an exhilaration such as she'd never known.

"You'd damn well better be wet," Santos warned, seconds before he lined his cock up to her pussy and slammed into her.

Hell, yes, she was wet. He fucked her hard and she pushed up to her elbows, thrilled at how he filled her body and how she was the center of attention. She'd always wanted to be fucked in public. She remembered now how Santos and Nirvana had screwed her at that party last year. How everyone else got off on their actions, and an orgy had ensued as a result. She wasn't sure how that party had ended, as the next memory she'd had was waking up in her own bed, exhausted.

Since then, she'd dreamed of having a handsome hunk take her while everyone watched. In envy, in greed, in fascination. This was the popularity she wanted. Look but don't touch, she mentally told everyone. Don't you wish your man would fuck you like this? she taunted them now behind her smile.

Santos was huge. She'd forgotten over the past year, but the extra-tight fit of him inside her caused a burn that only made her hotter.

Someone had shut the music off, and no one spoke. The wet sounds of his body slamming into her over and over, along with their grunts and pants, bounced around the room. Erin wanted to shout with joy and tell everyone to join in. She could just imagine her party turning into an orgy, with her being the queen. Everyone here would want to fuck her, she was sure of it now, but she'd get to pick and choose who could have her.
If this was indeed her repayment, she'd have her soul back before the night was over. This was too easy. Maybe difficult for others, but this was the ultimate pleasure for her.

Santos grabbed a fistful of her hair and tugged gently. She groaned at the pull on her scalp and shoved her hips back to meet his every thrust. "More," she demanded. "Harder, Santos. I want everyone to know how amazing you fuck."

He didn't disappoint. He changed the angle of his thrusts and tightened his hand in her hair, forcing her to raise her upper body. Her breasts bounced, her nipples firmed into hard little pebbles and her chest and belly were spotted with food.

"Come for me," he ordered, making her head tilt back until her neck hurt. "Come!" 

Whew! And this snippet is barely the tip of the iceberg of what Erin experiences. Party Girl wets your whistle for menage, bi and more, magic, voyeurism, exhibitionism, dark desire, and a club full of horny demons. Wanna read more? Pick up your copy here!

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