Saturday, July 6, 2013

Blog Hop Day 3: Picture Day!

Today is the third day of the When Sparks Fly Blog Hop, which runs through midnight EST, July 8 (Monday). 

The way I ask you to participate in these hops is simple. I post on my blog during these days, you comment on the post, *leaving a contact email addy* (once per day if you feel so moved), and when the hop is over, I will collect all the entrants, use to make a selection, and the winner will be awarded a $10 gift certificate to the winner's choice of or

Thank you for bearing through the necessities. Now onto the goody parts. *wink*

I LOVE pictures! Don't you? I become so inspired by looking at an image another captured. I get story ideas, I daydream, or sometimes I simply admire. 

In honor of Saturday, this blog hop, erotic romance and great pics in general, please enjoy what I have for you today!

© bartekwardziak -

© Andrei vishnyakov -

© tankist276 -

© Cyril Comtat -

*sigh* I hope this perks up your Saturday as much as it does mine. ;-)

Remember to hop on over here to visit the other great authors in the blog hop, and I'll see you tomorrow! 



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