Monday, October 25, 2010

Icky Monday!

It's Monday again, and I have news for you: Icky Mondays are not reserved for office people! Years back, ages ago, when I was an office worker, our favorite way to begin the week was to bemoan the Monday issues.

That life is nothing compared to my life of today. After the mess of three kids, schoolwork, lesson plans, housework, cooking something edible, edits, wip to complete, a home-bound husband, a dog that digs too much, a cat that wants out too much, and RAIN to force us all indoors...whew. I'd almost take that office Monday any day.

One thing keeps me going through days like today. Every Monday (or any icky day) comes with an evening, a bedtime, and then time for me. Ahhhh. I so look forward to the "me" time. Don't you?

Hope your Monday's happy!   


  1. Oh my gosh!! Where did you get my picture? Yeah, this is me with the coffee and the slippers!! Too funny.


  2. I know...isn't it great! I'm going to frame this sucker and put it on my wall.