Saturday, January 4, 2014

Chocolate and New Year's Resolutions

Everyone's been all over talking about the New Year and Resolutions. What are yours? What are mine? What are his or hers or theirs? Argh. Not me so much. Not this year at least. I think I'm going through the fuddy-duddy somethings.

In previous years, I've been all about the Resolutions. Posting notes, reminders, Googling helpful input and insight. Sometimes my resolutions are about my health, sometimes about my writing, sometimes about home life. I'm usually the one to rally the troops, so to speak, and encourage everyone in my house to do the same.

This year, I haven't given it too much thought. I've actually had people approach me first to ask my resolutions. Wild--to me at any rate. So I muster up a few answers: get fit, drink more water, write more and better. But, these are things I'd planned on doing anyway, not just because it's the new year. 

Ah well, I am not a beleaguered Scrooge and I'm not down on New Years, but hey, this is just where I am right now. It's really all good, because we all get to those points from time to time. I know that in another few weeks (if that long), I'll be hepped up again. 

On another note, something that definitely has me happy right now is chocolate. Then again, this isn't new for many of you, is it? But I've recently come to realize my chocolate intake is going on cycles. I think. I haven't repeated anything yet that I know of, so maybe it's just skipping rides? lol

Let me say first that I'm not a huge chocolate fan. I love it, don't get me wrong, but I'm the type of person that, if presented with a bag of chips and a candy bar, I'll almost always take the bag of chips. But I do get into chocolate moods. Why? Who knows. Maybe it hits me in that time of the month, maybe deadlines spark the craving, it could also be that I'm in that early pre-menopausal state (according to my doctor). 

It started awhile back with Mr. Goodbar candy bars. I ate them like crazy. Anytime I ducked into a pharmacy or conveinent store or a checkout of just about any kind, I'd toss in a Mr. Goodbar. 

Then that phased out. 

Next was Take5 candy bars. Ummm, SO freakin' delicious. Salty and sweet in one bar. Ah-maz-ing! 

But, this too faded. 

I believe Snickers were my next indulgence. Not the whole bars, mind you, but the little bite-sized pieces that come in bags. Bags, people. I would consume a bag in one sitting and be looking for more. I even priced these suckers and found out from which store I could get my fix for the lowest price. 

As all good things end, so did my Snickers fascination.

I went chocolate free for awhile. Even over Christmas, nada. I was good. 

A few days ago, my niece came by with precious little tins of candy for my boys. Narrow reusable tins filled to the brim with Twix candy bars. Let's just say, the boys have had to hide their little containers from me to the point that tonight I stopped by the store and picked up a mega huge sized Twix bar(s). Maybe this'll get me through the night? 

So, how does chocolate mesh with my resolutions? Ha! They don't. :D

No matter if you made resolutions or chunked them already, and no matter if chocolate or peanut butter is your secret indulgence, it's all good, people. It's all good.

Have a Happy New Year and a Fantastic 2014! 

Until I jot again,

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