Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Last day to attend the Party for prizes!
Happy Christmas Eve-Eve. (I saw that somewhere recently and it truly humored me. I know, it doesn't take much. lol)

Consider this your invitation (if you haven't already come) to join me over at the TRS Party Site. I've been rocking there the past week and the party's been amazing! So many recipes, information, contests and excerpts that it'll keep you busy long into the wee hours of Christmas morn. 

Today is the last day of the Party and you cannot miss this. Stop on by, enter the contests (see right side bar on TRS Party Site page), then scroll down and find my name as a participating author. Click there and you'll see all my posts for this party.

Please comment as often as you'd like. I love to hear from fellow cooks, fellow eaters, and readers. 

After the party, TRS will send me a list of entrants, and from this list I'll randomly (I use choose one lucky winner to receive a $10 gift certificate from! 

I promise you, this cannot get any easier!

Remember, you'll always be a winner, however, just by visiting the party site. The plethora of excerpts you'll read will have your TBB list bulging and ready for all those gift cards you're sure to receive on Christmas from family and friends! 

Visit the site with this link:
See my posts:

Thanks so much!

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