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Day 3 of Summer Lovin' blog hop!

Welcome back! I trust your Sunday is going well and finds you in fine spirits. Just a quick reminder...there are two contests you can enter through this hop. Details at the end of this post. 

Today I want to share a little from another new release of mine: Fever Hitch. This is the first tale in the Earth Con series, a collection of stories to come that center around comic book conventions and aliens. This story was a lot of fun to create, such as all the different alien species to discover. But it wasn't only me to delight in this creation. My heroine has quite a fun time of it as well. 

Read on for more...
Earth Con #1
by Ayla Ruse

Publisher: Changeling Press
Erotic romance, sci-fi, menage (m/f/m)

She'll be their perfect mate...if they can keep her satisfied.

Felicia Walker loves her job as an illustrator at Fever Hitch Comics. During this year's annual Earth Con, she will not only draw caricatures, but she'll also be decked out in body paint to represent the F'ldae -- an alien species from the comics. As she starts off a night exploring the off-limits, alien side of the convention, Felicia is unprepared for the spiraling events that will make her behave like a true F'ldae... in full mating heat. 

Agent Slate Reese, along with his best friend Agent Ryker Seals, are Metons who want to settle down, but they're having a difficult time finding the female to complete their mating trio. With the vast assortment of alien species converging on this area, surely there's one female who wouldn't mind spending a night with both of them. 


“And these, ladies and gentlemen, are the new species you’ll discover over the next year in Fever Hitch’s new series. First off we have…”

Felicia Walker set her hand on her hip and prepared to follow her associate onto the runway. She, like a dozen other Fever Hitch employees, had been asked to dress in costume as the various new species the comic would introduce. As an illustrator, she’d been ecstatic at the opportunity. She’d chosen to represent the lovely F’ldae species. And because this species was known for their skin coloring, Felicia’s costume didn’t come with pounds of heavy-weighted material. Instead, she wore body paint. She’d spent all morning being airbrushed and the effect was so real she’d swear she wasn’t human.

“Up next is a F’ldae.”

Felicia strode onto the runway, stepping high in her heels, loving the way the micro-mini flirted about her swaying hips. The simple matching sling top barely covered her breasts, but showcased the gorgeous lavender paint to its best advantage. She smiled, amazed that she felt so confident striding in front of everyone in so little clothing, but the body paint made her feel completely covered.

The emcee addressed the audience. “The F’ldae is an extremely timid species specializing in modes of communication. They are the ones who will…”

Felicia turned at the end and struck a few poses as she’d been taught. The lavender color covered her sides and gradually darkened to a deep purple that ran in a line from her nape to her tailbone. Along her sides, the color slowly faded into a wavy vertical pattern, to her natural caramel skin color along her belly, breasts, neck and face. The lavender was offset by shadows of a mix of deeper purple and indigos.

To her mind, the F’ldae were the most gorgeous of alien species she’d seen, but she only knew a fraction of what was really out there.

“You’ll notice her left side is slightly different from her right by the addition of the subtle orange swirls along her ribs.”

Felicia raised her left arm and pivoted to showcase the markings better.

“This is a sign of a F’ldae in heat, where their desire to make love…” Everyone in the crowd cheered and laughed. Felicia couldn’t help it -- she chuckled along with them when the emcee lowered his voice to make it sound more seductive. “…overrides everything else in their lives. They stop work, they won’t eat, they won’t sleep until their bodies are sated. It may take many days and many partners” -- again the crowd grew loud with wicked cheer -- “but it will be quite a feature to behold. You won’t want to miss issue eight.”

The emcee dropped a few other facts and hints about the F’ldae, but his voice faded as she caught sight of a pair of men talking to Benny, one of their bosses, working at a nearby table.

What caught her attention was that they seemed… odd. They looked human in form, wearing casual suits and, she noticed when they glanced around the massive room, heavy sunglasses, but something was off. Her excitement ratcheted. Maybe they were aliens.

All of a sudden, as if her stare had physically touched him, the larger of the pair turned and faced her. He didn’t remove his shades, but Felicia trembled as if he had her in his arms.

A warmth, a desire flooded her instantaneously and she swallowed. She wanted to be near this male.

Pick up your copy of Fever Hitch while it's hot!

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