Sunday, February 6, 2011

I wish I were computer savvy enough to embed this awesome clip directly into my blog. Unfortunately, I'm not. I will try to share it directly on my facebook page, however. Wish me luck.

What has peaked my interest so much? Two cellists "dueling." The above is a snapshot of what's in the video. How can this be exciting? I'm sure you're imagining two staid performers on a bare stage performing something from Mozart or the like. This is anything but. I love to see what is perceived as a "classical" instrument being played with more emotion than what most people believe.

In the clip you will view the following: Imagine two guys, one woman caught in between, and two cellos. Now mix in heated emotion, and the result is this great video. Enjoy!


  1. WOW! Makes me wish I could play the cello. I do wonder why they chose Smooth Criminal, of all songs to play. But it was enjoyable nonetheless.
    :) Marie

  2. I know what you mean. I love watching musicians who really have passion for their art.