Saturday, April 24, 2010

**I have a New Toy**

Yes! I have a new toy and I'm excited! I recently purchased and received an eBookwise eReader. I know, I know, there are so many more eReaders out there that are arguably "better," but these others are considerably out of my current price range. The eBookwise is extremely affordable if you're looking to delve into the ebook experience.
My eReader may be a tad bulky (but only because of the hand bump - which actually is quite nice when holding and reading) when comapred to items like the Nook or the Kindle, but I really love my new eReader. It has a backlight so reading on this thing anytime, anywhere, is such a delight for me. It came with a few classics already loaded which was a nice surprise and the battery life is sweet - 10 or 11 hours. And you can still read while charging the ebook!
I don't know how many books it will hold yet but you can get a chip to slip inside to bump up your capacity. Trust me, though, when I say I'm working hard on seeing how much it can hold.
Some favorites I've been downloading and reading, just in case your interested in finding something great to read, are: Marie Harte, Bronwyn Green and Cherise Sinclair. I'll chat about others as I read them . . .
Another great option about this machine I haven't tried yet, but definately will, is being able to download my own Word documents. In other words, the stories I'm writing I'll be able to put them on my machine to read through them at my leisure while I'm taking the kids to lessons or sitting in the doctors office or whenever I find myself in the "waiting" time.

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