Saturday, May 31, 2014

My Sexy Saturday: With the Lights On

Hello and Happy Saturday!!

Today I'm joining with the lovely attendees of the My Sexy Saturday blog hop. I've decided to share with you seven insightful paragraphs from a release of mine from late last year. The short story is called With the Lights On, and in this tale, Tia has given up completely on finding sexual satisfaction with a man. What she doesn't know, and will soon discover, is that she'd never before been with the right man.

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With the Lights On
by Ayla Ruse

7 Paragraphs:  

Damien shook his head. It wasn’t like him to push a woman to revealing her secrets,  but something in Tia called to him. It was as though she needed to answer the questions he threw her way. The worst she could do was excuse herself and leave. But she did not move.
“Fine,” she said eventually, but turned her head away from him. “I’ve had orgasms with other men.”
He stifled a chuckle. If she thought he’d believe such a blatant lie… No, he wouldn’t call her on it, but his body hummed at the truth she wouldn’t speak. Damn, it more than hummed -- it screamed to take her now, fast and hard, to prove her wrong on so many levels.
She continued, this time facing him once more. “I mean, the whole of sex is pleasurable. Sure, an orgasm is great, but c’mon.” She shrugged. “It’s only a bump up from the rest of what goes on.”
“Let me prove you wrong.” 
Tia inhaled sharply. “You could try all night but it won’t make a difference. I’m not wrong.”
“Now that’s a challenge, and I accept.”

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  1. That's actually a very pretty Changeling cover! Congrats, Gia

    1. Thanks, Gia. I wasn't even looking for a cover at the time, but when I ran across this picture, I knew it'd fit the story perfectly!

  2. Very nice. Love a determined man.