Monday, January 3, 2011

Keeping Those Resolutions Yet?

Ho! It's three days into the New Year. How ya holding up? 

If not too well, and maybe I'm wrong, but I think this guy can give anyone inspiration and motivation.
I myself don't usually "do" resolutions, but this year I decided to go ahead and give it a try. My resolutions: to get into shape and to submit x-number of manuscripts this year.

As for the getting in shape aspect, I'm trying a different tactic. Not gyms, not aerobic tapes, not any kind of miracle drink. I'm dancing. Solo, anonymously, but dancing nonetheless. I like to dance - the rock-n-roll type, not ballroom type (although if I had a partner I'd be so into this, too) - so motivation is not an issue. I've found when I want to do a particular something, that's most of the motivation right there. I don't groan over having to drink nasty stuff. There is no excuse for going social to work out. I don't have to worry about old VHS tapes running ragged. Dancing. Easy. Just my iPod and me. Still hard work, but hopefully worth the effort.

As for the manuscripts, I'm really off to a great start. I have one in hand that'll be submitted out this month. I have another wip I hope to finish in another two or so months, then I have a few ideas, some based on the short story I have in hand now, that'll carry through 2011. 

I count on life being good, if not great, this year. 

So what about you? Have any new goals? And are you still with them at this early, early date?


  1. Dance away, sister. And where the heck do you get those awesome pictures for your blog! I have to wipe the drool off my keyboard while I type!

  2. I know! I consider the pics a well deserved reward for the tedium of finding them in the first place! Ideal would be to have personal models...can you imagine...oh well...