Friday, August 7, 2009

The Sweet Smell of Victory

Okay, okay, so I'm jumping the gun a little. After nearly a year of work, I think I deserve to jump ahead.

I finished my story! Yea! Truth be told, I finished the thing last fall, but had to edit the story so extensively I decided to scrap that and simply rewrite it. Better. And it is, at least I think so. Now, I'm beginning work on the dreaded query letter. For me, it's a drag. How do you write a brief something about you, your story, in such a way that the editor/agent/publisher will set aside his or her coffee and declare "This is it! I want it!"...? I mean, I can push the heck out of someone else's stuff, but as for mine - it's the creative flaw in all artistic endeavors I believe. I know my story is good. I know my story is capable of being published. But will I be able to write the perfect letter that the right person will read who will be in a good enough mood to respond back to me with a yes letter instead of rejection?

Yep, I can do it. Yes, I will do it.

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