Friday, February 7, 2014

A Tale with a Delightful Bite

Today has been a Fabulous Friday! Not only do I have a gorgeous, brand spanking new release with Totally Bound, but I was also interviewed by the lovely Cynthia Sax about this contemporary release. 

Here's the link to Cynthia's place and my interview: 

Raspberries and Wine
by Ayla Ruse
Published by Totally Bound


Contemporary Erotic Romance, Bondage and BDSM, Older Woman/Younger Man

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When Stacy opens her door on Valentine’s Day, it’s not to the man she expected, but to the man who’ll give her what she needs.

It’s Valentine’s day and newly liberated divorcee Stacy Dalton has a plan: seduce her former classmate and end the post-divorce intimacy drought. She’s cooked a meal, she’s dressed to the nines, and she is crossing her fingers that tonight she will not go to bed alone. There is a slight hiccup in the plan when it’s not her former classmate that shows up with an easy smile and a hungry look--but his drop-dead gorgeous son. 

Twenty-nine year old Graham Rosen has always been attracted to older women. So making last-minute plans to take out his father’s cancelled date seems an effortless and enjoyable task--especially when he sees the sable-haired beauty who opens the door. Unfortunately, Stacy seems hung up on their age. Even after giving in to Graham’s erotic attentions, the beautiful cook refuses to acknowledge any possible future to their relationship. 

Some women need a strong man--with an even stronger hand. Graham is no mere boy to shy away from a challenge and he is more than willing to show Stacy he’s serious about his desire for her beyond just one lustful night. But will his erotic discipline succeed in dissolving Stacy’s hesitations and bring her closer to him? Or will it scare her away?

Today, you can also pick up Raspberries and Wine from any of these great ebook sellers. And if you like the book, please be sure to let others know! :)

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