Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hot Damn!!!

Recently finished reading a few of Larissa Ione's Demonica stories. 

Absolutely fantastic! 

I discovered her through a friend of mine (Thank you, thank you Marie!) who loaned me these books with a death promise attached (the books are still in terrific condition, I promise). 

Let's see ... Demons, sex, hospitals, slayers, tattoos, hot, hot, scorching hot guys, strong women, edge-of-your-seat plot lines, and did I say sex already? 

It thrills, it takes you aback with surprise at the twists and unexpected events (love stuff like this). 

It leaves you panting and pining for everything that goes on in these pages and, like all good writers do, Ione's stories makes you wish you could be a part of this high-paced and dangerous world. 

I can't say much more as I'd give away the goods, but if you haven't tried her out yet, you MUST read her stories. 



Right now.  

You have no excuse. 

And you know you want to ....

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